No doubt everyone is familiar with the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, but as a reminder, it’s a tale about a kingdom quite obsessed over an event that everyone was required to see. It was about the Emperor’s parade to show off his new wardrobe to all his subjects. When the day arrived all in the kingdom lined the streets and oohed and aahed, about the Emperor’s wardrobe as he passed along the parade route, when suddenly, a little boy stuck his head out of the crowed and yelled, “He’s naked.”

The moral to the story is to emphasize the degree of propagandized indoctrination perpetrated upon a society of people, to the degree they fail to recognize the naked truth before their very eyes, and like sheep to slaughter verbalize platitudes about a new wardrobe, as the emperor passes before them, buck naked.

In the first Presidential debate, Candidate Mitt Romney laid out several clear cut plans of just what he would do to turn this nation around from the destructive road of socialism, back to the principles of the free enterprise system and personal Freedom of the founding fathers. As he did so President Obama acted with indifference and seemed not to be listening. He showed little response until the next day, loudly proclaiming in campaign speeches a portrayal of Romney as a liar.

I suspect in the next debate, very shortly, President Obama will present a new wardrobe of ideas and flowery promises, of just how he can fix the problems he has caused, if the people will just vote him in for four more years. The majority of people have been so indoctrinated into listening and believing all his rhetoric and flowery promises, about change and transformation, they simply cannot come to terms with the naked truth, and that is that President Obama has dismantled so much of the foundational principles upon which this country thrived, and provided the greatest good for the greatest number for a period of time in our history.
Time is of the essence, and the window of opportunity to effect a change on a national level is very near. There is no shortage of information availabe for anyone with onee ye and half-sense to recognize the transformation which has taken place in this country. We are living in a era of Socialism, and past due to overthrow and rebuild based upon the principles of private property ownership and personal freedom, operating in a capitalistic, free-enterprising system. Those principles as out-lined in the documents of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution, set forth by our founding fathers.

We are all in this boat together, and it is the responsibility of each one of the 300 million-plus citizens of this nation, to wake up, stand up, and do what is necessary to re-claim our Freedom. Start by refusing to participate in the system of thievery so pervasive currently, because of all the flocking to the the government trough, for everything from food stamps to rent checks, extracted from your hard-working next door neighbor.
If you are asking yourself, what can I do? I suggest you change the question and ask yourself, what is it you want to do? Obviously all we have been doing to this juncture, has brought us to this brink of disaster.

French historian, Alexis de Tocqueville stated it this way: “A man’s admiration for absolute government is proportionate to the contempt he feels for those around him.”

Let Freedom Ring

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  1. I refuse to participate in the system of thievery, and people look at me as though I am an idiot (and maybe a little bad) for not taking advantage of “free stuff”. I just tell them I can’t do it with a clear conscience, even if I was sure to “qualify”. I know the difference between right and wrong (even if I sometimes have fallen short).