I thought I was finished writing for the day until I checked my e-mail articles before signing off. There was one notice which read, “Impeach Obama,” two more about states petitioning for seceding from the Union. And several other article with the same pitch.

Get over it. All this organized anger and resentment yelping impeach and secede, is going no place.

Obama is staying in power probably past the next election; States are not going to secede, and he won’t be impeached. It’s time to re-think one’s position in these areas and focus upon areas where one might make a difference.

Obama is so popular with so many and is becoming America’s Idol, he’s powerful and in the driver’s seat. If those so organized to defeat him in the last election, it’s too late to spin one’s heels trying to unseat him now.

Furthermore the news about the beginning oil boom in Texas will furnish him so much revenue, relative to all that is connected with that, will raise him to another level of power and popularity.

Impeachment and secession is the wrong approach for expected change. Get over it and place your time, energy, and demands in another direction whereby you have a chance of more desirable results.

First of all take the time to inform yourself of the real meaning about the self-government of Freedom, and be informed about the nature of all political governments in general and ours in particular.

To expect results of implementation of change, start with yourself, and secondly, consider doing something about the socialized school system, which has been the seat of training in socialization for past six decades. A socialized school system can only indoctrinate in socialism. And 50 states of this seat of indoctrination cost around 50 billion a year.

And change over from the tax funded system would be the easiest place to effect change, because the control is in local school boards. For example if individuals got together in very small groups to discuss going to their local school board to petition their local schools be switched to private facilities, and enough got on the bandwagon to demand this, it could be accomplished.

Nothing is going to change so long as every nine months this country turns out a new bunch indoctrinated in socialism. Text-books promote it, teachers teach it and the parents accept it.

One can’t start from the top down to effect change but only from the bottom up, when the people themselves decide they have enough socialism. Because the overwhelming power the top political government wields, came about from the people in bottom up. One must begin at the root of the problem, not the effects of it, to ever expect change.

Suppose one was successful in getting rid of the current regime, the mindset of the system that set it up would still be there and another like what we have would replace it.

The problem lies in the fact the average person does not understand the basic tenets of freedom which is self-government. And an unwillingness to exercise the self-control it requires, and educating one’s own child is the pre-requisite to making a move in the right direction. By taking control and being responsible for that. And because the power for sustaining the current system is in the hands of locals, i.e., one’s friends and neighbors, it’s the place to start. I understood this going back to the sixties, when I became embroiled in the socialized system, and discovered there’s nothing one can do to improve it, because it’s based upon a system of thievery.

All this organized anger and disenchantment displayed in large organized groups, goes in the wrong direction, trying to change the wrong things, the wrong way. Political government thrives on two things, i.e., dependency upon it and opposition to it. Therefore all this misplaced opposition feeds the system and will not change nor defeat it.

Parents depend upon the immoral system to educate their children, and do nothing but gripe about it. And it’s a system that turns out millions every nine months, all indoctrinated in the philosophy of socialism.

It’s a pretty sewed-up system of control, especially with the clout the NEA has. But a ground swell of small local groups, putting the pressure for change on local school boards, certainly have a better chance for effecting change than attacking from the top, which is self-evident, there’s little one nor groups can do.

There are lots of books writen about the rotten system of socialized education available, find one and read it. And in essence it is not education but indoctrination.

There’s an old Southern saying, “You can’t skin a cat by starting at it’s tail.” And you cannot reverse the system of socialism this country now embraces by attacking at the top. Must start where it started, from the bottom up.

You are only spinning your wheels, thinking you can get rid of Obama by your current strategy, and secondly it would change nothing if you did, because he would be replaced with like kind. He now rules by executive order, and rulership by decrees is next.

Your resistance and opposition to him and his regime, feeds fodder for more of the same. Make no mistake about it. The root of the problem lies in the hearts and minds of the American people. And the local socialistic, tax supported school system, is where the undesirable conditions begin and are nurtured and thrive.

This does not mean teachers would be out of work, but re-employed in a free-enterprising system of learning. Education should be in the free-enterprise capitalistic system according to the basic Principles this nation was founded upon and thrived for many years in its beginning.

To change conditions as they currently exist, getting worse, one must re-think where the problem lies. Fix it firmly in one’s mind that the power of political government thrives on those two things of dependency and opposition. Stop depending upon the government to school your child, and stop spinning your wheels resisting from the top. Instead use your common sense to see where the root problem lies and attack it from there and you can win. You never will by resistence attacking from the top while depending upon the system you reject to educate your children. When they only indoctrinate more of the same thing you reject.

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC

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  1. The dependency and opposition image is powerful.

    I picture a tall pole. Attached to the top is a rope. All those who are dependent upon The State are pulling at the rope. But at the base of the pole are all those who oppose The State, and they are pushing against the pole, balancing the force and keeping the pole standing upright. Turn and walk away, or even grab the rope and pull in apparent accord with the supporters, and it topples of its own weight.