In the hundreds of articles I’ve written, the underlying theme has been the Philosophy of Freedom, as I have watched this once great nation sink further and further into the depths of Socialism, both Communist and Fascist varieties.

Because of my love of Freedom and Country, I’ve tried to figure out the cause of how and why we have toppled from the Principles of the Greatest Country known to civilization, to the absymal mediocrity of a system that is the antithesis of our once greatness.

I believe we, the American people, fell into a trap promoted by the rhetoric of the language, of politicians, and spoon-fed to us via the news media, beginning with mind-conditioning of young students, from pre-kindergarten through high school, being propagandized with Socialist teachings.

Like dripping water, common everyday usage of words in the English language have been taught a different meaning, in public schools, promoted by politicians, and spread via the news media. Experts on Communism refer to it as “Black as Snow.”

Therefore, we can boil our understanding down to understanding what has happened to this nation and its people, to four simple areas. That is, the language, politicians, public schooling, and news media. By placing your attention on those four areas, you can understand why we are in a ditch of bondage in this country.

For clarity, let’s just take one word, most are familiar with, “manifesto.” I’m assuming most are like me when they hear the word, and automatically think, “Communist Manifesto,” by Karl Marx and Engels, because it’s the bible of Communist teachings. And for quite a long period, the only time I ever heard the word manifesto was in reference to Communism. Admittedly, I was conditioned to think Communism when I heard the word manifesto. And strongly suspect, so have others.

The dictionary definition of manifesto states: “A public and formal declaration or explanation of Principles of intentions, usually by political factions or groups.”

Just last week, the news was dominated by the fired Los Angeles policeman loose on a killing spree, who had left a ” written manifesto” of his intentions to kill others.

This week, I read a news article about a 24 year elected politician, writing a book titled “New School Manifesto.” An advance description of the book stated: “‘New School Manifesto’ will delve deeply into one of the most important issues facing us today, the state of education in America. The vast majority of Americans agree that our education system is broken and that action needs to be taken.”

This presents to the reader an explanation of what I have been trying to convey in previous articles about schools and the language. Words are power, and the word manifesto has long been associated with Communism, a system that kills, tortures and enslaves. And schooling in Communist countries, like Russia and Cuba, indoctrinate children in this philosophy.

Therefore, my question is, why would an American politician, who talks about freedom out of one side of his mouth, write a book about New Schools, with a manifesto title, a word associated with Communism? Does this not further muddy the waters of confusion, promoted by schools, news media and politicians.

I for one cease to be amazed at the lengths politicians, public schools, and media go to, to further propagandize the American people. And the American people keep falling line, hook and sinker for the propaganda, so pervasively effective, via the usage of common everyday language. All aimed at the destruction of personal Freedom, and the Principles upon which this nation was founded. A brain-washing technique used so effectively by those steeped in leftist, liberal Socialism, whether Fascist or Communistic brands.

The hour is very late to wake up, America. Stop listening to politicians talking out of both sides of their mouths, and start thinking for yourselves, and what it is you desire for your children, and future generations. You are not powerless to change directions, but must begin with a burning desire for Freedom. A return to that “Root, hog, or die” mentality of our founding fathers. Get out of the ditch of thinking that politicians act in your best interests and that of your children. Because they do not. Theirs is a lust for power over you for their interest.

“The saddest words of tongue or pen, are these few words, it might have been.”




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