After my article yesterday on the subject of “equality,” and listening again to the speech by President Obama, I realized his emphasis on the subject was much greater than I first realized. The importance of understanding just how it dovetails into so much, relative to many areas of the Transformation of America President Obama promised in his first term, should be uppermost in the minds of those who have a desire to understand just what is taking place.

To overlook the importance of this one word, and how it is used so effectively in the transformation is a mistake, if one’s desire is to understand what is taking place and has already taken place.

My education and understanding of “equality” began long before the Civil Rights movement of Martin Luther King. Living on a farm the first seventeen years of my life, during the depression years and beginning of world war two, where blacks and whites lived and worked in close proximity, and raised by a mother who had extraordinary wisdom about many things. I recall her saying more than once, equality is not the aim and goal, but superiority.

Back then there was no television, nor internet, and our information about what was taking place in the outer world came from newspapers and radio. Consequently my parents and grandparents kept up with happenings in the outer world, and discussed it in family gatherings. And I myself read the daily newspaper. It was back then when Ralph McGill was editor of the Journal Constitution, and wrote a great deal about the struggle between blacks and whites, even before MLK came on the scene.

As a small child, growing up living near blacks on the farm, I loved visiting with them and listening to them. And they were treated very well, by my immediate family, however I witnessed mistreatment by other farmers living on adjoining farms.

Obama was not even born back then, and listening to his speech emphasizing our being born equally, and carrying that over to the equality of same-sex marriages, is a stretch to say the least. The individuality of the homo-sapien species defies his notion of equality, because we are not robots of equality, but a creative people of inequality.

The more I hear about all the talk relative to equality, in this day and age, the more I realize it’s the dialectic materialism, pitched by Marx in his Manifesto. It reminds me of a political trap, designed to reduce the majority to sameness, while those in charge who lust for power, have set themselves apart, with an attitude of superiority. That notion of superiority I heard my mother talk about growing up. A reiteration by her, we could never be equal, because some are above and some below on the rung of pecking order. By the very nature of the differences in one’s value judgements, we are not the same.

It’s the attempt to reduce the majority to sameness that’s the most disturbing facet of the equality pitch, so pervasive in political rhetoric nowadays. And it all begins in the tax-supported school system and methodology of teachings.

At the core of all my writings is the Philosophy of Freedom, a subject I thoroughly understand. A subject I studied under some of the great teachers in the sixties and seventies. And so pleased just lately receiving a number of comments from readers who inform me, they are studying my articles for information they seek, not found in other articles. A few parents report their school children reading my articles. Not many writers discuss the meaning of Freedom, because it is not a popular subject at this point in time in our history. Because the essence of Freedom is in conflict with the current notion which promotes the sameness of equality.

Freedom is a principle, and equality is a value judgment. And a Principle never changes, whereas value judgments are constantly changing. To understand what has taken place in the transformation of America, it’s imperative to understand those two things.

As disenchanted as I was listening to the Obama speech, with so much emphasis of equality, in restrospect, I’m grateful for his forthright pitch on the subject. Because he is now informing us just what he meant, in his early campaign speeches to transform America.

After his first four years of promoting his socialist agenda, in his beginning of his second term, he tells us what his game plan is, and has achieved a position of power to accomplish, with a promotion of equality.

I’m reminded of Orwell’s 1984. Particularly the story of rats and how they were programmed to react to stimuli in a predictable manner, until the floods came, when their survival instincts kicked in and they fled for their lives.

I remind my readers, if they value the Principles of personal Freedom, and the capitalistic system of government this nation was founded and thrived upon, for a period, we are overdue for survival instincts to kick in, and pay attention to all the talk about equality and what it means.

The state of bondage we are now experiencing cannot all be laid at the feet of President Obama. I agree he inherited a great deal when he took office. The groundwork had already been laid by others before him, when he took office. And the time was ripe for his ideology to kick into full swing. Now he’s telling us, his game plan is for the sameness of equality. It was the thrust of his second term inauguration speech.

In the beginning of his regime, there was a lot of talk and writings about the mystery of his agenda. A lot of wondering about just who he is. Now we know because he tells us. The least we can do is pay attention to what he is saying and means. And decide if his policies are acceptable or not. We just need to wake up from our slumber of being asleep at the switch. And admit our apathy, relative to the reality of all that is happening. There is no longer any mystery about what he meant when he spoke about transforming America. I for one give him credit, for telling us just what he meant. And the bottom line is carving out a nation of equality of the masses, and superiority of those in seats of power.

Equality is across the board for the masses with the exception of the rulers. Their aim is superiority. It’s a game plan as old as civilization. All we have to do is take a look at history, to know the end result of bondage for the many, and the superiority of the few who lust for power to take and rule.

The formation of America was different. From those who fought and died to pass on to us a legacy of freedom, they gave us The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Now ignored and replaced with policies of equality. Just listen to what the President is telling us at this juncture in our history and decide whether or not it’s a more acceptable game plan than the promise specified in The Declaration of Independence.

Where do we start to effect a change? I suggest instead of condemning Obama, we start blessing him, for revealing his game plan to transform America.

From F. Scott Fitzgerald comes this quote: “Either you think or others think for you and take power from you, pervert and discipline your natural tastes, civilize and sterilize you.”




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