Every day In my email box I receive a lot of articles, written by many good intellectual writers. They cover a variety of subjects from Politics, Religion, the Economy, Libertarianism, Anarchy, Schools, Government, Current Events, Medicine, History, World Affairs, and just about everything from A to Zizzard. The exception is very little about Freedom.

An excessive amount of writings about guns. So many well-meaning writers playing right into the game plan of the powers at-be, who are fanning the flame over the upheaval of emotions connected to the gun issue. And it’s all a con game of keeping one’s eye on the gun ball while stirring the pot for a greater gain of power.

If the propaganda pros can keep stirring the pot about guns, then they are successfully diverting attention from their goal, which is the totalitarian takeover without a shot being fired. The people are flocking to gun shows and gun stores buying guns. We’re going to wind up being the most well-armed enslaved people in history.The question is, what are they going to shoot at? The war we are engaged in is one of ideas; can you defeat an idea by shooting at it?

As big and powerful as this political government is, there’s no way they can disarm over 300 million people, and too clever to try it. But it’s smart enough to lead the people into believing, by instilling fear, and keeping their attention on that while the gristmill is grinding away, promoting their game plan of takeover on a different front. Doing the same thing they are so trained and adept at, and that’s winning the war with words.

It’s ludicrous to think they are going to change tactics and strategies when their current game plan is accomplishing the goal of destroying personal freedom and private property ownership. They already have us believing when we buy and pay for a home we own it. Factually, we only possess it while the government, city, county, state and federal, controls it without any investment in it.

I never cease to be amazed at the number of articles I read by a number of different writers on a subject labeled Libertarian Anarchy. To me a contradiction of terms. Liberty connotes Freedom and Anarchy describes no government, when the very essence of freedom, is self-government. But this example reveals the prostitution of the language by arbitraily changing the meaning of simple everyday words.

The Socialistic, Communistic, Marxist Liberals are winning this war patterned after the Tower of Babel. Why would they feel the necessity to remove guns or start shooting?

The conditions we face started quite sometime ago. Actually born and bred in the indoctrination of the socialized school system. So many believe it can be improved, by any number of things; more money, other higher-paid teachers, more expensive buildings, and the latest ploy of arming those in the system with guns. When it is the system itself that’s so immoral and based on a system of thievery. And the only answer for improvement is to completely dismantle the current system, and place education in the free-enterprise system. That could be accomplished much easier than one thinks, because controls are in local school boards.

In order to change things must do away with this system of compulsion based upon thievery. The producers who do not have children are forced to pay and the children are subjected to compulsory attendance laws, then subjected to compulsory vaccinations and all sorts of other compulsions.

Even expensive private schools are not that much better, inasmuch as the same socialistic text-books are required in teaching. And even there, individuality is not encouraged, instead the aim is to make all equal.

How long are we going to dilly-dally around, electing more politicians, doing the same thing and taking more and more, while We the People keep falling for the same lies and thievery, and convincing the people that they represent them. And the majority are so unthinking they believe that writing letters to those they voted into power will change things. No, no, nothing is going to change from the top down, but must come from the bottom up. That inverted pyramid is teetering. This nation began with the power of the people at the broad base of the pyramid, and limited government at the top tip, now it’s inverted and the power of political represents the upside down pyramid.

Dear hearts and gentle people, you are no longer in charge of anything. Even voting is so rigged, you are not in charge. The one thing you can change is your mind about the truth of things as they stand today. And you must be better informed about the reality of conditions before you can change your mind about anything. The hour is very late.

I’ve lived longer than most, growing up in the great depression when things in many respects were much better than we experience. Despite the great advancement in many areas of improvement in our lives, we have lost a great deal of Freedom and private property ownership since that era. And those two things were the base and backbone of this once great nation, which provided the greatest good to the greatest number known to civilization.

From the father of Taoism comes this quote: “The more laws and restrictions there are, the poorer the people become.”



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