I very much appreciate all the interest in my web-site and the subjects I write about.

Lately I’ve received several requests to write guest articles on readers’ web-sites. Not something I do, however I will consider requests to re-print articles I write, if requested. My articles are copyrighted.

Something I have written about sometime ago. About five years ago, my son called one day and said, Mom if you will just write I will furnish you a team to to help you publish on a web-site. At the time I did not know what a blog was but agreed to write articles.

When it comes to anything mechanical or electronic, I have trouble with a can opener, and hardly know a mouse from a modem when it comes to computers. Therefore I have an associate editor who does all my postings.

I have no advertisers, therefore no one tells me what to write about. I just get up in the mornings and write about any subject that pops into my thoughts. And I enjoy the Freedom to do that. No one pays me to write and I bear any expense. Just yesterday I spent $75.00 for black and color ink.

I copy so much, including all my articles and many news items. I run through a ream of copying paper and a box of gem clips faster than my squirrels picking pecans off my tree.

Because, as I understand it my articles go to 80 countries around the globe. I receive a lot of comments in foreign languages. I do not enter any comments in foreign languages, and delete. Therefore I suggest you do not waste your time commenting in foreign languages. Plus many spam comments that relate to nothing in my subject matter.

Because we are all trying to sell an idea on something, I do sometimes post spam comments. I’m personally trying to sell the idea that the Philosophy of Freedom is far superior to any other system of governing, because Freedom is self-government.

I only post a few of the thousands of comments I have received. Usually selecting those whose opinions are on the particular subject I’m writing about.

I write for two reasons, it’s carthartic for me to express my ideas. Secondly, in the hopes I might cause another to stop and think about freedom and the problems we face in this country, because of the diminished capacity to value freedom, over the bondage political government imposes with all their rules, regulations, policies and edicts.

It’s my sincere belief freedom comes from a Divine source, and all people in all nations are born to be free. Restrictions and curtailments are imposed by political governments. It just so happens I was born in a country where a group of men who so desired Freedom, that they fought and died to form a type of centralized government, via the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, to guarantee our inalienable Right to be Free.

Unfortunately, there are some men who lust for power over others, and manage to insinuate themselves in seats of power to impede and curtail our God-given Right to be free. Hence the truism, freedom requires “eternal Vigilance.”

I appreciate and welcome your comments. They inspire me to keep writing. I would appreciate more in-depth comments relative to how and what you think about your freedom.

At the end of each article is my e-mail address, so feel free to e-mail me about anything that’s on your mind.



Email: annecleveland@bellsouth

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