Like so many others, I’ve been so caught up in all the rapidly changing current events, I’ve neglected the history of this nation beginning with FDR, and all that’s happened since, and the reason for all of it, being for a One World Government of Socialism. I had a kneejerk reaction a few days ago when I asked the question, “What’s Obama doing in Burma?”

Then another, “Aha” moment yesterday after three doctor appointments in one day. Started out seeing my chiropractor, then a medical specialist, from there to the dentist. Checking insurance coverage which states coverage for X-rays and medical. I assumed surgical removal for three extractions, would fall under catagory of “medical,” but no, that’s labeled under dental and is not covered.

Government and insurance interpretation of what’s medical, has all the mouth-watering, rib-sticking satisfaction of boiled watermelon.

We have become so propagandized, and the jack-hammer rhetoric of changes in the meaning of everyday English language, so pervasive as one of the major tools in the push for take over, towards the one-world government drive for the system of Socialism, we’ve been brainwashed.

I had to stop and remind myself of what the communist leader Lenin said in his plan for global socialism. “After the take-over of Europe, the United States we shall not have to attack, it will fall into our hands like overripe fruit.” Then along came Khrushchev, who said, “We will bury you!” He did not mean underground, but under the rubble of distruction and dismantling individual Freedom, private property Rights and the Free-enterprising system. And today we are far down the road of accomplishment of that promise.

We need to wake up and realize we’ve been fighting all these wars for the wrong reason. Not for Freedom, but nation-building for Socialist Communism.

Today’s news item, “US gives 50 Billion to Israel to Fight War.” Our political history and war has apparently taught us nothing, when it comes to understanding Freedom, and the game plan of political government. Time and focus spent on trying to figure out what’s wrong with our economy. Duh.

Store-bought friends don’t stay store-bought. The containment policy of FDR and Truman. Foreign nations do not join us to protect freedom, but for money to feather their socialist dictatorial nest. Other countries hate us, while our government keeps feeding the hard-earned dollars from American producers into their regimes.

Why have we fallen into the trap of trying to save other countries? Instead of focusing upon saving this country from falling into the totalitarian bondage of Socialism and a One World Government? Ignoring the Constitution and the Principles upon which this Nation was founded. We are focused upon the wrong thing, wrong enemy, at the wrong time.

We are living in an era whereby local, state and national government costs the worker more than spent on food, clothing, medical care and the church combined. This soak the rich tax-program, in actuality soaks everyone who works. But now a large percentage is at the government trough.

It all really began during the FDR era, and continued to worsen under each subsequent presidential regime. Actually began with passage of graduated income tax in 1913, one-hundred years ago, but it was FDR who took advantage and initiated the big push into socialism, in the early 1930s, then acted to keep himself installed like a dictator, for a lifetime as President, beyond the two terms as set forth in the US Constitution.

A quote from Joseph Sobran, columnist, (1946-2010): “By a very conservative estimate, a hundred million people have died at the hands of their own governments in this century. Given that record, how bad could anarchy be?”

Let Freedom Ring

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  1. I actually like anarchy– or perhaps it should be called “autarchy“, the term Robert LeFever preferred.