After retirement from the Air-Force, my family and I moved to a little 18-acre farm, with a rock house and a 100-year old country store at the edge of the rock house we lived in.

I had been studying the Philosophy of Freedom seven years, and I was excited over putting into practice the tenets of self-responsibility. We planted a two-acre garden, acquired two pigs, a bunch of chickens, a parakeet, and a pony for my pre-school son, Ken.

Despite the fact I grew up on a farm, I never was an animal person and my mother did not allow me to cook. But I worked in the garden and watched everything she did, and knew how to can vegetables.

We named everything. Two pigs named Arnie and Arnold. Two chickens named Bonnie & Clyde. A rooster named Marshal Dillon, a parakeet named Mahatma Ghandi, and Ken named his pony Tip-toe.

In my earlier articles I have described in greater detail eight years of living on that little farm. So I’ll skim over events.

Shortly after moving there the old country store closed and I opened an antique shop in it.

Subsequently my husband and I got a divorce. Re-married in a few months and moved out of state.

My teenage daughter was thrown out of a car and ran over, but survived. One year later, my older son, who had married and moved to Florida was hit by a train, in his car, but also survived.

Trying to make a living in the antique shop, and several tragedies, it was really tough going for a period, just to survive, take care of my daughter and a pre-schooler.

After a year and seven major operations, my daughter was able to work, was out of school when my younger son Ken reached school age, and began all over with battles with the system I have described in other articles.

Eventually moving away from the little farm into the city, and starting another business. One of several during my working years. I retired at age 80, and moved out of Atlanta to this little North Georgia town. All of my children doing fine. This time-line brings me to five years ago when I began writing articles on my web-site.

I decided to write this abbreviated history, as a background for all that is happening in this country today and further describe my take on events, which I view quite differently from other folks.

I continue writing articles regularly, when a couple of days ago, I read an article with the heading, “What can I do for America?” I thought about that when I read another excerpt which stated, “Obama and family cost taxpayers 1.4 billion a year, and pays his dog handler $100,000 per year.” If that’s true, there’s really nothing I can do for America. There’s nothing I can do about all the programs of Socialism he keeps promoting to implement.

Despite the fact it’s my understanding, the major role of the centralized government is to protect this country from domestic and foreign enemies, there’s nothing I can do, if it’s in his scheme of things to reduce the military that protects this country from foreign enemies, to free up more money to implement his nanny state governing. There’s nothing I can do about that. If he continues his run-a-way taxing and spending this nation into bankruptcy, there’s nothing I can do about that.

Realizing there’s nothing I can do for America, that leaves the question, What can I do for my Freedom, and my concerns over the future of my children and grandchildren living inAmerica?





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