At first, I was a bit surprised, receiving comments now about an article I wrote five years ago, titled “Sanpaku, Three Sides of White Showing in Eyes,” because I had forgotten it was in connection to a mass murderer at Christmas time, whose photographs revealed the perpetrator was very Sanpaku.

Then I double-checked a photograph of Adam Lanza, and saw the similarity. And information about his mental illness is just now coming out in the news. It’s time we began connecting the dots, relative to the tax-supported school system. Effects on some because of forced immunizations, and the debate about its cause of some adverse health problems in children, and a number of factors which are interrelated, as so many struggle to come to grips with the why of all of this. Whether one recognizes it or not, all Americans have a dog in this fight.

I have written many articles about tax-supported schooling, immunizations, bullying, battling and killings. And I’ve told stories about my personal battles in the system before removing my children to homeschool in the sixties. But I’ve never told all the stories underlying my interest in what is happening in schools today.

I had a daughter kidnapped from her school by three young men, who took her to a remote wooded area, raped her, tied her to a tree, and left her there to die. But fortunately she was found before she died. These young men were tried in a court of law, but released and none ever served time. A sad story about money, political power and influence, and how horrific crimes on children are frequently handled in this country. The details of my story are sordid and I’m not going to detail them here, and I only mention it for the first time, to point out my first-hand experience with happenings today.

However, I have told some of the stories of subsequent battles with the school system in general and forced immunizations in particular, relative to my other children. Events which happened back in the sixties and seventies. Nothing has changed aside from the fact conditions have worsened, to a point of mass murders we are experiencing today. The part of this story which seems to remain a constant, is that people are still wondering “Why.” For me personally, the why seems so obvious.

I of course had no idea when I wrote the article on sanpaku five years ago, how it could relate to the the tragic happenings today. This article number 146, remains on my web-site, however I’m going to reprint it for easy access to anyone interested in reading it today, because it so closely resembles the tragedy this nation is reeling from, just before another Christmas.

Here’s the reprint of article 146, from 2009:

Sadly, some families suffered unfathomable tragedies over the Christmas holidays.

One of the most heartbreaking news reports was about a man in California, dressed up like Santa Claus, who opened fire on a family when a young girl opened the door. He killed nine people then set the house on fire. An act of evil so devastating, it is difficult to hear about on the news.

He then left in a rented vehicle and killed himself. The story reports he was burned from the fire, had seventeen thousand dollars on him and the Santa suit was wired with explosives.

It is reported that he was angry at his wife for divorcing. She was one of those caught in the massacre.

This was such a bizarre, devastating story; several subsequent newscasters had experts on behavior on to try to explain his behavior.

The thing I noticed when I saw his picture on the screen is the fact he was sanpaku. Most have probably never heard the term. It is the Japanese phrase meaning three sides of white – a condition which books have been written about. I lived in Japan four years and am familiar with the term. I recognize the condition when I see it.

San in Japanese means three and Paku means white. Therefore, the term means three sides of white showing in one’s eyes. Normally we see two sides of white showing in each eye when we look directly into the eyes. But when you look into a person’s eyes and also see white at the bottom, as well as on either side, it means something called sanpaku.

Years ago it was called bedroom eyes. For me I always had an uncomfortable feeling around anyone with that condition and did not know why until I read books explaining the condition and learned that there was a name for it.

It means that individual has a problem. They are out of sync. It could be caused by structural misalignment. One might have some kind of cranial-sacral jamming. One might have some mental or emotional dysfunction. It means that person is not operating normally, not functioning and firing on all cylinders, so to speak. It can be corrected when recognized. It is frequently some impingement in the nervous system, caused by structural misalignment in the spine area. Sometimes it can be caused from an accident, a fall, or some physical injury.

A manifestation of the condition is in slowed reflexes. They do not have the same quick reflex action that a person without the condition has. They may not think as well or as logically as one without the condition.

As I understand it, when a person is dying, his eyes may roll upwards. Seeing the picture of the shooter on TV, his eyes were extremely rolled upwards and three sides of white in his eyes were quite visible and noticeable.

Sometimes a person may have the condition in only one eye.

I have seen the condition in some children, because they run and play and fall and hit their heads on things, which causes structural misalignment. In those cases, it may be easily corrected with a structural alignment by a chiropractor or massage practitioner. Sometimes, massaging the muscles to relax can cause the spine to realign itself. Or an osteopathic treatment may correct it. Once the condition is corrected the eyes again appear normal.

I write about this not to further sensationalize the horror of what happened, but for information one might use if they have someone in their family or know someone with this very visible condition called sanpaku. It is treatable and can be corrected.

If someone who knew this man had known about the condition, so visible in his eyes, he might have received help to correct it. The first and foremost importance is to recognize the condition which is so easily recognizable. Because when a person has the condition, it’s a warning sign they are out of whack. They most likely do not think as rationally as they should, and their reflexes do not operate normally.

It does not take a psychiatrist or psychologist to recognize the condition; it is reflected in one’s eyes.

I decided to write this article after listening to several experts giving various possible explanations as to what caused this man to go on this killing spree. What was wrong was so glaringly visible in his eyes.

For anyone interested in the subject of sanpaku, I suggest obtaining a book on it and reading information available on the subject. My explanation is a very simple one; however there is more in-depth information available to anyone interested in learning more about it. There are interesting stories written about some very famous people who had this condition.

I would be interested in hearing any comments on the subject from my readers.

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