I sure remember President Obama when he selected Joe Biden as his vp, saying, “No one messes with Joe.” But Joe messes around with everything and everyone, and last night during an hour and a half of boring yakkity yak, Joe Biden showed how his finger is in every political pie, and presented evidence of the major role he has played, and his contributions to the screwed-up mess this country is in.

I went to bed early last nite after turning TV off before the VP debate. About 15 minutes, I jumped out of bed, turned the TV back on and watched the entire show. It is difficult for me to label it as a debate, I thought it a rather strange format. At times it was like watching a cartoon, other times watching two grown men groping and grappling with issues, poking fun, trying to score points in a yo-yo, up and down, in and out attempt to cover everything from A to Zizzard, domestically and internationally.

Joe Biden came across as a smirking smart-aleck, condescending and very rude. This VP is a political pro. He’s been in Washington so long, operating the system, he’s like a permanent fixture. For someone who has been in politics all his life, as a US Senator, prominent member of Council on Foreign Relations, and now with all the perks as Vice President, he came across last night as someone so confused and inarticulate, relative to the issues, it was a downright cartoonish performance.

The Republican VP Candidate, Paul Ryan, did the best he could, being continually interrupted, to convey to the American people the vision of he and Romney for the necessary changes to return this country back to some degree of sanity, and return to the principles upon which it was founded. However, in my opinion, nothing constructive was accomplished via either side last night. I think the fiasco was a disaster, and time for the American people to get off their apathetic lifestyle, jump up and down, and start yelling this crew in power in Washington must go! We’re in a ditch, and still digging.

The appearance of ignorance from Biden, as he launched into a dissertation about Iran, was very scary. It is obvious the focus of this up-coming election should be on getting rid of the current regime in power, and not be concerned with replacement. After all, what does one replace cancer with? And the results of the decisions of this political regime have eaten away at all the wonderful Principles this nation was built upon. Internally this country is an economic disaster, and internationally, we have lost credibility, and power to lead, and sustain protection of these United States.

I hope the American people viewed last night’s so-called debate for what it was, and realize it solved nothing, and was more like some kind of cartoonish joke than anything else. And hope that the media does not stoop to air time discussing who won what. There were no winners last night. Actually it was a presentation that revealed the depths of just how badly we are all losers, in this political ping-pong game, operated by those so liberal and far left, they simply can’t see the woods for the trees.

Dear hearts and gentle people, wake up, speak up, stand up, and realize while no one “messes with Joe,” it’s time he and the Obama regime were stopped and prevented from messing around with everyone and everything in this country and internationally. While advertising their mantra of “forward,” which is more of the same.

Actually, we are living in an era of “messing around.” That so-called debate last night was the epitome of this era of messing around. No clearcut direction, no commitment to change direction, no solutions to the dilemma we face; just messing around, while conditions go from bad to worse. Misrepresentation of the reality of what’s happening, is the theme of the day.

Joe Biden, as one of the major executive players in the scheme of things, had the stage to offer hope and solutions to the American people. Instead, he came across with snide mockery and garbled rhetoric, with a thumbing his nose very disturbing attitude. Muddled explanations, absent rationale or making sense.

If after watching the hour and a half word game between Biden and Ryan last night, the American people still are not convinced it’s time to get rid of those now in power in Washington, and time to switch gears, I don’t know what it will take to wake the people up to reality.

No question about it, definitely an hour and a half of real time “messing around” politics. I read one article this morning referring to the debacle as”The braying Biblical Donkey.”



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