Since before year 2007, we have listened endlessly to all the rhetoric of Barack Obama. What he says and does seems to be everywhere. He campaigns continually, bouncing from city to city, state to state, from one fund raising to another, on taxpayer money on Air Force One.

As an American, who loves this country and all the principles which it represents in our founding documents, I, like many others, really want to feel pride in what the President says and does, and represents. However, I must say Barack Obama has been a continual disappointment. And in my opinion does not represent the values and founding Principles upon which this nation was founded.

Here we are near the four year term end of Barack Obama as President of the United States. He has accomplished the transformation of this country he promised in his last campaign. It’s as though a wrecking bar has been used to dismantle so much of what this nation previously represented.

I’m going to go back four years ago for a moment, and remind my regular readers of all I have written about in over 700 articles, still posted on the internet for anyone to read. I have maintained all along that something was very wrong in Obama’s rhetoric four years ago when he kept talking about changing America but never explained what he meant and no one asked. And I never heard him use the word “Freedom” in his many campaign speeches of the last election.

Fast forward four years later, when Barack Obama stands before the American people on national television to debate the issues with the Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. All he does is address his “sweetie” on their twentieth wedding anniversary. Then he hung his head, stared into space, and acted completely dumbfounded. From all the pundits and response since the fall-out of the debate, the majority were stunned at the inability of the President of the United States to rise to the occasion, and present any rational response to explain or defend his actions of the past four years.

His performance has left the liberals, socialists, communists, Marxists and screwed up pundits in such disarray, that the tingle up their leg they bragged about, which Obama gave them in the beginning, has turned into a pain in the rear, as he tries to defend all his failed policies, and justify what happened to cause this once great nation, to wind up in the shambles out-pictured today.

If you are one of those individuals, with enough interest and awareness relative to life in these United States today, are you asking yourself, what can I do? It’s just a few more days until the National election, which probably won’t change very much relative to the direction we are headed today. A change of direction must come from the hearts and minds of the American people. The choice is clear-cut, either you take responsibility for your life and decisions, or you remain in this fog of false expectations, believing others should take care of you.

Despite the fact Barack Obama had so little to say at the televised debates, here’s something he has been saying, you should take heed: He has told us repeatedly the one thing he has learned is “Washington cannot be changed from the inside,” but must “come from the outside and he needs the American people to accomplish that.”

This coming from a President who had the conquering power of the US Congress in the palm of his hand, and ramrodded all his Socialist agenda programs through, the first two years in office.

Now he wants you, the gullible American public to believe he did not change Washington from the inside, projecting some kind of two-bit psychology upon theAmerican people, by trying to convince you, he needs your help to change things.

The day after the National debate, Obama was back on the campaign trail, yelling and flailing to the crowds, how Romney lied during the debates. Face to face with Romney he seemed tongue-tied, but seemed to have no problem with a sort of bullying, cowardly approach the next day away from his opponent, with name-calling and accusations.

Because politics is more about the deception of perception, rather than truth and reality, as things stand today, just weeks before the election, the polls show Obama ahead to be re-elected.

As Bette Davis said: “It’s going to be a bumpy night.”




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