Most psychologists and psychiatrists agree that over and beyond the “need” for Food, Clothing and Shelter, we as human beings have a need for Attention. It has been my experience, observing others and myself, I agree with this observation.

In my 800 plus articles posted on the internet, I write a great deal about subjects I’m in opposition to. I could lump most into one category. Thievery is the number issue I’m opposed to. Because Taxes are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property (money) all political government programs are based upon a system of thievery. Public schooling, which costs 50 billion dollars plus for all the states, commands a large chunk of theft.

Secondly, Social Security requires a large chunk of input money and a large chunk of out-go money. Subjects which dominate the news, are mostly about money flowing into Washington coffers and money flowing out. I’ve always heard, regarding one’s personal money,”If your out-go is more than your income, your up-keep becomes your down-fall.”

Public schooling is a bit different from other government mandated programs, inasmuch as the ctitizenry are forced to pay for the system, whether you have a child in or not, and those who have school age children are forced to participate, in the acceptance of the thievery, whether they have paid in or not, because of Compulsory Attendance laws.

Despite the fact the Supreme Court ruled a long time ago, the Social-Security program is a tax and not an insurance program, it operates like a tax funded insurance program.And its major difference is, a program one is mandated to pay into and at a certain age, after paying in a certain amount one can apply to receive monthly income from, based upon the amount one has contributed via payroll taxes, they are forced to pay.

Despite the fact I disagree with government’s mandated payments into a system for retirement,we have no choice in the matter. However because one has worked and paid into the system, with a promise of retirement payments, I accept that as an entitlement program, one is entitled to receive, because they have paid for it.

Unlike any other government entitlement programs, like monthly payments for child support, or collecting payments for food stamps, and the many others in the nanny state system, Social Security is different inasmuch as it is mandated payments, specifically designed for a return back to the payee into the system. Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling it is not an insurance program, it operates like one. Therefore if one has paid to subsequently receive retirement payments, despite the fact it’s a forced system, they are within their Rights to claim it.

With reference to myself, personally, despite the fact I spent over 20 years in support of a military officer, political government never paid me one cent during that time, and I have never received any military retirement benefits. I did apply for it, after he retired, and after we were divorced, but was denied any benefits, the excuse being it was not specified in the divorce decree.

If one is entitled to retirement payments, as a military active duty retiree, and dependents who supported that military employee, are entitled to benefits, what does a divorce after retirement benefits kick in for the officer, and denied to the dependent have to do with anything? All those years, raising children, and taking care of sick parents, for him to remain on duty through three wars, for this country, the government never informed me, I would lose all benefits if I divorced after he retired. The divorce in no way, shape, form nor fashion interfered with his receipt of retirement pay. Only mine.

Because I worked a number of years and paid into Social Security system, at age 65 I applied for benefits I had paid into, but was denied. The reason given is because I receive an annuity, which has nothing to do with the monies I paid into Social Security, lo those many years.

I’m now 88 years old and political government has never directly paid me anything for anything. I have never received one cent from the military during the years I was a military dependent nor since. Neither have I ever received a Social Security check from the government.

I point out these inequities, because there are millions receiving monies regulary from a political system and never paid into the system, in any way, shape, form nor fashion.

I raised children, who today pay staggering amounts into the system.

Therefore, as I continue writing articles everyday, explaining and complaining about the system of political government, I know from personal experience what I’m talking about. And understand thoroughly, the Philosophy of Freedom. And everyday bless the amount of Freedom I have.

When I began my pursuit to understand the meaning of Freedom, it began while living in a foreign country. When I began my study of freedom, and the nature of political governments, I had no idea it would eventually lead me to the root cause of public schooling as being the major culprit.

However it was shortly after my arrival back into the states, enrolling my children in the school system, back in the sixties, I began realizing what the problem was, from reading their text-books, and treatment of my children in the system. Consequently, everything I have heard, read and experienced since that time convinces me, the inequities and wrongs in our system of government can be traced back to the public school system.

The Principles of our original government, set forth by our founding fathers, is as correct, Right, and moral today as it was back there in the period it was set forth and implemented, and the wrong road we are on today, is a result of departure from those Principles. A glaring violation of those principles of Freedom, and the free-enterprise, capitalistic system. And the public school system of fraud, corruption and indoctrination of young minds into the tenets of socialism, must be dismantled and changed, if we are to expect conditions to improve, and return to a life as set forth in the Principles of our founding fathers. Which provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization.

If you are one of those who thinks and believes the current system can be “fixed” and rearranged as being moral, you are mistaken, and not understanding Freedom, and the correct role of political government.

Again I quote the Persian proverb which states, “He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not is a fool – shun him. He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a child, teach him. He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep wake him. He who knows and knows that he knows is wise – follow him.”




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