When anyone asks me what I do, I tell them I sit at 512 trying to save this country and had a full plate when I took on Egypt.

It was a couple of years ago, when Egypt was having a rebellion, an uprising of the people against their leader. At that time I wrote several articles about the event and news. There are two countries on the planet I like most and those are Egypt and Greece. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s their architecture, maybe it’s their history, clothing style, I don’t really know, perhaps it’s because they have produced some impressive teachers like Socrates. I have always admired the Socratic method of inquiry. At any rate, I was pulling for the people to establish a better form of government, and find individual freedom.

But they lost to the Muslim Brotherhood, and now are more enslaved than they were before the rebellion. Our governmet has sent untold millions to Egypt, and what has it funded? Political regimes that go from bad to worse.

Recent news is about the thousands of Egyptians coming to United States to escape the bondage of the current regime. Therefore the bottom line is, our money is going to Egypt and there are people flocking to America. All a result of political policies in the United States.

So many countries in Europe and the mid-east are in an upheaval, fighting and killing each other. So many trying to enter the United States, from those countries plus Mexico and Cuba. Seeking refuge from the horrors of their governments. Our immigration laws are a disaster and the flood gates are open.

Here we are in the United States with more problems than Dick Tracy, and the politicians in Washington, PTA-ing. That’s eating, meeting and retreating. While this nation teeters on the verge of collapse, as the beat goes on between Democrats and Republicans, yakking about the so-called fiscal cliff ending of this year in a few days.

Listening to the Mike Huckabee program last night, he’s calling for a national day of prayer, on January 20th. A good idea, but the 300 million-plus citizens in this country need to do more than pray, because the inverted pyramid is about to topple. President Obama is about to show the Republicans and the American people who’s boss.

I’ve been reading articles about certain groups who pitch the line that it’s the people who are in charge. No, no, no – at this stage of the political game, it’s a group of power brokers in Washington writing the script, directing the play and pulling the curtain, and we are in Act Three of this war of ideas, and losing.

When I suggest were losing, I mean we are losing a way of life in these United States as we once knew it. A way of life as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the laws outlined in the US Constitution. The Transformation which Obama promised in his first term campaign, is already in full swing.

The first two years of his first term, the majority wandered around like a chicken with its head cut off wondering who he is. While all the time he openly and up front told us who he is. We the people just did not listen. Still not listening to what he is telling us he plans on doing. No, no, no, the people are not in charge, he is. And about to leave for a vacation in Hawaii.

We must really stop blaming Obama for the sorry mess this country is in. He has an agenda he told us about from the beginning. And it’s going to get worse rather quickly, beginning from January 1st, 2013.

So what’s Congress doing? Up there voting on eliminating the term “lunatic”!!!!! And what are the people doing? Running around talking about how they are in charge. I don’t mean everyone, because there is still a small number who understand what’s taking place, and crying out in the wilderness of a socialist system. But who is listening? Certainly not the majority in this country.

Remember Eva Peron, who sang “Don’t cry for me Argentina.” We’re probably going to be singing the same song for America after the first of the year. Quite frankly, I feel like crying for America today. But tears will solve nothing. Only an awareness of what has happened and is happening, and a resolve to change the way we think and perceive things, with that same “Root, hog, or die” resolve the original settlers had in the formation of this country, will turn the tide now.

The saddest words of tongue or pen are these few words, “It might have been.”

A quote from Fred W. Friendly: “No mighty king, no ambitious emperor, no pope, or prophet ever dreamt of such an awesome pulpit, so potent a magic wand.” I add in the words of the language which led us to this brink…



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