My decision to write a series of articles on the current news story about the Colorado theater killing spree by a 24 year old college student, was prompted by so many asking Why?

Everyone has an opinion about the event, and a lot of curiosity about the background of the perpetrator, James Holmes. Where did he come from? Who are his parents? What has he been doing in the 24 years of his life? Who are his friends? What’s his educational background? Does he have a criminal record? and etc.

His story dominates the news media, i.e., radio, television, printed news, and social media, like Facebook and Twitter. No doubt this is what he wanted and expected. However he sits isolated in a jail cell, separated from all the news stories about himself.

Two of the latest news stories are about his father, and a report that Holmes was hooked on prescription pain-killer drugs, Vicodin, reportedly dosed up on a pharmaceutical cocktail, just before the shooting spree. And in an altered mental state of unusual thoughts and behavior.

This young man has spent his entire life in school, except for perhaps a small amount of time working in a part-time job. He spent 12 years in grade school, before entering college, earning degrees and in a program for his PHD in Neuro-science, having dropped out a very short time before his spree of violence.

This convinces me the “why” of his decisions and actions, can be found in the system of schooling. In the socialized, tax-supported, compulsory school system of the government funded tax-supported system, which cost tax-payers one-hundred billion-plus annually for the fifty states of compulsory schooling.

Near Atlanta where I live, in the past several months, the news has been dominated by massive fraud in the system, some fired and some sent to jail.

As horrific as the case of James Holmes is, it is far from an isolated case of abusive behavior by students. In the past few years, numerous reports of criminal acts by students perpetrated on each other, resulting in injuries and deaths. Shortly when the next term of schooling resumes, in grade schools and colleges, we will begin hearing stories of more of the same. Because the breeding of young minds, to bully, inflict pain, hurt and kill, lies within the system of compulsory schooling in tax-funded facilities.

Personally in my own life and experience, I’m quite familiar wih the system, having had children in the system in the past, and subjected to abuse, and have related some of those experiences in previous articles, still on the internet on my website. Today, I’m just an observer of the continuing problem everyone is affected by in one way or another. And never cease to be amazed at the apathy and oblivion of parents to the pervasive ongoing problems in the school system.

I recently spoke to a teacher in the system, who expressed concerns about the number of children in school affected by drugs. Mentioned how frequently they lost control, as a result of taking drugs or of being victimized by a parent on drugs while pregnant.

I also know children who are in foster care, having been removed from parents who are drug addicted. Two in particular I know, now six years old, who were removed from parents as infants and were given drugs in their formulas, who experience meltdown, out of control behavior as a result of being born to parents, themselves products of the school system where they got addicted to drugs.

An interesting observation in the behavior of these children is how driven they are to dress up in all sorts of costumes, pretending to be characters they have seen on TV and the movies. Over and beyond the ordinary game-playing of small children to dress up and pretend, with these children it’s a compulsion that is very prevalent in their behavior. It’s a driving force they scream and fall out in the floor, kicking and screaming, to have their way to dress up in character costumes, to mimic other characters they have seen on TV and movies.

Their care-takers accomodate by buying new and different costumes, to satisfy the screaming, out of control child. Then in school or playing with other children, they are hitters and display an attitude of bullying at a very young age. And throw tantrums on a regular basis to have their way.

One child in particular I know and kept from time to time as a baby, now five years old, so out of control and abusive, he has been placed in a special facility that deals with these kinds of problems. A child neglected and abused as a baby, before being removed from his parents. The mother herself a drug user and product of the school system.

In this connection, hearing the news stories about the Colorado shooter, dressing to the hilt in costume gear to mimic a movie character, before going on his rampage, is very telling of something wrong in his background, breeding and schooling, which led to this behavior.

The question is, when are parents and families, going to stop wandering around asking why, and start some common sense thinking and observation, to prevent more of the same from happening? Are they just going to continue shoving the kid out the door to catch a bus before dark, to attend a school system that does not educate but indoctrinates into the tenets of socialism, then return home to watch television and play electronic games, neglected of the attention they require?

It’s not rocket science to know a child requires attention and must be taught respect and boundaries of others. Because in so many they are not taught respect for boundaries of others, at home and in the school system, nor self-control, they are like loose canons, acting out their fantasies by inflicting misery on others. It’s progressive behavior, which continues until something so horrific happens and outside forces step in.

In the case of the Colorado shooter, reports his life has been spent in schools, funded by others, with government grants for all his college schooling. Had an apartment, car, phone, computer and money to buy $20,000 worth of guns and gear, to fulfill his fantasy of a movie character dressed to kill, and armed with the means of fulfilling his fantasy of total control over others, for fame and attention. Obviously never producing anything, but just a taker, of the redistribution of wealth which has financed his life for 24 years. Why are so many still asking why, when obviously he is a product of a socialized school system, which gives and provides the means for the results, out-pictured in his behavior? Nothing reported in his background which provides any information, he has done anything in his life to earn the means for perpetrating the acts he performed.

And the double-whammy, is those who have worked and paid into a system, which supported his behavior, now paying for all the costs incurred as a result of his rampage, including the cost of a trial.

Including the cost of an attorney and food and housing. This bullying taker, continues being a recipient of a socialistic system that breeds such as James Holmes. Stop asking “Why” and face the fact, all working productive people support, accept and pay into a system that breeds the likes of James Holmes.

If one desires change, it must begin with a different system of schooling. A system that’s in the free-enterprising system, whereby parents take control of their children’s education, and pay for it.

From words of Richard Rumbold, a British Colonel, 1685, his final words before he was hanged: “I never could believe that Providence had sent a few men into the world, ready booted and spurred to ride, and millions ready saddled and bridled to be ridden.”

Let Freedom Ring

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