This year 2012 has been an interesting year, for me. A number of joyous and happy events, mixed with some temporary painful times. However I bless Life, every golden moment of it. And so thankful for the strength I’m blessed with to take me through those times of stress.

I think we as human beings have something in common with steel, and that is we must go through the fires to be tempered.

I have a small but wonderful family. It didn’t start out that way. Growing up with one sister and two brothers, I had a large extended family of aunts, uncles, grandparents and even one great-grandparent. And I have outlived most of them.

In the past four years since I began writing articles on my web-site, I’ve come in contact with a number of interesting people I consider friends, plus another element, of contacts, who have a rather peculiar way of thinking. Now I know not many out there who think as I do, and that’s ok. Different strokes for different folks, is what makes horse racing.

This week, I had a man named Dave who contacted me on FB, wanting me to explain the Constitution of the United States to him. He began rather amenable, however during 21 exchanges, he flipped in and out, rather erratic, and at times quite abusive, and accusatory. He labeled me “ignorant” because I would not define the Constitution for him, then whined because I did not praise his claim he had spent a year studying it.

I immediately clicked on his FB page and discovered he was soliciting funds for some African country to promote ideas of Freedom there. When I quoted back to him, it was all deleted from his page within minutes and he denied it was his FB page. Which prompted me to reply, no one is important enough to me to lie to, which he intrepreted to mean I was accusing him of lying. From that point he began posting rather nasty remarks. I tried to reason with him, to no avail, then I stopped communicating with him. But he raved on. Even relating how sick he had been, and collecting social security money.

The ensuing diatribe points up the fact there are a lot of hurting people out there, who want and need attention, and resort to three year old behavior, the negative type of throwing a tantrum. The psychology he attempts to project is so deja vu to me, and as they say in Texas, “That dog won’t hunt” with me. And I’m not anyone’s whipping board to vent their personal problems on.

Its part of my core philosophy, if I can’t do something for someone, I’m not going to do anything to them. Conversely, when one becomes abusive and accusatory, out of the blue, venting on me, I can and will dish it back.

I’m only afraid of three things, namely stupidity, insanity and snakes. I discovered a long time ago, anyone who displays traits of insanity, or stupidity, it’s time for me to pull a Hank Snow and move on.

I write about this, because it is apparent to me, there are so many out there confused, angry, upset, and hurting, which explodes around holiday time, it is very pervasive. I’d really like to help them, however, only they can assume the self-responsibility of their thoughts and actions. I can’t stop a two month old baby from crying if it chooses to.

None of us can change the direction of another person. We can speed them up or slow them down in the direction they have chosen, but only each individual can change their direction.

And it’s my observation that those who reject the self-responsibility of freedom, and try to transfer that over to the system of Socialism and the nanny state, expecting others to take care of them, all eventually wind up in the same place of hopelessness, crying out to others for answers to their dilemma.

In my opinion we are generally a nation of generous people, out-pictured during the Christmas holidays. I once knew an alcoholic who would steal to give. He would try to medicate his misery by stealing to give, rather than facing the responsibility for himself, and his actions. He played all the roles, of victim, enabler and provoker, in his merry-go-round of denial. That denial of self-responsibility for his life and decisions. He was unaware in his drunken stupor, he taught me some valuable lessons.

An interesting phenomenon, of those who continually try to circumvent the self-responsibility for their decisions and action, wind up blaming God for their consequences. When in fact, all are created with free will, to choose the routes they take, and refuse to learn the lessons required to be free and responsible for their own actions.

With reference to the FB commenter, Dave, it quickly became apparent to me that he was not looking for someone to intelligently debate or discuss, but a whipping board to vent his anger on. Unfortunately he selected the wrong person to try it on. My name is Bennet and I ain’t in it. I’ve already been around twice.

Here’s a quote from one of our founding fathers, Richard Henry Lee: “To preserve Liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.” To that I add, it is essential to arm one’s self with an understanding of truth, to protect one’s self from the ignorance of others, who try to perpetrate their ignorance on others, in harmful acts.




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