Quite a controversy going on between Chick-fil-A restaurants and proponents of so-called gay rights. The underlying dispute goes much deeper than the reported surface differences.

As I understand it, Chick-fil-A, a chain of restaurants, is under fire for its documented support of an anti-gay organization, and made a rather large contribution to the organization. Apparently, there was a published report in “Equality Matters” releasing an analysis of Chick-fil-A charitable work, and found the fast-food company had donated almost two million to an anti-gay group.

Chick-fil-A is a Christian family-owned chain of restaurants based in Atlanta, Georgia. I live in Gainesville, Georgia, just north of Atlanta, a town that has been touted as the Chicken Capital of the world. A town where thousands are employed in the chicken industry, and there are two Chick-fil-A restaurants in town.

I go there regularly, because they serve wonderful chicken nuggets and sandwiches. The service is fast by very pleasant employees, the food is tasty and prices reasonable.They have playroom facilities for children, and it’s a very family oriented, Christian-based operation. Operating a successful business in the free-enterprising, capitalistic system this nation was founded upon.

They are closed on Sunday, and make no bones about their stance in favor of family-oriented Christian values, headed by one woman and one man way of life in marriage, shared by many, including yours truly.

However, in the past several months, this value system, based upon the Principles of traditional marriage, has come under fire from a number of directions, particularly since the President of the United States announced he supported same-sex marriage.

Therefore a war of ideas has erupted between traditionalists and proponents of same-sex marriage, from those screaming “Equality.” When in essence the battle has nothing to do with equality, that’s just the buzz word in the propaganda role of those out to destroy the fundamental Principles upon which this nation was founded, and below-the-belt issues are just one of planks in the toolbox of those who support Socialism, by the liberal-leftists, out to “transform America.”

And all the publicity about the controversy between Chick-fil-A and those who oppose their stance is really a good thing, because it brings to attention the underlying issues we face, which have been brewing for sometime, now to the point this nation and the Principles upon which it was founded and thrived for a time are on the verge of collapse. In essence the latest in a wake-up call to everyone, to stand up, speak up, and take action against the assault upon personal Freedom and Private Property ownership, and the Free-enterprise capitalistic system this nation was founded upon.Yesterday, August 1st, was designated as a support time for the Principles and values which the Chick-fil-A company stands for. An idea proposed by Governor Mike Huckabee several days ago, it has gathered momentum, and crowds are flocking to the restaurant, to show support.

That which started out as a rift in ideas, specifically, those who believe in traditional marriage, and seek to sustain it as the core of the family unit, and those who support same-sex marriage, i.e., two men or two women marrying each other, has erupted into much more than that, and covers the gamut of the fundamental principles upon which this nation was founded. Taking into account civil law and religious beliefs of millions of Americans.

In this connection, the paradigm for traditional marriage was the accepted social order, to procreate the species, and raise offspring as a family unit with a mother and a father. Admittedly, same sex marriages can and do rear children, but the problem is they can’t procreate, and this threatens the species.

Aside from that, the current upheaval and debate incorporates a myriad of issues, including an attack upon the free-enterprise, capitalistic system which is the foundational expression of personal Freedom and Private property ownership. And a system of economics which provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilized man.

In the War of Ideas which has been on-going for sometime in this country, the controversy now in full swing between Chick-fil-A restaurants, who operate a free-enterprising business, with core fundamental family values, and the opposition, out to destroy this American way of life, as specified in the documents of our founding fathers, is under attack. And has been for quite sometime. Out-picturing the idea and aim to “transform America” from a nation of personal Freedom, and private property ownership, established in its formation, to an entirely different system, of Socialism.

Already we are far down the road of change over to a socialistic system, This current controversy has hit a note with millions of Americans, as a wake-up call like nothing before. Because it’s an assault on several fronts at one time. A blow at our free-enterprise system, family values, and religious beliefs, all rolled into one. And the first meaningful uprising of resistance to the transformation of America.

Lines are being drawn between those who wish to preserve our former way of life, relative to business, religious, and political issues, and those who have spent their energies to destroy these fundamental principles and values in the American way of life. And have already made tremendous inroads in this wrecking-bar mentality, of the leftist, liberal, Marxist and communist philosophy.

No one could have predicted the sleeping giant of the Spirit of the American people, would have brought about such resistance over a Chicken-sandwich business. A reminder, it was a rebellion over tea that brought about the Revolution, among ordinary men and women, that sparked the change and rebellion to be free of British rule. Those early settlers, who charged forth with a “Root, hog, or die” drive and mentality, to over throw the yoke of rulership from a British king.

In our current predicament, the of onslaught upon Freedom does not come from some foreign entity, but from an enemy within. Never more glaringly apparent as some politicians, in positions of power in some cities, speaking out to disallow the operation of a free-enterprising business within their jurisdiction, like the Chicago mayor announced when he declared a Chick-fil-A restaurant was unwelcome in Chicago.

Who could have dreamed it would be one lonely business operation with Christian values, selling chicken, would spark such an upheaval of resistance among so many. Sparking a Chick-fil-A day this August First, just 98 days before the upcoming election, where untold numbers are flocking to the restaurant to show their support for the ownership and management practices of this one business operation?

A long overdue stance and support for the Principles and values upon which this once great Nation was founded and thrived upon at one time in our history. Currently in such disarray and dismantling, politicians calling for ways and means to prohibit selling chicken sandwiches. All began when the owner and founder, gave support to an anti-gay organization, in opposition to same-sex marriage. An outcry of resistance, from those in opposition to basic fundamental values, specifically, an individual is not entitled to do as he chooses with his profits from a business he worked to create, according to the tenets of the Free-enterprising system, and the risk one takes to create a successful business, by investment of capital and hard-work, built upon a foundation of Christian principles.

The attack upon this one business, and the manner in which the owners and management decide to spend their profits, is a glaring example of what is happening in this country on many fronts of attack, in this War of Ideas, in full swing. However, this situation has touched the achilles heel of ordinary people, with some resistance to the onslaught of attacks relative to the fundamental Principles this nation was founded upon, like nothing else, and has placed attention upon what has already taken place in this country.

Again I repeat what Lincoln said in his 1865 speech: “The people are the Rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

Let Freedom Ring
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