There are so many buzz words used by those in opposition to Personal Freedom, which effectively stir emotions. None more overused and abused than the word “equality.” If one desires to promote Socialist agenda, or stir up negative emotions against Freedom and the Free-enterprising system, it’s not necessary to talk intelligently. All one has to do is start babbling about equality.

There’s such an absurdity to this notion of trying to slot everyone with equality it defies rationale. It’s my sincere belief there is only one equality, and that is each individual is born with the same God-given, inalienable “Rights.” How one uses and expresses those rights, relative to decisions in their life, is up to each person expressing inequality.

I grew up in the depression era of the thirties, a time in the history of this nation when life was quite different than it is today. Improvement in some areas, and diminished capacity in other areas.

Personally I view myself as being unequal to any other human being, because there’s no one who thinks and feels precisely as I do. There is a universal set of Principles this universe operates upon, and no one can change them, however as individuals all of us operate on our individual value system. And values are always changing.

Listening to all the politicians and pundits this past holiday weekend, whether clearly verbalized or not, this notion of equality was the underlying theme in most of it. It’s a theme that reduces one’s capacity to be all they are capable of being. The equality pitch does not expand one’s self, but is designed to reduce all one is capable of being.

And right off the bat, in my opinion it’s a bunch of propaganda hogwash. Simply because it is not equality those who lust for power seek. They are not seeking a level playing field, but what they want is to be above all others and in charge, via manipulation of the power they all so devoutly seek. “Equality” is the buzz word so over-used to gain power and the upper hand over others. They want to have the power over others, and equality is not what they are seeking, but the upper-hand to control others.

As we observed all the pomp and circumstance of all the goings on in Washington this past weekend, never has it been more apparent that those now in charge are the end result of all those who screamed for equality, in the years past. The average person is not on the same level playing field as those who now wield their wand of power over others, to take and rule. A glaring manifestation that it was never equality they were seeking, but the upper hand of power over others. We the people were so duped and dipped in doses of “equality” rhetoric, and fell for it line, hook and sinker, the results are what we witnessed over the weekend.

Specifically, the conditions we face today are living proof that we have lost and abandoned the Principles upon which this nation was founded, individual Freedom and the free-enterprising system of life and governing. Without a shot being fired we’ve lost it. And no single word in our language carried more clout to bring us to this brink, than the word “equality.” A glaring example of the power of words. “In the beginning was the word.”

Nothing has been more insulting to our intelligence and creativity than the driving force behind the repetition of the word “equality.” Factually, no person is equal to another. However, the over-use of the word by repetition, has elevated those who lust for power over others to take their property and Freedom, to the positions they hold today. Like dripping water, there has been no one word so effectively used and over-used, which brought us to this brink of bondage as equality.

It was back in the sixties and seventies that I became aware of this drive in the public school system to attempt to reduce children in the classroom to equality. It began when my daughter came home with an assignment to write a paper on “How to be a good loser.” And subsequently when my son, who had above-average intelligence, was subjected to programming to reduce his ambition to the lowest denominator of lesser intelligent children in his class. Therefore I developed a plan of explaining what the teacher wanted in order to achieve a good grade, then counter-brainwashing, to guide in a direction of achieving all they were capable of.

Since that time in the interim years, as more and more billions are extracted via taxes to build bigger schools, pay more to teachers, print more text-books which promote socialism, turn out students all dressed up, indoctrinated with large doses of “equality,” roaming around like a ship without a rudder. Seeking some way to express individuality via bullying and drugs while some shooting at others. All for the sake of equality.

From the English poet William Blake comes this quote, “More! More! is the cry of a mistaken Soul.”

Let Freedom RING

Just me AC


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