Throughout my writings, I have maintained the root problem we have here in the United States, which has landed us in a state of bondage, is an absence of understanding of Freedom. The average person simply does not grasp its real meaning. Today, living in so much bondage and political government control, we must return to a basic understanding of the meaning of freedom.

I personally accept the meaning of Freedom as “self-responsibility and self-control,” no more and no less than just that. On a broader scale, just about everything in our lives on a daily basis deals with whether or not we as individuals are making decisions, or something or someone outside ourselves, is in charge and in control, and we have become like robots, living in a country that is now Socialistic.

Tomorrow night we will be listening to the second debate between President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney. They will be presenting two fundamentally opposing views for the future of this nation.

President Obama, who has no background nor experience in the free enterprise, capitalistic system upon which this nation was built, and Mitt Romney, who has an impressive résumé, becoming quite successful operating the capitalistic system. He understands what went wrong, that landed us in the ditch, and has a clear-cut vision of what he can and will do to, to turn things around for the better in this country.

We must face the fact that we the people have brought all these undesirable conditions of bondage upon ourselves, by abandoning Personal Freedom, and private property ownership, by abandoning the responsibility required to sustain those things. Like sheep to slaughter, without a shot being fired, we the people turned our responsibility for decision-making over to others in control in the political system, and those in charge have done what all dictatorial regimes have done throughout history of man-kind, by enslaving the masses, taking their property, resulting in doles and controls, a state of bondage, no longer a free people.

The latest revelation in the scheme of things is all the hype about how those in charge in Washington, have so blatantly lied to we the people. Inasmuch as their control has been accomplished by a system of thievery, why is it such a surprise they have been lying through their teeth all along. Those who operate the system of thievery which controls the American people, can hardly be expected to speak the truth, because stealing and lying are two peas in the same pod.

An interesting phenomenon taking place currently in the last few weeks of this election cycle. We have been listening to political campaign speeches, continually since last election, but it seems it is only the four scheduled debates which have cracked the bubble of lies and deceit wide open, beginning with the first debate between Romney and Obama, when Obama became so tongue-tied he was unable or unwilling to rise up and respond to the challenges presented to him.

Then the second debate was between Joe Biden the VP and Paul Ryan the Republican candidate for VP, which was more like a three act Broadway comedy than a serious discussion, about the problems we face in this country. VP Joe Biden laughed, giggled and grinned like a Cheshire cat throughout the hour and a half, very strange so-called debate. Seemed to be totally out of touch with the reality of what’s taking place in Washington and this country.

It is now less than three weeks before the Presidential election, and the second debate between Romney and Obama is tomorrow night. What is taking place, is a rare opportunity for the American people to witness first hand, sitting in their living rooms, the facts and non-fiction, about the reality of conditions as they currently exist.

An opportunity to exercise the limited degree of Freedom individuals still have, by deciding upon the best course of action to take to restore this country back to the Principles upon which it was founded. Specifically individual freedom and Private property ownership, living in a country of unhampered free trade under the capitalistic free-enterprise system, in which this country thrived upon its first years of existence.

It is obvious the window of opportunity is a very short one. No time for dilly-dallying around. The onus of action is upon the American people, to act in a responsible manner, and rid ourselves of socialism, and a return to the American way of life, that furnished the greatest good for the greatest number in the history of mankind.

Freedom is a responsibility, and we are not entitled to squander it. We owe it to the next generation, to pass on that which we inherited as a free gift. And if you are one of those who still does not understand the meaning of Freedom, you are overdue to take the time to understand its meaning, today.

Here’s a quote from Ayn Rand: “The moral justification of capitalism is man’s right to exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others, nor sacrificing others to himself, it is the recognition that man – every man – is an end in himself, not a means to the ends of others, not a sacrificial animal serving anyone’s needs.”




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