Yesterday was one of those days when rather strange things happened. First the computer went a little crazy, and couldn’t “send,” then the printer went on the blink for a couple of hours, then just began working again. I was frustrated because after clicking Send it didn’t show my article was sent to my associate editor for posting. Then in early evening checked my web-site, and it had been posted. I began wondering if the devil was loose on a crutch.

I had awakened around 2 a.m. and wrote a lengthy article titled “Lying, Finger-Shaking, Gun-toting, Political Government Aims to Make You a Criminal.” An article about how political government eviserates the meaning of Freedom, and disembowels by a technique of criminalizing citizens over ordinary acts of resistance to their power grab. I wrote, everyday we fall deeper into the “Black Hole” of bondage.

I had not used that term before in any previous articles, but planned on writing an article about schools, explaining the absence of enlightenment is like “The Black Hole.”

Later on in the day, I read an article by a man who was one of my instructors at Rampart College, referring to conditions as a “Black Hole.” I do not recall ever hearing conditions referred to as a Black Hole, but a term I discovered from reading Einstein’s theory. My purpose in studying Einstein was prompted by the fact at the time my son was a senior in high school, and one of five in an impact program, and the only one assigned to Fernbank Science Center.

My desire was to keep up with his studies and I wanted to be informed enough to ask him questions. After reading the theory, when he came home from Fernbank, I asked him what the “Black Hole” theory was. Without hesitating he began explaining, it’s not really a hole, but a mass so dense, light cannot penetrate it. Aside from reading Einstein and conversing with my son about it, I had never heard the term before.

It’s in this connection, I thought it was strangely coincidental that a former teacher of mine posted an article using that term, the same day I did, when he and I have not been in touch, since the sixties. I thought about the notion “Thoughts are things and thoughts have wings.”

Later on in the day, while going through files, I ran across a letter of comments by Patricia Cullinane, wife and co-founder of the Freedom Mountain Academy in Tennessee. A high school boarding academy. She and husband Kevin, who also attended Rampart College, carved out this impressive facility, I have visited several times. Before building the Academy, Kevin conducted seminars, teaching the”Philosophy of Freedom.” Patterned pretty much after Robert LeFevre, founder of Rampart College, after he passed.

I thought it strangely coincidental that I ran across an article by one of my instructors at Rampart, then a letter from a graduate student, the same day. I wrote an article mentioning the “Black Hole.”

Here’s a quote from James Madison, fourth president, and father of the Constitution of the United States: “Of all the enemies to public Liberty, war is perhaps the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies. From these proceed debts and taxes. Known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the law…no nation could preserve its Freedom in the midst of continual war.”

Our Country has been at continual war since the regime of the great socialist, President Franklin Roosevelt, with first one country then another, and frequently at war with more than one country at the same time. That’s over seven decades ago. And long before, President James Madison predicted a reason for the failure to preserve Freedom. Now living in an era of great losses of Freedom, and taboo to talk about the word, the quote of Madison rings loud and clear, this 21st century.




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