This nation seems to be under the misguided notion that We the People have some clout to effect what is going on in Washington, and are still so behind the times promoting the notion of sending letters to elected politicians. Get real, they’re not paying attention to what you or I want.

The only clout we have to effect any change is to shrink it. How do you do that? By getting off the backs of others. For non-producers, stop requiring producers to support them. And who’s going to do that? Who among us is willing to stop milking the political cow?

Every day that passes it appears President Obama increases his presidential powers. From where I sit, it appears he is successfully rendering the Republican party powerless to do anything worthwhile. The more power he acquires the more he wants and takes. In this connection, it seems to me, those who have a desire to halt or change the direction this nation is going, would do well to study the tactics and strategies of President Obama. He’s a professional politician. Poised, polished, professional, eloquent, and determined. And so successfully shrinking the Republican party.

The Republican party appears deadlocked, bogged down, confused and like a ship without a rudder. They appear powerless to stop Obama from implementing any agenda he chooses. It’s a pathetic and sad dismantling of a two-party system. Not something that is going to happen but taking place right before our eyes. Therefore if Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Freedom lovers are doing nothing effective to stop the onslaught of change-over from a Republic to a Socialist State, it would appear to be incumbent on those individuals and groups, to pay attention to the modus operandi of just precisely how it’s being accomplished so successfully.

And consider the pattern of exactly how it’s being accomplished, by shrinking the power of those who at one time did have some clout to sustain the Republic, as it was designed in the beginning. The loss of individual Freedom, private property ownership, and the dismantling of the free-enterprise capitalistic system, did not just happen, but is the result of a well planned organized plot.

Therefore nothing is going to change the direction we have gone, until we understand precisely the tactics and strategies those in charge used to dismantle the Principles upon which this nation was founded. One can’t change the future without understanding the past. That is what brought us to this brink.

The shrinking of the power of the people, the laws of the Constitution, and the two-party system was accomplished by something, it did not just happen. And it’s a continuing game plan, that gets worse daily.

Those in charge are experts at the propagandi of keeping your eye on one ball, while another agenda is being implemented. It’s all a well-oiled con game. As Dr. Phil says, “We can’t change anything we do not acknowledge,” and the future is predictable from past behavior. In this connect, we are asleep at the switch ignoring how it all came about.

The game plan operates on precisely the same merry-go-round of denial an alcoholic uses. Sets up a crisis, then calls upon others to react to fix. Refuses responsibility for any actions, expects others to resolve all devious actions of using and taking and abusing, and stays in control of situations by his merry-go-round of denial. The majority of the American people are in denial of the reality of what’s taking place.

The only way to resolve it is to shrink the power given to those who lust for power over others, by their dependency upon it, and ineffective opposition to it. The only way to cure alcoholism is to remove the power of the bottle he uses to control. Shrinking the supply of liquor. In actuality an alcoholic is not in control of his life, others are.

So it goes with political power and the lust for it, because political government has nothing until it first takes from others. Therefore it’s from others, aside from themselves, they acquire the power to take, and only by removing the bottle can the individual change and recover.

This political government has taken over money, property, personal Freedom, damaged the free-enterprising capitalistic system, ignored the laws of the Constitution, now like a runaway horse with power to do as they choose, shrinking any opposition to it.

Stop kidding yourselves, the people are not in charge, that’s a fantasy that prevents one from the responsibility of actions and behavior to change the dynamics of the current conditions.

A reminder of what Abraham Lincoln said: “The people are the rightful masters of both Congress and Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

Let Freedom Ring

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  2. T.J. says:

    I agree with this one, except I found the Lincoln quote at the end to be at odds in that Lincoln was perhaps the greatest perverter of our Constitution that has ever lived in the White House. The fact that he said such a blatant whopper, just goes to show me that things haven’t really changed all that much in the nearly 150 years since his death. DC is now and was then, populated with self-serving power hungry unproductive takers who say one thing and do another.

    We just had a President use the bible of a man that the government was found guilty in assassinating on the very day that comemorates that man’s birthday. A President who is a Nobel Peace prize winner yet uses his drones to murder any one of his choosing no matter what country they are a citizen of or where they are. George Orwell must either be laughing at us all or wondering why we didn’t heed his warnings,

  3. Freedom Lady says:

    To TJ, This is the kind of comment I appreciate receiving. One that addresses the content subject with an opinion about it, Whether one agrees or not, I appreciate the original thought in the comment. This kind of response starts the pendulum swinging to discuss the root problem.We can only find a solution to our curent delemma, when we understand what the problem is. And can only come from the hearts and minds of individuals and not from the mouths of politicians.

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