I receive so many requests for a wide variety of areas, I keep thinking I should start an advice column. Just this morning, in my comment section, I received this: “How do you prevent hackers, do you have any solution?”

Then a second one, “Who built your web-site?” and continued quite complimentary about the look of my web-site.

Right out of the starting gate, if it’s anything that relates to mechanical or electronics, I do not know my left hand from page eight. I have trouble operating a can opener, and placing batteries in my TV remote. I ask my 7 year-old grandson to perform those complicated things.

I have received a number of inquiries about the look of my web-site. Before I wrote my first Blog, I had a web manager, quite professional, who designed my web-site. He is no longer with my son’s company, who hired him to design my web-site. I did have some input referencing changes. I once owned an interior design business, consequently have a good sense of design. Plus an art course helped.

I do have a very wide interest in a number of things and throughout my lifetime I have taken courses in a variety of things from reflexology to art. Even a short course in aeronautical engineering to learn how to read blueprints.

It’s my core belief that we were created to be creators. Even making a macaroni salad is creativity.

I have received more inquires about an article I wrote on sanpaku than anything else. I wrote early on when I began blogging, and just a couple of days ago received an inquiry about that subject. In the Japanese language the word san means three, and paku means white. Therefore sanpaku means three whites of the eyes showing. Normally we see two whites on either side of the iris, but sometimes one’s eye rolls upward revealing a lower white when looking directly. This is simply a symptom that something is abnormal. It could be physical, mental or emotional, but usually structural. And can easily be corrected by seeing a chiropractor, osteopath, or massage therapist for cranial-sacral adjustments.

I have a lot of interest in so many things. Once living in a small apartment, with a number of live plants, I came up with an idea to design a portable window greenhouse. I drew it on paper, and took my design to an engineer friend who helped me, then I applied for a patent for the design.

Growing up, I had an uncle studying to be a doctor, but he passed away before he finished school. My father inherited all his college medical books, and at nine years old, I loved reading those books. I became interested in healing, but never wanted to be a doctor or nurse. My mother was very much into areas of natural healing, and I was impressed at all the things she knew to do when one became ill.

In high school I took a course in home economics, and learned how to make my own clothes. Much later I designed all the outfits for an entire fashion show. Many of the areas of my interests I have written articles on, in the 800-plus articles on the internet.

I can recall the times my father said to me, “I don’t understand you,” and as I grew older, my stock reply was, “Maybe it’s because my mind operates in the abstract.” I enjoyed saying that to him, because of the puzzled look he had, and just shook his head.

I have always been curious about a lot of things, and when someone presented a seemingly bizzare idea, I never said I don’t believe you, but show me how to do it.

I’m always impressed by the inquiring minds of young children, because to me, curiosity is the sign of intelligence. In this connection, I always stop and try to answer the many questions they ask. Aside from my very inquiring seven year old grandson, Prince William, I have an adopted 6 year old granddaughter, who tops the list with opinions and questions.

There’s much I don’t know, however, writing articles for the internet seems to generate a variety of questions, and I try to answer, when I can.

I’ll never forget, when my daughter was six years old, and saw a bird egg hatch a bird. As I explained to her how life springs forth from an egg, she said there’s something I’ve been wondering about. When I asked her what it was, she replied, “Where do worms come from?” That stumped me.

We are so fortunate to be living in this information age, if one can’t find answers in books, one can Google for information.

I never cease to be amazed at this computer. Pushing a button and being in touch with others around the world, is awesome to me. This era of communication is definitely impressive, especially to one born in the horse and buggy days. Never in my wildest imagination, growing up, did I dream of a time when I could be in touch with others around the world by clicking a button, sitting in my own home.



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