In this fourth and probably last of my article series relative to the Aurora, Colorado mass murder spree by James Holmes. Not a subject I like writing about. However because I so sincerely believe his displayed behavior has its roots in the school system, and because bullying is so pervasive in schools, at grade and college levels, it’s important parents get this, if they are loving, caring and concerned parents, and I think most are.

A couple of days ago we saw the Colorado shooter for the first time on TV, when he appeared in court. He looked so strange, with his bushy orange hair, burgundy jumpsuit, with a wild-eyed expression. But never uttered a word.

Everyone is glad he was captured, incarcerated, and going to be charged. However, in my opinion, I doubt if he will ever stand trial. I think time will pass with him in jail, being observed by psychiatrists and psychologists. Similar to the shooter that shot Congresswoman Gifford a couple of years ago, who has never stood trial, just incarcerated under observation.

Each day more and more information is in the news about the 24-year old young man and his background, the latest being that the suspect sent a chilling note-book to the psychiatrist before the attack. However there is confusion in reports as to how long it was held up in the post office and when it was delivered. According to reports, the note-book is now in the hands of the FBI, and is a chilling account of what the suspect planned on doing before he acted on his plans and carried out his scheme in the Colorado theater, and booby-trapped his apartment, to kill others when they opened the door. According to early news reports, the suspect is portrayed as a very quiet, unassuming loner, whom no one ever suspected of anything.

I for one do not believe all the stories portraying him as if he was a fly on the wall no one ever noticed. I think those in the schools he attended are in denial, and do not wish to be connected with one who commited such heinous crimes.

It’s important we gather and heed as much information as possible about the suspect, especially parents of school children, to be armed with information relative to signs in behavior of their own children and those they associate with in school.

To ignore, with the notion that the behavior of James Holmes is so rare that their children are in no danger and unaffected by something that happened in a Western town, is ignorance and denial, because there are varying degrees of bullying and assaults taking place in most of the schools across this country.

The first role of a parent is to protect their child and secondly to teach the child. Among other things, to teach boundaries and respect for the lives and property of others. It’s my experience raising more than one family of children, most innately know Right from wrong, and acts of aggression on others is a learned behavior. And all children command attention, and will usually have it one way or another, whether positive or negative. This innate natural tendency requires guidance, and nurturing.

I have written this series of articles about the Colorado shooting, in the hopes of bringing attention to parents of school children, the problems and danger their children face in the coming next term of public compulsory schooling.

The background of this young man is well published in the news. Twelve years in grade school with two college degrees, and just dropped out of neuro-science class, for his PHD. And absolutely ludicrous to believe all the reports portraying him as so shy and quiet, no one has ever observed any unusual behavior, during all these years in school.

This denial and refusal to admit or recognize bullying, abusive behavior is prevalent in the school system is a cop-out to relieve one of any responsibility of addressing the problem. Then when it occurs, start asking why. Attention of parents must be placed upon recognition of the problem for prevention. Not turning a blind eye and ear, and hoping nothing happens to their child in school. Because it is predictable in the up-coming next nine months school term, many children will be adversely affected, across this nation.

This shooting suspect, portrayed as a very quiet, shy individual, who never did anything to bring attention to himself, is a bully. His ultimate acts of mass destruction out-picture that portrayal. The amount of planning and cost of his heinous actions, cancel out the notion by some that “He snapped.” He did not just snap, his actions were deliberately, and consciously carefully planned. And all the news reports about no one seeing anything, hearing anything, knowing anything, is hog-wash. No one accomplishes such a feat of destruction as Holmes did without enablers along the way.

Those who are bullies in our society, play all the roles. That is, victimization, provoking, and enabling.

Look for these characteristics of behavior and a pattern. They may be disguised, but they are there in a bullying personality.

There is a battle of bullying going on in the school system, and the great military strategist Sun Tzu said: “All warfare is based upon deception.” And the battle of bullying is no exception. The example of the Colorado shooter is a glaring example of such deception, because according to news reports no one suspected anything. No one suspected he was planning on charging into battle in a crowded theater and start mowing people down.

I hope any parent who has children in school, who read my articles, will stop and consider the possibility of danger their child might encounter enrolled in the school system. And pay attention every day to what your child says and does in school. Question the child about his or her daily activities. Because to and from and in school, your child is under the control of others. And the parent really does not know what takes place unless they question and listen to the child.



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