Universal law, that which is Right or Wrong, operates across the board, in this world we live in. It is independent of what we know, like, dislike, believe or disbelieve, understand, or misunderstand, Universal law is just that, Universal. That which is right or wrong here in the United States is right or wrong in Timbuktu.

All of us live our lives according to some form of government. And the two kinds are political government or self-government. All political government either operates contrary to universal law or commensurate with it. And so does self-government.

To understand this subject, one must understand that which constitutes ownership of property. What is ownership? And what is property? We own our body, it’s our property. And to sustain life requires ownership, because we must have food, clothing and shelter to sustain it. Ownership requires a boundary, can’t own anything that does not have a boundary. Secondly, another criterion of ownership most do not understand is, you can’t own anything you cannot destroy.

However, just a little bit of thought and attention to the notion of destruction makes it quite easy to understand, because by our very nature as human beings we are destroyers. We chop down trees to build houses, and we chew up a hamburger to feed our bodies. We chop down cotton to make clothes, or shear the sheep of its coating for wool. Therefore, destruction is required in order to sustain life with the necessities of food, clothing and shelter. That’s elementary, dear Watson.

In order to exist in a civilized society, we must carry this basic premise a few steps further, and understand the meaning of ownership. Beyond its boundaries and ability to destroy it, we must have control of a particular thing in order to own it.

We are in big-time trouble in this country, because of the absence of adherence to control, destruction and boundaries. To a large degree, a political government has taken over self-government in these areas. We have abdicated control of our property.

Take for example the home you live in. A property you bought and paid for, and responsible for all it requires to sustain and maintain, and think you own it. But you do not because you don’t control it. Depending on where you live, there are a slew of rules, regulations and policies relative to that property you think you own. Beginning with taxes, you must pay or the government seizes your property. And in many areas, you cannot add a deck, a room, roof, or even chop down a tree in your backyard without obtaining permission from some government agency, who has not one penny invested in your home. You can’t tear it down to re-build another structure without permission from some government agency. In other words, you don’t own it because you are not in control of it. You cannot change it, improve it nor destroy it without permission. If you do, you could face fines, incarceration, or be killed, as happened in the Ruby Ridge story a few years ago.

Slavery, that is ownership and control of another human being, has been outlawed in this country. However, our means of survival have come under so many restrictive laws by a political government, we are far from being Free.

Another area of government control relates to our children. As parents we are responsible for their upbringing until eighteen years old, but we are top-heavy with manmade laws relative to their lives. Beginning from birth, requirements for shots in the hospital, and control over schooling from kindergarten age. Many areas of compulsion, parents are required to adhere to, relative to the upbringing of their children. Obviously, it is detrimental to their well being, as evidenced in the news relative to such things as drug addiction, bullying, killings, suicides, teen pregnancies and etc.

There’s so much in the news, television programs, books written about what’s wrong in this country. So many trying to figure out what’s wrong, we don’t see the woods for the trees.

It can all be easily understood, by an understanding of that which constitutes “ownership” in general and boundary lines in particular.

I grew up in the South, with a lot of “Southern sayings.” One I recall is, “Your business ends where my nose begins.” Now-a-days, political government has its finger in every pie and every pea in the pot, in some way, shape, form or fashion. Because We the People have abandoned the self-responsibility required to be free. While conditions go from bad to worse daily.

What can you do about it? I suggest there’s plenty one can and must do about it. Beginning with an understanding of that which constitutes ownership in general and boundaries of control in particular. And start exercising your control, by assuming responsibility for it.

From Greg Lichtenburg, 1742-1799, comes this quote: “The most dangerous untruths, are truths moderately distorted.”

All those little white lies spoon-fed to us by politicians, public schooling and controlled mass news media, have mounted up and piled on, resulting in the huge problems we now face. We must stand up, speak up and begin declaring our boundaries. But first we must recognize them.



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