On this fourth day after the Colorado rampage of a 24-year old mass murderer, the news is still pretty much dominated by all of it. Yesterday James Holmes appeared on television as he sat in a courtroom for his first appearance with his lawyer, and never uttered a word. Looking rather weird in his bushy orange hair, and a sort of wild-eyed appearance, he looked dazed as though he had not slept, and appeared disoriented.

The local police chief, Oates, announced in a televised appearance he was quite angry, after discovering the booby-trapped apartment, which might have killed any policemen upon opening the door, had they not known it was booby-trapped.

So who knows what happened the three days in jail in solitary confinement, with an angry police department in charge. Could the suspect have been sleep-deprived, to cause his dazed appearance? No one knows.

A lot of factual information coming out and on the news, plus a lot of theories from various pundits relating to issues of this case. Still the question “Why” keeps cropping up.

Because this 24-year old young man has spent the greater part of his life in school, I think we must place our attention on schooling to begin to understand why this happened.

In a couple of weeks millions of children will return to the public school system for another nine months of indoctrination into the basic tenets of Socialism. Because the tax-supported system is socialistic, it is more akin to indoctrination than education. It’s reported the annual cost of the system exceeds 100 billion for the fifty states.

With each passing of nine months terms, we hear more and more stories of horror in the schools. Bullying is on the increase, and many students have been beaten and killed in the past as a result of the toleration of bullying. Girls gang up and beat up their classmates, boys fight and injure others. Athletic directors drive young students to such lengths that some keel over and die, from heat exhaustion.

During the school term, there are regular reports of sexual assaults by students on students, and teachers on students.

Bullying is so pervasive, it spills over into social media, to a point some students commit suicide as a result of the assault. Publicized information about fellow students on the internet drives some to kill themselves. On the school bus, on the school grounds and in the classroom, in the next nine month school term we will hear reports of abuse and assaults upon grade-school students.

Those who survive twelve years of indoctrination, and subjection to abuse, either experiencing or observing, those who graduate do so with scarring, mentally, emotionally and physically, in many cases. Some go on to attend government funded college, already pre-conditioned for more of the same in some instances. As noted in some cases such as recent happenings at Penn State University.

The sad and tragic events in schools now-a-days is no recent phenomenon, but goes back years, when I personally experienced the victimization of my own children, and ultimately removed them to homeschool.

Therefore, when we ponder the cause of what’s happening in this nation, on many levels, wondering why, why, why, this and the other resulted in tragedy, we must go backwards and take an honest objective look into what is happening in schools, nationwide. And is not the result of one student, one teacher, one principal; the cause lies in the system itself. And nothing anyone can do to change things within the system, because it is based upon the immorality of thievery. One hundred billion extracted annually from hard-working citizens, via a gun or threat of a gun, to support this system of indoctrination, and bullying.

Education should be a private endeavor, and each parent should be responsible for the education of their children. The so-called public education system should be dismantled and re-organized to be in the free-enterprising system. And could be accomplished, in local communities, inasmuch as it’s headed up via local school boards.

There’s an old Southern saying: “One can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Neither can we expect a moral system of education based upon an immoral system of thievery. Therefore, we can expect more unacceptable behavior from students from time to time who go beserk, and cause havoc and heartache. For some strange reason, most support the current system, then when there’s an outbreak of misbehavior that winds up in killings, many still wonder Why. Unwilling to accept the responsibility of educating their own children, expecting others to do it and pay for it.

Nothing is going to change for the better in this country, until we change the modus operandi of child rearing and child schooling. Each generation will be progressively worse off than the previous one, as out-pictured in the pervasive bullying tactics, taking place today.

The latest is the result of a bully in Colorado, playing out his fantasy of a movie Joker, for attention, notoriety, and fame. A very smart smart-aleck, who carefully orchestrated his game-plan to victimize others in a place where they were all caught so off-guard, none could defend themselves from the rain of bullets. A glaring display of cowardice, from a bully. A hallmark of cowardice, in all bullies. Academically smart, but dumb as dirt, when it comes to any moral stability of common decency, and respect for boundaries of other human beings.

But he did not arrive in this hellish state alone. His entire life spent in classrooms paid for by others, with no capacity for supporting himself, obviously. What he had to sustain himself was provided by others. In his entire life he never produced anything, but had everything handed to him, and so bored with himself, he turned on his benefactors, who gave for his livelihood. He obviously entertained himself by compiling an arsenal of destruction, to bring attention to himself, and recognition for his self-induced smarts.

The Colorado shooter is just an extreme manifestation of what’s taking place in various forms throughout the schools across this nation. And in a couple of weeks, as the new school term resumes, we will read stories of other happenings in the next nine months. Perhaps not to the degree of this lone shooter, but varying degrees of bullying behavior, which changes the lives of victims. And the collateral damage perpetrated on the families of victims.

For those who wish to be informed, I suggest reading the book, “The Twelve-Year Sentence,” edited by William F. Rickenbacker. With a sub-title, “Radical Views of Compulsory Schooling.” Very insightful philosophical issues discussed over compulsory schooling, which will help the reader understand what is taking place in public-tax funded schools today.



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