From news reports, Texans are disturbed by proposed new laws which permit a student to give permission to be vaccinated, without parental consent, and over parental objections.

That’s the bad news. The good news is, you the parent are in control of your child rearing, but you must be willing to take a stand, take action, bear the cost, and prepare yourself for the backlash. Because those out to take charge of your child’s life, mind and Will, stop at nothing.

Another item in the news last week concerned a shooting in an Atlanta public school. A senior carrying a loaded gun shot herself in the leg on school property. The controlled news media shut that story down in short order. As if an armed hooded intruder is the only thing to fear in the schools.

For the past five years since January 2008, I have been writing Blog articles relative to the reality of happenings in schools in general and a number of articles posted on forced vaccinations.

I have related my story in detail in previous articles. I have just received a request from a gentleman for more information about how I successfully battled against forced immunizations in the State of Georgia, by filing a lawsuit in State of Georgia in federal court, and won. And the laws were ordered changed as a result.

I defied compulsory attendance laws plus forced immunization and won. This was back in the sixties and early seventies, when home-schooling was not permitted and faced arrest more than once, because I removed my son from the system, kept him home and home-schooled. I had home-schooled two other children in Tennessee, and faced arrest for defiance of compulsory attendance laws there.

In the early seventies, I was a single divorced parent, living in the country, raising a young 6 year old, and taking care of an older daughter who had been thrown out of a car and ran over. I struggled to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table, and wood for the fireplace. I had very little money.

Resistance to the political system and the power of the public school system was a daunting task. I was totally alone in my decision to resist. No one agreed with my decisions, not even my family. I belonged to no organizations, and knew of no one who had stood against the system of forced vaccinations and compulsory attendance laws, successfully.

Lo, these years later, I can tell any parent who objects to treatment of their child in the current system, you can resist and win. However you must be prepared to face opposition that gets very low and dirty. On front page news items, top educators in Georgia labeled me “crazy.” To that I replied, I might be but my child is not going to be vaccinated. And he graduated from high school without ever having shots and had no childhood diseases.

After the federal judges ruled in my favor, my young son was reinstated back in school under a federal court order. When I decided to stand up against the forces at-be, I had written out my plan of just exactly how I would proceed, and knew I would win, but noo ne else believed I would.

I called my plan of action, “The BATTLE PLAN.” I have a detailed manuscript of how to operate it to win, which I planned on publishing, but have not done so thus far.

For anyone living in a state that has compulsory vaccination laws, I can report that if you resist, it cannot be nilly-willy, and can only win by understanding the forces against you, with a determination to stand up and fight for whatever you desire for your child. It takes a decision, time, determination and money.

I retained the best attorney in the Southeast, and paid him without any help from anyone aside from one contribution of $100.00 from a chiropractor in South Carolina.

However, before I ever sought the services of an attorney, I had my entire case written out to present to him, before filing. Because my battle with the school system had extended over a 3 year period, I knew from the outset I would face arrest, therefore I began writing out my case from the time the principal kicked him out of school the first time. As I recall it was every 120 days, I would re-enlist, and he would be kicked out, each time I refused to present a religious excuse, plus no vaccination record.

I knew from the beginning the system would eventually determine to make an example of me, and when the truant officer came the last time, informing me I would be arrested, I called the attorney and we sat down and went over my case I had prepared. At first he told me I did not have much of a case, but I was prepared to pay the filing fee and insisted he file in federal court. My objections were based upon the unconstitutionality of forced immunizations.

For anyone wondering how one woman living out in the country, with no law degree, knew how to proceed and stand up to the power of the system, I can report it was my understanding of the Philosophy of Freedom plus my law library, and a determination it was my responsibility to decide what was best for my child, in opposition to the rules and regulations of a political government, that gave me the determination to resist their onslaught.

It had taken a lot of time to prepare myself for the route I would take, felt very confident I would win, from the outset.

After filing my case, I made front page news, and subsequent follow up news on radio and other newspaper reports. One reporter told me, my case was so newsworthy because one woman alone living in the country was fighting the system and winning.

I still have all those newspaper reports, plus the one where Governor Lester Maddox signed the new General Assembly law into effect. This was back in the early seventies.

I was prompted to write this article in response to a reader of my articles who contacted me for information on the case, and because of all the current news about Texas enforcing student vaccinations. News reporting they can vaccinate without parental consent, saying the young student can give consent.

The removal of parental consent for the well-being of one’s child, is a glaring example of just how far the socialist public school system has taken this nation down the road of socialism. A system contrary to the basic Principles this nation was founded upon.

For anyone interested in understanding the role the public school plays in connection to the conditions we face in this country, I suggest reading some of the previous articles posted on the nature of the system and how it works, from the standpoint of the philosophy of Freedom.

The hour is very late to save this country from collapse of one of individual freedom, to the controls of socialism. But not too late, if the citizenry wakes up and takes back control of their responsibility to raise their own children, and assumes control of that.

As Dr. Phil says, “You cannot change that which you refuse to acknowledge.” The first order of business to effect change is to acknowledge you have the power to effect change, if you oppose conditions as they exist today, and willing to act upon it.

I can report from personal experiences, it is not an easy task, but one which must be considered, as things go from bad to worse in this country.




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