Last week, there was an annual gathering of CPAC. A big hootenanny get together of Libertarians, Conservatives, Right-wingers, and all those with labels, connected to Republican party, jockeying to being front and center, and trying to figure out what they can do to get back in the driver’s seat, politically. Reminded me of a Chinese fire drill.

Sorta like a ship without a rudder, flailing around, running to, running from, and running into each other.

Sara Palin and Karl Rove battering each other. John McCain calling fellow Republicans “wackos,” then apologizing. Rand Paul rising above the fray, momentarily, at least to win the straw poll, and Marco Rubio coming in second. It’s reported not many filled the hall to hear Donald Trump speak. And Christie of New Jersey, a darling of the party some months back, not invited.

I didn’t listen to very much of it, but what I did hear came across as a very fractured party, without a clear-cut leader. Still trying to figure out why they lost the last election. They just don’t get it. First thing is, they can’t admit how very much like the Democrats they are. However, the Democrats are better organized, and have a charismatic leader, with a winning strategy.

Rand Paul, who seems to think he will be a candidate for 2016, may be a very nice person, but he is against something one day and votes for it the next. And he lacks charisma, that indefinable quality of a winner. Marco Rubio, on the other hand, is rather charismatic, but his attention is on immigration, and there’s more wrong than immigration policies.

Candidates like Roosevelt, Reagan, Clinton and Obama were very charismatic with a lot of political savvy. With charisma and political smarts, all they had to do is get the party machine behind them to win.

I’ve already written a previous article on why Romney lost, so no need to go there again.

Pat Caddel, a democrat and pollster who engineered the Jimmy Carter win, spoke at CPAC, and delivered a rather scorching accounting to Republicans, but they don’t listen. They are a party that sees themselves as being so healthy, wealthy and wise, with the tiger by the tail, they are just not objective enough to figure out why they are losers.

Politics is not PTA, an organization that meets, eats and retreats. They underestimate their enemy and don’t have a winning platform. Come up with a winning platform, then find a leader.

Obama’s first winning candidacy was a mantra to “transform America” and no one ever asked him what he meant by that. In his second term, he had already initiated his transformation, and the majority was so mesmerized by his charisma, and the nanny state, they wanted him back. There’s a truism to the old statement, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

Furthermore, Republicans currently elected in Congress are doing nothing to stop the onslaught of transformation of this country into a socialist system, and doing nothing to transform it back to the Principles upon which it was founded. A few talk the talk, but are not walking the walk.

Mitt Romney is a nice man, but his campaign was not one that came out swinging, with a clear cut vision of how, what and when he would reverse the direction were going. Said he would repeal Obamacare, but was not believable because he implemented socialized medicine when he was governor.

Any chance of a Republican winning the presidency in next election, must be one who can convince the citizenry he will return to the role of a leader, and first and foremost is to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. It’s not the role of political government to create jobs, that’s the role of the free-enterprise system. It’s the role of government to get off the backs of entreprenurial producers.

Romney spoke a great deal about putting people back to work, but came across like a government plan to do that. It was not a clear cut message of getting government off backs of producers so they could create and produce.

I grew up listening to my mother saying, “Plain English is easy understood.” This country is in the mess we’re in as a result of being bedazzled, hood-winked and propagandized with lies. Not clear-cut upfront honest truths in plain English.

However, in this connection, I will say Obama told the truth when he campaigned on transforming America. But no one in the free press ever asked him what he meant by that. Consequently the majority of the people “assumed” he meant changing things for the better. I for one was suspicious because I never heard him use the word “freedom” in his first campaign. The very thing this nation was founded upon was individual Freedom, in a free-enterprising capitalistic system which provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization. And we have squandered it.

This new transformation of America is the wrong track, for the wrong reason, and we’re going in the wrong direction. And that direction is bondage of socialism. The antithesis of Freedom.

As I see it the Republican party has a lot of changes to make, before they have any chance of a snowball in hell of electing a president in the next election.

Conversely, I don’t think this nation can be turned around from top down. We are living in the inverted pyramid condition of things, and it’s my opinion, improvement will only come from bottom up, not top down.




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