It seems as though mandatory immunizations are an on-going problem in many states. I read regularly on FB and in the news, stories about the difficulty parents experience with forced shots. Plus the on-going debate as to whether or not immunizations cause certain diseases in children.

I think it was 3 or 4 years ago when I first started posting articles on my website, I wrote several articles on immunizations. Because it is still an on-going problem for many parents, here’s my story again.

In the early seventies, living in the country near Atlanta, Georgia, I enrolled my young son in the local school without an immunization record. There were regular requests for a shot record, along with a demand for a signed document from an organized religion as an exemption, when I failed to present a shot record. I refused to present any such document from an organized church, informing the school it was none of their business.

From first grade through third grade, the school principal kept expelling him, because of my refusal to have shots and refusal to present a statement from an organized religion. As I recall there was a period of around ninety days expulsion, then I would re-enroll. A situation which went on for about three years.

Periodically the truant officer would stop by and warn me I would be arrested for defiance of the compulsory attendance laws. I recall telling him I would not wish to be in his shoes if he tried it.However I knew eventually I would face arrest for defiance of the compulsory laws, despite the fact it was the school system that defied his attendance.

Because I was so familiar with the modus operandi of the socialized tax-supported school system and the way they operated, I spent three years doing research on immunizations, and worked on compiling information to file a lawsuit against the Georgia school system.

When my son was out of school, I spent time homeschooling him, and loved being able to teach him myself. Therefore when they expelled him it was like throwing Brer Rabbit in the briar patch for me. This was in the early seventies when homeschooling was almost unheard of. After three years of this back and forth, re-enrolling and expelling, the truant officer came with his last warning I would be arrested for non-compliance with compulsory school laws.

I had compiled my case, and called the best lawyer I knew in the State of Georgia, Ed Garland, and presented my file to him. He was not at all encouraging, and told me he didn’t think I had much of a case. I told him I wanted to file in Federal Court on the grounds of the unconstitutionality of forced immunizations. He finally agreed and I gave him a retainer and left. I knew I had a good case and felt certain I would win it.

The next thing I did was call local newspapers and they sent reporters to meet me at the courthouse when the case was prepared for filing. I got a lot of publicity in the newspapers, on the radio and television. As the case progressed, one reporter told me my story was newsworthy because one woman, living in the country, was fighting the bureucracy of the system and winning.

On front page news articles, top educators were saying I was crazy for refusing immunizations. My response was, “I might be but my child is not going to have any shots.” When I was asked by the authorities why I was against immunizations, my response was, I was not against immunizations, anyone who wanted them could have them, but I was against the force into my clean healthy child’s body, the poisons of shots, ostensibly to prevent something he may never have.

Back then, smallpox shots were mandatory and I had documentation where several had died from the shots. Secondly, polio shots were mandatory, and it was reported the serum was derived from the pus of an infected rhesus monkey.

While a panel of three federal judges pondered the case, my son was reinstated back in school under a court order. After they ruled in my favor the federal judges ordered the law clerks to change the law in Georgia, and after changing was signed by the Governor, who was Lester Maddox at the time.

My son graduated from high school without ever having any immunizations, and grew up never having any childhood diseases.

And I never signed anything relative to any religious exemption. When my attorney asked me what my religion was, I refused to tell him, informing him if he was asked in court he could truthfully say he did not know.

It is very disturbing as I read about the problems some parents are having with forced immunization laws. It is their responsibility to stand up and resist if they object. It can be time consuming and expensive, but the life and well-being of their children is worth the effort. And they do not have to submit to the coercion of the political laws, which are unconstitutional, demanding ones’ child be immunized.

In my opinion all the controversy over whether or not some immunizations cause life-long health problems, is true. Forced immunizations of the millions of children across this nation is big business for the pharmaceutical companies. All the political backing of such laws is just theatrics, for those who profit from the millions of dollars.

From personal experience, I can inform anyone there are ways and means of preventing ones’ child from being immunized if the parent objects.

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