All of us have a “pecking order” and usually gravitate to those whose interests are similar to ours at any given period in our lives. Doctors hang-out with doctors. Lawyers hang out with lawyers. Parents of young children hang out with others who have similar age children. Politicians hang with other politicians.

If you have ever spent any time on a farm, then you must have observed how animals move around in a pecking order. Cows wandering around in the pasture will nibble on grass in groups. Chickens are interesting to watch, as they move around in the yard, pecking for food, in groups. They all follow a pecking order, and if one observes, they frequently change their pecking order and move from one group to another.

And so do we, as human beings, follow pecking order. And frequently change depending upon our particular interest in any given period of our lives. We can learn a bit about ourselves by observing the pecking order of fish, fowl and animals. We seem to gravitate to those of whatever our particular interest is at any given time.

I recently acquired one Betta fish, I have it in a partitioned fish bowl. As soon as the store gets a new order I will put a second one in the partitioned bowl. They are separated because these tiny 2-inch fish like to fight.

I met a lovely lady in my chiropractor’s office this week, who has Betta fish, and explained if I put a light and a mirror up against the bowl, the fish will fight with its image. Sure enough, Demo bulged his fins, became quite excited and started flailing around. Absolutely fascinating to me to see this tiny fish from Thailand, transform to fight mode, by viewing an image of itself. Quickly going from peacefully floating around to battle mode, by seeing what he perceived as another fish from an image of himself.

Observing this reminded me of behavior of ourselves. How often do we flail around, angry and upset over that which we perceive in others? When we could use that energy constructively, by informing ourselves, to come up with a solution?

As my readers know, one of my interests is in education of young children and its my position they are not being educated in the tax-supported public school system, but rather indoctrinated into the tenets of socialism. I fought to improve things when I had children in the system, but never improved anything within the system. But counter-brainwashed my own children, to understand the difference in Socialism and Freedom.

Lo these years later, its my observation that things have gone from bad to worse in public schools, and a number of parents are disenchanted and upset, and some remove their children to homeschool or send them to private schools. They have discovered public schooling advertises an image of education, and does not educate but indoctrinates into the philosophy of socialism. Not only that, there’s a danger inherent in the system that threatens the well-being of their child.

On the other hand, millions send their children off to public schooling everyday, and what they perceive relative to what’s taking place in schools is no image, but reality. Because many of both parents have jobs, so it is not possible to home-school, and most can’t afford the high cost of private schools, which frequently costs around fifteen thousand per term, per child.

After the large increase in taxes, beginning in January this year, 2013, I personally know parents unable to bear the cost of private schooling and face a dilemma next term.

It’s elementary, dear Watson, every act we perform from the day we are born is to get something we want. Parents want their children educated, and many are now realizing they are not getting that in public schools. Not being able to afford private schooling, the question is, what’s the answer?

I maintain the public school system must be dismantled and replaced with a system of education in the market place. Where parents and not politicians, have control over their child’s education. A daunting task to consider, but it can be accomplished, if enough parents are sick and tired of being sick and tired over the current system of thievery.

We are overdue to change the pecking order of schooling. Realizing public schooling is only a distorted image of education, and does not educate, but indoctrinates into the tenets of socialism. Designed to replace individual creativity and replace with herd-like groupy mentality, attempts to reduce to equality, of herd-like pecking order.

Because most parents are products of the same system, it’s going to require some insight of parents educating themselves as to the reality of the current dilemma. And there’s plenty of material available to read to be informed.

It requires changing pecking order and stop listening to what the managed news and politicians are saying, which is more money for more of the same.

And we all know what Einstein said: “Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is a form of insanity.”




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  1. On bettas- the fish will be happier and healthier if you don’t place them together in the partitioned bowl. If they can see each other all the time they will always be under stress, at least until they get over the constant urge to threaten the other fish. And then I suspect the stress will remain even if the displays of aggression fade.
    Just my 2 cents’ worth.

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