Checking my comments this morning, one said: “Not sure where you are getting your information, however great topic,” in response to a recent article.

I write on a variety of subjects, and my information comes from several sources, and a great deal from my memory of personal experiences, having grown up in the Great Depression and the Roosevelt era of politics.

It was in 1933 when the socialist-labor labor state was just getting underway. Living on a farm and coming from a family of independent, Freedom-loving people, I recall the upheaval when FDR ordered crops plowed under, and all the many dictates of his “New Deal.”

I grew up in an era of big changes in America. A time when most enjoyed the perks of Freedom, and a transition period of political government intrusion into private lives like this country had not seen before. We were pretty much a country of factory workers and farmers. Unions were formed, crop growing was restricted by government edict, war declared, and many changes took place.

There was the beginning of a realization that a government which could give us everything we wanted, could take away everything we had. Unions were formed to “protect” workers, and expanded over the years to a point they were like some sort of sub-government culture, working with political government for control. And became quite powerful.

Now we are living in an era where there are efforts to break the yoke of this control, as evidenced yesterday when Michigan passed the “Right to Work” law, becoming the 24th state to pass such laws. Thousands gathered to resist the passage of the Right to Work law. There was fighting, yelling, hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth in Michigan. Police were in riot gear trying to control the angry, mob-like resistance. But the law to curb collective bargaining was signed by the governor of Michigan.

It was late winter of 2011, when tens of thousands descended upon Wisconsin, to stop Right to Work there, but it passed anyway. However, it’s as if war is declared, when those who oppose Unions resist.

Right to work comes under the heading of our Rights to “Life, Liberty and Happiness” guaranteed in the laws of this nation. Rights come from a higher power and are only guaranteed by the government of this country. How and why have we gone so far astray from the very foundation of the Principles upon which this nation was founded? That’s the question we face, as we enter year 2013, sitting on a cliff of collapse.

The citizens of this country have had a Right to work all along; it is the lust for power among Unions and political government, in bed together, which have usurped that Right. Now a battle ensues when those who support one’s Right to Work, decide to re-claim it. The bottom line is, that which is actually under attack is Freedom. That which the Revolutionary War was fought to have.

Restricting one’s Right to work is bondage, pure and simple. Open fighting in the streets as shown on the news yesterday in Michigan, is actually a manifestion of the war of ideas we have been in for quite sometime now. A case of enslavement versus Freedom. There are many other areas here in the United States where freedom of choice has been squelched and stomped on, aside from one’s job.

Powerful unions in this country retain and sustain their power with the backing of political government. Therefore, fighting each other is the wrong war, wrong enemy and wrong time. These kinds of battles are fighting the effects of a much larger problem we face in this country today.

Returning to the commenter who wondered where I got my information I write about in my articles, the answer is that it is everywhere all around us on the news 24-7. What is happening in this country is not rocket science, plain and simple, we are in a war of ideas, and it’s Freedom versus bondage. Each individual must decide which of these two things they want. If it’s Freedom, then each individual has the self-responsibility to stand up and fight for it, not tomorrow but today, because the hour is very late and we are already far down the road of socialism.

From Liberty Quotes come the following three quotes. First, Walter Cronkite: “News reporters are certainly liberal and left of center.” From Barbara Walters: “The news media in general are liberals.” From Herman Dismore, foreign editor of the New York Times: “The New York Times is deliberately pitched to the liberal point of view.” Therefore, if the news media is far left and liberal, one must seek the correct information elsewhere, and plenty is available, for one who seeks truth.




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  1. Sheila says:

    I recently found your website and am truly grateful for the voice of freedom from government control. I remember reading something about your not taking social security, and this is something my husband and I would like to do. We have money saved and own our own house. What did you find you needed to do to supply your needs during retirement? I know this is off topic but I hope you don’t mind.
    Best wishes for Christmas and and New Year.
    ps I hope your teeth will be fixed with minimal pain. I sympathize.