As usual, this morning I followed my routine of checking e-mails, flipping over to Facebook, then reading comments.

So many e-mails wanting me to join something, or contribute to something. So many comments wanting me to write more and further explain, whatever subject the comment relates to.

Then I read a news item. The heading was: “Biden stays at London, Paris Hotels; Two nights, $1 million.” The article explained Vice President Joe Biden’s entourage required 100 rooms, costing $585,000.50 for a single night. That’s an obscene amount of money, paid for by hard-working Americans, for what purpose, aside from the pleasure of the VP and his family and friends? What did this trip and this amount of money do to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies, which is the purpose of the Centralized government.

Then I read my comment section. Three hundred five comments overnight. Mostly spam, and meaningless comments about my articles. Not one conveyed anything the reader suggested what they as individuals were doing to improve their interest in salvaging Freedom and the principals upon which this nation was founded.

So many comments want me to write more, more, more. I now have almost 900 articles posted, explaining the Philosophy of Freedom, and a variety of subjects. I had hoped from the outset to stir the intellectual nettle of the reader, to understand more about Freedom, and once understanding, motivate a desire to prefer it over the system of socialism this nation now wallows in.

Here’s a typical comment I received this morning in response to my article titled “Boehner, Bama, Buddies, The Flea bites the dog, the dog bites the Flea and they stay together,” issue 883. “You actually make it seem really easy together with your presentation, but I to find the topic to be really one thing which I think I would by no means understand it kind of feels too complex and very wide for me. I’m having a look forward in your next publish. I will attempt to get the hold of it.”

That’s sounds like garbled verbiage. So much I receive in comments conveys a strong detachment from common-sense reality. No one is writing about what they are doing to improve their personal Freedom. What they are doing in opposition to the onslaught of socialism. No one writes to say they have read any of the books I recommend. No one writes and says I removed my child from the socialized school system, because of what I learned from your articles about schools.

Reading the news about Joe Biden spending over a million dollars of tax payer money on a trip to Europe, and no one rising up in protest over that kind of thievery and squandering, then checking my comments, I realized, laziness and apathetic ignorance accommodates the mass system of thievery this nation now operates on 24-7.

Then I read an observation by Chris Hedges stating, “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy Justice, Universities destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals and banks destroy money.”

My one bright and shining moment of enlightenment this morning was reading a very good article by the brilliant economist Walter E. Williams, titled “Are we Equal?” Here’s a man who understands what is taking place in this country, with an ability to translate in understandable terms to others. And there’s a number of other writers who grasp the truth with regards to what is happening, and publish articles regularly, but the majority of Americans are wandering around like they are catching dead flies, in a fog of apathetic ignorance, as if they have been hypnotized by all the propaganda and brain washing.

I have received thousands of comments on the many articles I have posted the last five years. Many quite complimentary about my subject matter, however the most amazing thing to me, is the number of times readers request I write more, more, more, on a subject, without any notion of anything they are doing to activate any difference in anything they are doing, in support of Freedom, nor understanding of the take-over via Socialism.

What is wrong in this country is self-evident. The majority are in self-denial as if they are expecting someone to come along and prescribe a pill to take to return this nation back to a life based upon the Principles of the founding fathers. It’s as though there’s this pervasive notion that someone is going to appear out of nowhere with a magic bullet, to rescue this country from the bondage of the current system of Socialism. A fairy tale syndrome, expecting some knight in shining armor is going to swoop down and scoop up the mess we have made out of things, when once upon a time we had the best of all worlds, before we squandered it.

Humpty-dumpty has taken a fall and all the King’s men can’t put it back together again. All because the real weapons of mass-destruction are lazy-ignorance, falling line hook and sinker for the massive system of thievery, in the nanny state we now live in. Bought and sold to the masses under the guise of “do-goodism” by a merciless centralized system of political government.

So adept at their system of propaganda, now they have the masses concerned about holding on to their guns, when they have already confiscated the mind, will and emotions of their children through the socialized indoctrination centers called “public schools.”

If you are one of those asking, “What’s next?” The answer is more of the same. More confiscation of your property, more indoctrination of your children, more dismantling of your freedom, and more bondage.

Abraham Lincoln said: “Those who deny Freedom of others, deserves it not for themselves.”

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC


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