It does not require college degrees to know Right from Wrong. That which is Right, Wrong and Truth comes from Universal Law. And most small children quickly grasp the concept, when a little time is taken to explain things to them.

However, it seems many parents misunderstand the concept themselves. For example, they will reprimand a small child for refusing to share a stick of gum. A shaming technique. Instead of explaining to the child the gum is his property to do with as he chooses, then adding an eye to eye chat about the rewards of voluntary sharing, because it usually makes a person feel better.

In this great country of America, every day we fall deeper into the “black hole” of bondage by adding more and more to the long list of things that criminalize us, and portray us as bad, bad LeRoy Brown, the meanest man in the whole damn town.

For example, when we work hard for money to live on and acquire things for ourselves, the crooked lying politicians demand you voluntarily hand over to them a portion of your income. If you don’t comply the IRS comes after you, and classifies you as a criminal.

If you don’t submit to compulsory school attendance, the school board and truant officer visits you and threatens to arrest you for non-compliance, with a superior attitude that he’s a good guy and you are a criminal.

If you drive on the tax-funded roads you contributed to build and maintain, you are criminalized, fined and incarcerated for using them if you do not meet their demands to buy a license.

If you use the money that’s your property and buy a home, you only possess it, not own it. If you add a deck, install a new roof, or cut down a tree on property you thought you owned, you are fined and criminalized for disobedience, by a government of crooks, thieves and liars.

My next-door neighbor put a new roof on his home, when a city official told him it was not according to their codes for the historic district and ordered him to tear it off and replace. His violation categorized him as a criminal.

If a young child decides to sell lemonade from his front yard, operating the free-enterprising system this nation was built upon, he’s ordered to stop because he’s in violation of the political law, declaring his activity as illegal.

My driver’s license was cancelled for five years, by a political government originally designed to protect the citizenry, because of an error they made on the birth date which did not match the social security birth date. I’ve driven across this country and other countries and never received any violation tickets, not even a parking ticket, yet was denied my Right to travel by the suspension for 5 years.

As a result of the suspension, I parked my car behind my home and did not drive during that period of cancellation. I still carried insurance, and sent money to renew my tag. My money was returned by the DMV, saying the vin number did not match the tag. I was not driving the car, and took no further action to obtain a tag.

Then a young man from the Marshal’s office came. I invited him in and asked him what he wanted. He sat down with a file folder and informed me I was in violation of city codes, by having my car parked on the property in my back yard without a current tag. Then he suggested I donate the vehicle since I was not driving it. I then asked him what the consequences would be if I did not comply, and donate. He was prepared, and handed me a paper which stated I would be fined or sent to jail for non-compliance. I stood up and said I would think about it. A few days later I called a company and donated my car which I had bought and paid for.

The state had cancelled my license to drive and the city government came and threatened me with fines or jail, because the DMV had refused my tag payment on a vehicle I had been obtaining a tag on for five years. Denying me my Right to own property and travel, when I had done absolutely nothing to prompt the threat of fines or jail, nor anything to cancel my license to drive.

It was that experience which made me realize that the lying, thieving agents of government were attempting to criminalize me, by their actions, while sitting in my home, and doing nothing to cause the threats.

Further, after the visit by an agent of the Marshal’s office, I thought about the 24 years I had spent married to a military officer who fought in three wars for freedom of this country, while I remained home to raise children and care for his sick parents. He fought a year in the Korean war, a year in Vietnam, and in world war 2. It was then I realized how wrong I had been in believing all of it had been for the cause of Freedom, but rather nation building.

A stark realization that my teachings in high-school civics class, about my status of living in a country with a political government of the people, by the people and for the people, was one big lie. Instead, a government of elected officials, who had the power to criminalize a law-abiding citizen, anytime they decided to fabricate a lie, to accomplish this lust for power, to rule others, to take their property and deny Freedom.

All this occurred four or five years ago, and my driver’s license was reinstated without notifying me. I just happened to find out, while applying for a picture ID card. I immediately purchased another vehicle and paid the fee for a new license.

Since that time many other laws have been passed which further serve to enslave and criminalize American citizens. While so many sit idly by, flock to the polls, and sing the praises like idol worship of those grinding out more and more restrictive laws, contrary to the original U.S. Constitution. While this nation is rapidly becoming a totalitarian system of centralized political government.

I for one have a sense of dread, for the system my grandchildren will be living under. From personal experiences, I’ve gone past any belief that we now live in a free society, a system of personal freedom and private property ownership, given to us by a Divine Creator, fought and died for by patriots of the American Revolution.

Beyond my sadness over the political attacks to destroy freedom, the biggest shock for me came from the realization, in the grand scheme of political power, is the drive to criminalize law-abiding citizens, in all kinds of ploys for power and control to rule.

So apparent today relative to all the talk, news and plans, to disarm in violation of the laws of the Constitution. While the majority sit idly by, doing nothing, collecting unemployment and food stamps. While the liberal news media, now calling themselves “progressives” criticize and poke fun at the report presidential Candidate Romney made when he reported 47 percent are already in this category. Which means just four more percent to reach for the majority.

As I write this article, I recall the number of times I was threatened with arrest, by the school board and truant officers when I rejected forced immunizations of my children, and defied compulsory school attendance laws, back in the sixties and seventies. I shudder when I realize at the time, I failed to recognize the purpose was to criminalize me, to accomplish their aim of control.

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise at the time, because knowing that may have curtailed my efforts of resistance. I battled long and hard against forced immunizations, and won. Plus removing my children from the system of socialized schooling at a time homeschooling was unacceptable. The thing I did realize at the time was, the powers at-be were going to make an example out of me by arresting me when I decided to file a case in federal court, over forced immunizations in the State of Georgia as being unconstitutional. Fortunately I won, and was never arrested.

Today, as I read and hear the horror stories caused by immunization, and hear the cry of parents who object, I wonder why they do not stand up and resist that which they believe harmful to their children. However, across the board, aside from talk, there’s very little resistance to anything the government decides to do now-a-days.

Interesting to me, the number buying guns, because the battle is a war of ideas. It’s Freedom or bondage, and there is no way to defeat an idea by plans to shoot. The bottom line is we are losing our Freedoms without a shot being fired.

We have become like sheep to slaughter, unwilling to take the necessary action to halt the onslaught of socialization, whether it’s the Communist brand or the Fascist brand, while the plank in the plan is to criminalize as many as they can.

Let Freedom Ring



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