I just read a most interesting and enlightening article on Lew Rockwell.com by the very brilliant economist, Walter Williams, titled “Official Lies.”

There are a number of very informed writers on Facebook, like Barbara Sembrosa, very enlightening information in so many of her writings.

Lately it seems, so much news, and writing about guns dominates. Information is power. Because the socialized public school system indoctrinates and does not educate, all this free information relative to the reality of what’s taking place, I think parents of school age, should read and select the writings of those who speak the truth, require their children to read, and start a counter-brainwashing campaign to educate their children. In this day and age of Information, no excuse for kids knowing more about who lives in the sea, than who lives in the White House.

There is so much in the news about the pros and cons of guns, it requires some deciphering to understand the reality of what’s taking place. In my opinion, it’s a great opportunity to understand the basic premise upon which political government thrives. Specifically, it’s dependence upon it and opposition to it. And never so glaringly apparent as all the news about guns and food stamps.

All the hoopla and news over new laws on gun control, is a ploy to keep one’s attention away from knowing what the government is planning next. They probably will initiate more laws, like prohibiting assault weapons. However, they do not have enought clout yet to outlaw ownership of guns in this country. The majority of the 300 million-plus won’t allow it. And one of the most overrated game plans of propaganda in high gear promotion by the powers at-be, keeping one’s eye and attention on one thing, while they are doing something else. A ploy right out of the Communist Manifesto, of keeping the attention on one thing, while actions, to further Socialism takeover, are being put into place in other areas. Accomplishing the dismantling and replacing this system of government by another of their choosing, for control. Without a shot being fired.

Obviously a very effective political game plan, when we face the facts of all that has already taken place to destroy the Rights of the people, and laws of the Constitution. Why would they change their tactics and strategies when their current game plan is working so effectively to accomplish their “Transformation of America?”

As I see it all the attention on proposals relative to gun control is promoting such anger and resentment, killing others via guns is increasingly in the news. Could it be, all the news about gun control is promoting more acts of the people killing each other?

In other countries ruled by dictators, the killing of citizens by each other is more pervasive than here in the United States, however, very much on the increase as reported in the news. Therefore it’s incumbent upon all of us, to stop and think about the cause for this.

Socialism is a system of governing whereby the alienation of one’s Rights to Life, Liberty and property and self-responsibility and control of one’s life, is transferred over to a centralized dictatorial few. The very antithesis of Freedom.

We the people are overdue to stop and think about this. How, by whom, the conditions we face today have been accomplished, without political government shooting it out to accomplish their goal of takeover. However, great strides on the road to Socialism are accomplished by the threat of the guns of government fear-mongering, while the populace en masse arming themselves and shooting each other in schools, churches, places of business, in homes, and drive-by killings.

Protection is that which we provide for ourselves and protection always works. At the moment it doesn’t it is no longer protection.

I know a number of parents who walk their children to the bus stop to protect them. And the latest story in the news is about a nut killing the bus driver and kidnapping a child. I’ve lived long enough to recall walking three quarters of a mile to catch the bus, and never escorted by my parents and never harmed in anyway, in the thirties when we enjoyed a much greater Freedom, and safety. However it was the beginning of the Socialistic takeover by the great Socialist, FDR.

We are overdue to stop and realistically see that which is taking place today, and comparing the conditions today with the history of this country. It’s up to parents to know and teach their children about history and the Freedoms we once enjoyed, because it is definitely not taught in public schools.

I recall a time when bullying, school ground fights and disobedience were not tolerated in schools. In my 12 years of grade schooling, I only recall one incident when an older student bullied me on the school bus. I went home crying and the next day my mom met the bus and stepped onto it, and read the riot act to the perpetrator, and it never happened again.The most I recall about the incident is how the male bus driver sat still, shaking, while my mother threatened to pull the student off the bus, and show her how it felt to be bullied. She never touched her, and I never had any further trouble, and was never bullied again! I’m sure the other students on the bus got a lesson on confrontation.

We are overdue to stand up for ourselves and our children, instead of lollygagging around, going along to avoid the responsibility of confronting the abuse, in the area of government-mandated and controlled institutions in particular. Guns and government won’t stop it. Only assuming the self-responsibility and control of Freedom, will be effective.

The founders of this great nation had a mantra of the “Root, hog, or die” mindset and fought and died to leave us a legacy of Freedom we have squandered. We are not entitled to the luxury of doing nothing about the conditions we face today. Because the undesirable conditions we face today, worsen daily.

I suggest reading the book by Rose Wilder Lane, “The Discovery of Freedom,” and the one by John T. Flynn, titled “While You Slept.” Plus reading the writings of our founding fathers, for a different perspective.

Here’s a quote by Jeff Snyder: “But to ban guns, because criminals use them, is to tell the innocent and law-abiding that their Rights and liberties depend not on their own conduct, but on the conduct of the guilty and lawless and that the law will permit them to have only such Rights and Liberties as the lawless will allow. For society does not control crime, ever, by forcing the law-abiding to accommodate themselves to the expected behavior of criminals. Society controls crime by forcing the criminals to accomodate themselves to the expected behavior of law-abiding.”



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    Aritelcs like this just make me want to visit your website even more.

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    Slam dunikn like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote informative articles.