This is an article written in October 2011.

Hardly a news cycle goes by without some horror story relating to a student in public schooling. During this past summer a number of teenagers died after physical education work-outs in extreme heat. We read about teen suicides caused by bullying.Then we read about some teacher having sex with a public school kid. The list of abuses of young children in the system is never ending.

Public schooling is political government mandated, government funded, government operated, by government hired teachers. Most members of the National Educational Association (NEA). which is one of the largest, most powerful political activist groups.

Seems as though just about every other campaign speech President Obama makes, he’s talking about his plans to give money in some shape, form or fashion to public schools, teachers or students. Why is that? The responsibility for educating one’s children is the responsibility of the parents. Not government.

The Priority of all politicians is getting in office and staying in office. And the President is campaigning to stay in office. The millions of parents of school children are being romanced to vote for a candidate they view as doing something for their child. But the President is just the re-distributor of the stolen loot, obtained via taxes.

The collection of taxes is a system of thievery, operated by a gun, threat of a gun, or jail. Taken without the consent of the hard-working producers in this country and re-distributed to non-producers.

If you are one of those parents disenchanted with any area of schooling your child is forced to attend, and wonder what you can do about it, you must begin by understanding the immorality of the system. Asking yourself is there ever any justification for thievery? Because the cost of schooling in the United States is over one-hundred billion annually, we’re talking about big time taking and spending.

I personally don’t believe there’s ever any justification for thievery for anything, however, if the children were being educated as a result of the very expensive system, I would try to justify it. However, they are not being educated, but indoctrinated in the philosophy of socialism. The brand name being communism and fascism.

For a parent to admit their child is being forced via the compulsory attendance laws to spend twelve years being indoctrinated into this system of bondage, is a bitter pill to swallow, and I believe we live in a nation of parents who are in denial about that fact.

On the other hand, I think the Tea Party movement is an indicator there’s a large number of the citizenry perturbed enough to realize something is very wrong. But most think it’s the political system and if they can just elect different bunch of politicians the problems would be solved.

The bearer of bad news is never very popular, and I can state unequivocally, that is not the solution.

The sinister force gripping this Nation on the verge of collapse is caused by something more fundamental, in the nature of our being, than 535 individuals and one executive officer sitting in Washington. The problem and solution lies in the hearts and minds of the 300 million citizenry of this country.

The solution is in the homes, apartments and trailer parks across this country. At the kitchen table and backyards, in the hearts and minds of those parents and families, currently so angry and disenchanted with their loss of the American dream.

Any hopes of turning the direction of this Nation around, must begin at the grassroots, not by electing another politician, but by putting a stop to the indoctrination of this generation of the millions sitting in the Socialist classroom today. And it can be done because the school boards in each county operating the system are comprised of one’s friends, families and neghbors. Not miles away in Washington.

In this series of articles I’m going to suggest how it can be done. At the end of each posted article, my e-mail is posted. Anyone interested in more information can e-mail me today. Better to e-mail instead of leaving a comment. Just tell me who you are and what your concerns are. George Washington said: “A free people ought not only be armed, but disclipined to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite.”




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