I read an interesting article this morning, on the Libertarian Blog site, posted under Militant Libertarian, by Mike Adams of natural news, titled “Everything is Rigged -Health, Politics, Finance and More, But Here’s How to Beat the System.”

The article points out how everything is intentionally engineered to keep you unhealthy, uninformed, financially strapped, emotionally upset, robot-like and unthinking. How many out there have stopped to ask why this is? There’s a definite reason for all of it, and nothing happenstance about the conditions we find ourselves in, here towards the end of the year 2012.

It is all part of the intentions of some to enslave and rule over others, which has been going on throughout civilization. It just so happens this nation was founded upon the principles of individual Freedom, in opposition to the lust for power some have over others. However, we were informed by the founding fathers that “Freedom” requires eternal vigilance, and we failed to do that. And as a result we have wound up in this rigged system, unable to extricate ourselves from it. Listening to “Lies, more lies and damned lies,” living in an era of illusion, while those at the helm currently of the rigging process, keep spinning more lies to counter their original ones.

However, never has the delusion of illusion been more exposed than in the past few weeks as a result of the presidential election and all the speeches, interviews, debates, information and mis-information, flooding the airways 24-7.

Its as if some unseen hand has opened the can of worms of rigged mis-information, and laid it all out there for everyone to hear and see. Which presents an opportunity to the American people to wake up, stand up, speak up and reject the status quo of the rigged system. Time to throw the bums out of power, at the top of the inverted pyramid.

The latest buzz in the news cycle is the Vice Presidential debate between VP Joe Biden and VP candidate Paul Ryan. Joe Biden has been around in politics for forty years and a fixture in Washington politics.

Most everyone understands that taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property. And is extracted from producers to re-distribute to non-producers. In other words, it’s a system of thievery and stealing, collected via a gun or threat of a gun. Taken from the rightful owner, without his consent, to fork over to someone else.

Having said that, it is self-evident VP Joe Biden has spent most of his adult life living at the trough of political government-stolen property, funding his lifestyle as a government employee. Obviously has no experience in the free-enterprise capitalistic system of voluntary exchange of goods and services, which this nation was built upon. In other words, Joe Biden has lived the good life of being a part of the problem, which has resulted in the conditions we face today.

Therefore, it is ludicrous to expect him to stand before the American people and debate a position for free-enterprise, to create jobs, and jump-start the economy out of the ditch we’re in. So what does he do before the camera? He laughs and jokes, squirms and interrupts, is rude and condescending, with an attitude of mockery. Very unpleasant to watch, but so very revealing. Seemingly without any remorse or compunction for the role he has played as a Washington power-broker, lo these many years, and his contribution to the dilemma this country now faces. Assumes no responsibility for anything, but has the gall to stand before the American people, seeking another four years of his shenanigans, to further shackle the American people with additional Rigging.

Joe Biden can stand before the American people and laugh, and joke, and mock and interrupt, with no shame for the role he has played in American politics the past forty years.Because he is so arrogant, and power hungry, he feels above the fray, because he assumes no accountability for the role he has played.

Be sure and read the article posted by militant Libertarian, Aaron Turpen, titled “Everything is Rigged.”

Ayn Rand says, “There are fundamentally only two causes of the progress of the nineteenth century, the first is Reason and the second is Freedom. And when I say “Freedom,” I do not mean poetic sloppiness, such as “freedom from want” or “freedom from fear” or “freedom from the necessity of earning a living.” I mean “Freedom from compulsion – freedom from rule by physical force,” which means political Freedom.



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