Another act of slaughter of young students in a Connecticut public school yesterday. Horrible, nonsensical tragedy. While families grieve, this nation is stunned, by the magnitude of such a horrendous act of violence. I personally can’t think of anything worse than being notified one’s child will never return home from school.

This kind of evil act is carried out quite frequently now-a-days, not only in schools but malls, restaurants and workplaces, but schools seem to experience it more frequently than other places. Why, Why, Why, everyone is asking.

Killing someone is an act of thievery. It is stealing one’s life in violation of the will of the owner. Most of us can feel the anger, resentment and grief over the act of assault on 20 innocent children. We are outraged. But let’s try to be a bit more objective, in dissecting for understanding.

We have moral guides to live by, first is the Ten Commandments. Thou shalt not Steal and thou shalt not Kill. Seven of the ten Comandments are negatives, informing us what not to do. And they address one’s property, one’s body and life belongs to each individual. And three of the ten comandments are positive, advising us what we should do.

The second moral guide is the Declaration of Independence, which informs us we have a “Right” to: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. When we study the history of the formation of this nation, we learn there was much debate over the word “happiness,” because some argued for using the word “property” instead. A compromise was reached to use the word happiness instead of property, however in essence, pursuit of happiness means ownership of property, because we must own property to exist.

Thievery is an act of taking the property belonging to another in violation of the Will of the owner.

In our grief, trying to understand murder, we can wander off in different directions, with different theories, but the bottom line is, killing is an act of stealing, and it is wrong, according to the basic moral guides all of us know.

Even a child understands “taking” of the property of another is a no, no and wrong. They will fight another child who tries to take away their toy. Aside from knowledge of moral guides, we innately know it is wrong.

In this context of understanding Right and Wrong, from the standpoint of thievery being wrong, we must go beyond the actual act of killing to understand why we are so grief-stricken over the act, and of taking the life of another and the belief of some they are entitled to perform the act. The sense of entitlement to take that which belongs to another, manifests in taking that which does not belong to them. We can ponder over any number of excuses as to why, but the bottom line is a decision to take another’s life is an act of stealing. The question is, why do some individuals steal? And why is it so pervasive in the society in which we live today?

To find the answers, we must look within our selves, to discover the areas in which we sanction thievery and the tax-supported school system, itself exists as a result of a system of thievery. And commands more “taking” than anything else, except perhaps the military.

Here in Georgia where I live, according to the Budget Office, over half the money collected in taxes goes to support the school system, over 8 billion a year taken from producers to support a system that winds up being killing fields for young children.

Within a twenty-mile radius of the small north Georgia town I live in, there are dozens of schools operating from the trough of tax-collected monies. Primary schools, trade schools and colleges. On the other hand, several private schools are operating without tax monies. Just last week, I visited one of these, a rather large private school, for a Christmas recital.

All the bullying, beatings and killing we hear about regularly, take place in so-called “public schools,” i.e., those schools operating on the immorality of thievery. I never hear of these heinous acts taking place in private schools. Because private facilities operate to educate and protect their students.

Beyond the safety of the students, we frequently hear stories about all the fraud and stealing which takes place by those operating the system, as evidenced by the news of such activities uncovered in the Atlanta area schools, last year. Several were convicted and sent to prison.

Aside from the public tax-supported school system, the taking of property via the centralized political government, and re-distributed into most all areas of our lives, is very pervasive. In violation of the Principles upon which this nation was founded. And has reached such proportion, we face collapse of a country, which at one time offered the greatest good to the greatest number known to civilized mankind.

I’m as disturbed and heartbroken as anyone over the heinous acts we watch on the daily news, however my personal experiences, when my children were in school, back in the sixties and seventies, were so disturbing, I homeschooled when it was prohibited, and violated the compulsory attendance laws. I faced arrest more than once, but I realized the danger my children were in way back when.

It’s my position that nothing is going to change for the better, until the tax-supported school system of indoctrination is dismantled and re-opened as private education. The direction this nation is now headed, towards a totalitarian state of Socialism, will continue, unless we change the system of schooling.

No amount of surveillance cameras and alarm systems can change the immorality of thievery which the current system operates on. Hiring other teachers, building different facilities, and other acts to improve, cannot and will not change the immoral act of thievery the system is based upon.
Questioning the motives of gunman who walk in and mow down innocent children, will not solve the problem. Those who commit such acts are products of this immoral system, themselves.

While we mourn the loss and empathize with grieving parents, until we come to grips with the basic problem, there will be other future acts of killing in the classrooms, stealing lives of innocent children.

It’s all a result of the War of Ideas this nation has been in for the past several generations. The current system defies the self-responsibility Freedom requires. Education is the responsibility of the parents of school-aged children, and not the responsibility of all other producing citizens in this nation. Many hard-working Americans who have no school-age children are forced to pay into the current system.

Because the school system is operated by local school boards, parents who have children in the system, can and must make changes, if we are to expect to have moral education, and protect children. It’s the one system in our society which could be changed, starting locally.

I know from my own personal experiences, battling to improve things in the current system for a number of years, there is nothing anyone can do to effect desirable changes, in the system as it exists today. Must totally dis-mantle the current system and re-place with a system of education, privately operated, and get rid of political government operated and funded schools.

Sounds like a tall order, and it is, because so much political power is backing the current system. But it is not insurmountable if the people who have children in the system, and are seeking education and protection of their children, decide they are fed up with the abuse and indoctrination of their children.




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