About the time think I’ve heard it all regarding public schooling, wham-o, here comes a new twist.

It came a couple of days ago in a newsletter, from Mike Jacobs, State Representative for DeKalb County Georgia District 80, which includes Brookhaven, Chamblee, Sandy Springs.

I lived in DeKalb County several years ago, and one of my children attended school there one year. Apparently I’m still on the mailing list of politicians, because I received a newsletter with a heading, “Fire The School Board.” It’s also on the news, the case goes before the governor for firing today.

It’s my personal opinion, the Governor does not have the authority to fire elected school board members, and we will be hearing more about this latest news relative to all the corruption and fraud that’s been in the news the last couple of years.

This is a story that should be of interest to all parents of school children and to all taxpayers across this country. And it is national news.

Let me tell you a bit about DeKalb County, Georgia. It’s reported to be one of the wealthiest counties of the 150-plus in Georgia. It’s adjacent to Fulton County and like a suburb of Atlanta. And is the recipient of a large chunk of the 8 billion-plus dollars assigned in the State budget for schooling.

Therefore, all the news headlines about DeKalb corruption and fraud, is not about education, but thievery.

Interesting yesterday, aside from the news of Board firings, here in the county I now live, news about still trying to find the killer of a young student found murdered in local back school property. Last year headline news about a young band member murdered by fellow students, hazing and bullying in metro Atlanta.

All of this current news, relative to happenings in local schools, dovetails the horrors of political power, thievery, killings, bullying, and torture, pervasive in the tax-supported public school system. An emphasis on the fact it is the system itself that’s rotten and must be dismantled and changed, if we are to expect meaningful changes for improvement.

There is no way more money, different teachers, bigger buildings, different elected politicians, arming school teachers, hiring policemen to guard schools, appointing different school officials, nor firing the school board, can change the immorality of the school system, here in the United States. Because across the the board, it’s a system based upon thievery.

I know from personal experience, battling to improve things when I had children of school age in the system, there is no way to improve the system as it is. My children attended public schools, homeschooled and private schools. I wanted them educated, and not indoctrinated in the compulsory system of Socialism as it exists today.

They are government-owned and operated, paid for by taxpayer monies, operated by politicians and there’s nothing concerned parents can do to change anything in the current system, expecting education in the tenets of the Principles upon which this nation was founded.

I would urge anyone concerned about the children and the direction and conditions in this once great nation, to pay particular attention to all that’s on-going in the DeKalb County school system. That system President Obama visited last week, with promises of more money pouring in to “improve” schools.

It has become like a poster County System, representative throughout the fifty States, funded by 50 billion annually, to keep this system of indoctrination of Socialism going.

The latest ploy, of front-page news, DeKalb County Board of Education is up before the Governor for firing, emphasizing the manner in which politics operates, i.e., keep your eye on one ball, while something else is taking place, is the glaring con game of political government in operation.

A glaring example of You the People, thinking you can vote and elect our way out of the conditions we face in this country. If a governor has the power to fire those elected by the people to operate the system, this is the glaring news, voting is not the answer. If successful, does this mean he’s going to appoint a new school board? To operate the same corrupt system?

In the merry-go-round of denial of the root problem, will the proposed firing of the elected wind up in the courts for tax-payers to pay for all the legal action bound to take place, if firing by one politician over others elected takes place.

As I see it, all the fraud, corruption, and mis-management of taxpayer monies, in the corrupt system of schooling, not educating children, is a golden opportunity for parents of school children to rise up from the ashes of the broken system and demand it be dismantled and replaced by a different system, of educating children in a free-enterprising system. And stop the victimization of parents, students, and the overburdened taxpayers.

We, the People are overdue, to stop and think about where we are today. To stop and think about how, where and when, did we fail to see, the free-enterprising, capitalistic system this nation thrived on for a time, could be replaced by an entirely different system of socialism, without the bondage it imposes upon everyone.

Now is the chance to change the system back to education, and stop the onslaught into Socialism, because the system itself is socialistic.

Limiting education via a socialistic system of indoctrination, is contradictory to the Principles this nation was founded upon. Limiting the freedom to educate, falls into the same catagory of the example, “one can’t be half-pregnant.”



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