I got up quite early to write an article before my dental appointment.

I was so happy to see my Dashboard comment section working again after being out of order several weeks. Some interesting comments, not the least, was the one from a friend Blogger, stating he likes Anarchy, and implying that it is somewhat interchangeable with the word “Autarky.” But they have two different meanings. The dictionary definition: Anarchy, No Government, and Autarky is self-government, i.e., sovereignty of one’s self.

If one is to understand the meaning of Freedom, it is important to comprehend the difference in the meaning of these two words, because Freedom is self-government and self-control. Freedom is a total concept. To the degree any political government encroaches into Freedom, is the degree of bondage we live under.

In my opinion, Anarchy is a rather misunderstood term. For example, the well-known outlaw of the thirties, John Dillinger, who roamed the country robbing and killing, has been described as an anarchist, when in fact he was acting according to his highest values, controlling his behavior, and set himself up to control others, traveling around waving a gun. He arbitrarily denied others their inalienable Right to govern themselves, by the use of the force of a gun. And so it is with a centralized political government.

It’s my position that the biggest problem we face in this country is the fact the majority of people simply do not understand Freedom. A premise I have maintained throughout the hundreds of articles I have written and posted on the internet. Based upon the conditions we now face and live under, far down the road of a totalitarian system, it appears most do not want the self-responsibility of Freedom, and prefer the nanny State.

We are not living in a period of Anarchy, because it is obvious most do not want “no government;” instead they embrace the basic tenets of a centralized system running their lives and being ordered what to do and not do.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of where the rubber hits the road, and admit to ourselves what we the people have done to wind up in bondage, on a “fiscal cliff” of collapse of the Principles upon which this once great nation embraced.

For me personally, the subject brings into mind “pecking order.” All living creatures have a pecking order. If you have spent anytime on a farm, and observed chickens and cows, one can observe how they move in a pecking order, and how they change their pecking order as they move freely around feeding themselves.

So it is with us. We switch around in the pecking order of things and vacillate between self-control and abdicating to the control of a centralized political system, writing the script, pulling the curtain and staging. Ordering what to do and not do, confiscating private property (money), then doling back to the people after creaming off the top for themselves, via all the power grab acts centralized government performs every day, until today we in reality do not have Anarchy nor Autarky, but a system of Socialism. A group of lusting power grabbers, running the show.

While we have become a nation standing in line for some centralized government-mandated action, whether it’s standing in line for a job, standing in line for food-stamps, or millions of children standing in line to attend the tax-supported socialistic system, to be indoctrinated in the system of socialism.

And how has this condition been accomplished, without a shot being fired? By the dialectic materialism of the communist manifesto, misunderstanding and mis-use of the language. Neglecting to understand the simple language of Freedom, Socialism, Anarchy and Autarky, and distinguishing between those terms. We have abandoned Sovereignty of ourselves.

The bondage we are now experiencing, has mainly been accomplished by six generations of compulsory school attendance laws, where millions of children everyday are not really educated but indoctrinated into the tenets of socialism. Because the school system itself is socialism.

In essence there is really no such thing as Anarchy, because by the very nature of who we are, we either govern ourselves, or allow another entity to govern us. And the difference is either sovereignty of bondage. It’s not rocket science. Furthermore, we teach others how to treat us. We allow others to dictate the terms of our existence, or we exercise the self-responsibility and self-control required to be free. It’s just that simple.
Here’s a quote from Sir Alex Fraser Tyler: “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been two-hundred years. These nations have progressed through this sequence. From bondage to Spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage. From courage to liberty. From liberty to abundance. From abundance to selfishness. From selfishness to complacency. From complacency to apathy. From apathy to dependence. From dependency back again into bondage.”



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  1. I see your point. Here is a little deeper explanation of mine.

    When I control my own actions I don’t consider it being “governed”- because it is voluntary. I realize that is probably a distinction that few would see.

    To me, government is always involuntary, or coercive. It is imposed from outside oneself. When I control myself, I may really want to do what I am stopping myself from doing, but it is still voluntary or I wouldn’t permit myself to stop myself. On the other hand, if I really want to do something that some government stops me from doing, they could actually physically prevent me from doing it- even to the point of killing me if I resist. That is the essence of government.

    Which is why, when I control my own behavior, I don’t say I am governing myself. So, for me, anarchy and autarchy are interchangeable. I control myself because it is more important than doing the things that I think I want to do, but which I won’t let myself do.

  2. Freedom Lady says:

    Hi Kent, Thank you for taking the time to comment on this subject. I have responded to your opinions in articles 3 & 4 on the subject of Anarchy and Autarky. Inasmuch as Anarchy means no government and autarkymeans self-government, its an interesting subject. Particularly, at this time when political government has so eroded and over-taken ones Right to self-govern in freedom.It is a subject all Freedom loving people should be interested in. But hardly a ripple of interest in the subject.A barometer of just how far wrapped in bondage citizens of this country are.