There are a lot of loving, caring, generous and thoughtful people in this world, and throughout my life I’ve been privileged to know some of them.

On the other hand, there’s an element in society throughout the world, so influenced by a sinister force, they feel entitled to cross the boundaries of another’s wellbeing, to accomodate their anger and resentment. Instead of addressing their demons that for whatever reason, they have allowed to invade their being, they seem to have a sense of entitlement, that prompts them to seek ways and means of dumping on others whatever their underlying problem is.

I was prompted to write this article because in the last few days there has been an invasion of propaganda into my Dashboard Comment section. Just in the past two days, I’ve had to delete 523 comments, in foreign languages, from my comment section. Some extremely lengthy invasions.

I have never posted any comments in a foreign language, I only write and post in English. Therefore, there’s no reason for anyone to assume I will post anything sent in a foreign language. So why this barrage of invasive action? I perceive it as a deliberate act to harrass. Why? Because they think they can.

I write on a variety of subjects, and always with an underlying notion of personal Freedom. Which I define as self-government. Specifically, a way of living, thinking and acting with self-responsibility and self-control. Contrary to the notion of some, that other human beings are supposed to “take care” of us. And in this context, feel they are entitled to insinuate this attitude upon others.

Accordingly, those who attempt to refuse the self-responsibility for their actions, try to devise ways of attacking others who are self-responsible, in other words, their absence of self-control, is expressed in negative actions towards others, in an attempt to medicate their misery. Their absence of self-control manifests itself in destructive ways to attempt to control others.

Never so glaringly apparent as the the onslaught of filling my web-site, with lengthy, garbage in and garbage out postings in my comment sections, which requires me to take the time out to delete, disguised as their method of advertising whatever it is they attempt to market, from handbags to shoes.

In other words, the time, effort, energy and expense I expend to maintain, and sustain my web-site, there’s an element of those who have decided, they are entitled to use abuse and destroy, instead of using their time, effort and energy, in positive ways, to market their wares, for profit, they mistakenly, think, somehow, their negative abusive acts, will somehow profit them.

I say this because every act we as human beings perform is for a profit or a gain. It’s in the very nature of our being, despite actions may result in a loss, the underlying actions itself is designed for some gain.

In this connection, those using an inordinate amount of time and energy, filling my dashboard with their rather stupid lengthy rantings in a foreign language, knowing I’m not going to post, have some other motivation, they profit from.

I’ve been around a long time and what I can say to those who think they can use my time and space for their benefit, in destructive ways, “one monkey don’t stop no show.”

On the other hand, aside from those who try to invade my space with their negativism, I do receive a great number of very positive comments, I very much appreciate.

My thinking, belief, love and understanding of the tenets of Freedom, is pretty much set in concrete, and no way, shape, form nor fashion, is there anything another can do to change that. Nor to change my direction of sharing the benefits of freedom with others, and promoting the positive benefits of it over other systems of government. And promote the idea that Freedom is self-government, and self control. No more and no less than just that.

In this connection, those trying to impede by posting over 500 undesirable comments in a 24-hour period, are out of control. Therefore, Monday morning I will be in contact with my administrator of my comment section.The largest invader comes from Canada Goose outlet.

In my opinion, everyone in this country and others around the world, “have a dog in the fight” and an obligation to promote Freedom, over the bondage imposed via political governments. And those whose belief is otherwise, entitled to believe as they wish, but not entitled to impose, and cross the boundaries of those of us who believe that freedom is the moral way to live.

A quote from American writer Robert Heileim – 1907-1988: “Limiting the Freedom of news, “just a little bit” is in the same catagory within the classic example, “a little bit pregnant.”




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