It is the term “Black Friday” which started my wheels turning thinking about the power of words and our language. Because the word black means the absence of light, and has a negative connotation, I wondered who and why in the sophisticated advertising business decided to promote the day after Thanksgiving sales as “Black Friday.”

Merchants look forward to the cash register ringing with an increase in sales the day after Thanksgiving across this entire country. And it is the free-enterprise capitalistic system upon which this country was built and thrived since its beginning after the Revolutionary war. That system which is simply a voluntary exchange of goods and services. A very positive system, that made this country the envy of the world. Therefore, my question is: Why is the paradigm for the biggest sales day of the year promoted as “Black Friday?” A very negative connotation.

Let’s go back in history, to help us understand what is happening in this country. Words are power, and two words which entered the dictionary the quickest were the words “Spudnik” and “brainwashing.” I was living in Tokyo when Spudnik circled the earth. Like most everyone else, I watched with wide-eyed wonder.

The word brainwashing was coined and entered our language during the Korean war. My husband, a helicoptor pilot in air-sea rescue, was there for a year when I began hearing about the brainwashing of young American soldiers serving in that war. There were news reports about those who survived being sent to a hospital in Tokyo for “de-programming.”

A Dr. Meyer headed the project and his report explaining how brainwashing works was released. I read his report and was fascinated by the technique used by communist North Koreans, to brainwash captured young Americans.

The aim of the captors was to use the technique of brainwashing to turn the captured against the United States, for propaganda purposes. The first order of business was to cause the subject to hate his mother. This was accomplished by such methods as sleep and food deprivation. Days in darkness with water dripping on their foreheads, and drug injections, until the subject was willing to say how he hated his mother. Once this was accomplished, it was easy to have the subject verbalize how he despised the United States, and to speak of his country as being an evil empire.

When this was accomplished, the subject was photographed and recorded, and used for propaganda in news releases.

Later on after the war I visited that hospital in Japan, where the brainwashed soldiers were sent for deprogramming, before returning home. Many may remember how the returning soldiers from the Korean war were shunned and not treated well upon return and some viewed them as traitors. As a result of brainwashing. Most in this country did not understand what happened. And to this day, most still do not understand it, because the subtleties of the technique are used so pervasively via news manipulations in this country today.

Brainwashing of the American people, via use and mis-use of the language, has been used so successfully by those out to destroy the American way, we are far down the road of take-over via the system of socialism, with out a shot being fired.

Socialism is the antithesis of the capitalistic free-enterprising system. And the use of the language is one of the main tools in the toolbox of those out to destroy this country and the Principles upon which it was founded. It is very foundation of the free-enterprising system.

In my opinion, the constant news reporting, referring to the biggest sales day of the year, relative to the exchange of goods and services as “black” is a classic example of the water-dripping technique of using the language for brainwashing purposes. And suspect the effectiveness may show up in bottom line sales, when the final tally is reported.

The subtle adverse effects of using the language to control the direction is evident in many areas, from all the negativism about Christmas, and Christian values this nation was founded upon, as well as the intention to destroy the free-enterprise capitalistic system and replaced by the system of Socialism, either one of the two main areas, Communism or Fascism.

Just by walking around in small town shopping centers and seeing so many stores closed and out of business, one can witness the effects of what’s happening in this great nation. Which will most likely be increased in 2013, as news reports an increase in “going out of business” signs.

Because entreprenuers, the back-bone of the free-enterprising, capitalistic system, cannot withstand the cost perpetrated upon them as a result of all the rules, regulations, polices and taxes, heaped upon them by the centralized political government.

Black Friday is a negative term.

Quote from Edward Gibbon, Joseph Sobran, Melians: “In the end, more than Freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all, security, comfort and Freedom. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society, but for society to give to them, when the Freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free and was never free again.”




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