Another Thanksgiving holiday with family celebrated at Peckerwood Hills in Murrayville. No one but me calls my son’s estate Peckerwood Hills. It’s acreage in the country, with wild animals, and sits atop a hill with a very winding driveway.

There is a swimming pool, large rock fireplace, newly renovated recreational basement with wine cellar. A very lovely place once one arrives at the top of the winding driveway. A new addition is an outdoor portable fireplace, and my son kept a roaring fire going in it yesterday. A warm and inviting feature, where the family can enjoy roasting marshmallows.

My family is rather small compared to most. Precisely one dozen when we get together. Ken and Liz are both great cooks, and experts at preparing a feast. I ate nonstop yesterday, beginning with artichoke dip and a bloody mary I sipped on. Two turkeys and ham, with all the side dishes there was enough food to feed another dozen or so.

Fifteen year old Isabella, who is a concert pianist, entertained, playing beautiful music on the baby grand, plus Prince William filled in with his rendition of holiday music. Thirteen year old Olivia has the Voice and is the singer in the family. Isabella, a junior in high school, has been selected to join seniors in her school to perform with them.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and seven year old Prince William and six year old adopted Riley, romped, ran, giggled and played outside. Just watching them so happily running and playing is a joy to watch. Just watching happy innocent children run and play, is like music for one’s soul.

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, Prince Will knows how to set a table like a five star restaurant and he lit the candles before we sat down. Before sitting down, we gathered around the table and listened to Ken tell the story of the first Thanksgiving, and a bit of history about that event before giving thanks.

Both Ken and Liz are fabulous cooks, and so is her mom, Bonnie, who cooked two turkeys, one smoked. Bonnie’s husband, Hank, is rather quiet, however Bonnie is entertaining and I call her “the life of the party.” Everyone brought a dish. Daughter Cherryl made dessert and son Richard brought a sweet potato casserole.

After the feast we gathered around the outdoor fireplace for interesting conversation. Because Ken travels around the country speaking for large companies, he always has interesting stories to tell.

Daughter in law Liz was ready for a nap before hitting the local malls for Black Friday shopping with two girls around midnight. The two teenagers are so into current fashion and excited over the anticipated shopping spree. They both love jeans and boots. Granddaughter Olivia is quite interested in becoming a fashion designer.
When I arrived, Prince Will was in his room building a train set. His bedroom looks like a version of Toys-R-Us. When he visits me, he has his own playroom, and he’s into building traps to catch a squirrel.

Before I left for the party yesterday, I raked off his little garden area, and got rid of all the dead flowers he had planted, getting ready for his fall planting next time he comes. He’s interested in so many things, relative to creativity, I sometimes call him Einstein Jr.

I’m very fortunate, despite the fact my family is rather small, there’s never a dull moment, with all the diversified interests and talent. The two girls are talented artists, and were selling paintings when they were seven years old. They are into Jackson Pollack-style oil paintings.

Because part of my belief system is that we were created to be creators, I’m so pleased over the interest in creativity of the next generation. It is encouraged and nurtured by their parents, which is key to the expansion of their knowledge and interests.

I came home happy after a wonderful Thanksgiving, stuffed with turkey, and fell asleep. I’m ready to resume my writing.

Hope everyone experienced as much joy as yours truly did, this wonderful Thanksgiving day!

Quote from Eric Schaub: “The process of Liberation is continuous.”




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