The cucumber plant in 8 year old Prince William’s garden has taken over much of the space and is climbing the fence, while he’s in Alaska looking for bears, caribou, landing on glaciers and fishing. I mention the cucumber because the past couple months I have craved fresh cucumbers, in my process of dealing with cancer. Now this one vine William planted furnishes me with fresh cucumbers.

I have not written much about health in my articles, but decided to write a bit about my history dealing with cancer. I have been to dozens of doctors, who have been helpful with tests ordered, which give some insight into my bod. However, pretty much what they offer is surgery, drugs and chemo, which I have declined, and am on a do it yourself regimen.

About five years ago after a hysterectomy, lab results came back positive cancerous and the doctor informed me we got it all!

I had previously spent about seven years counseling with cancer patients on a nutrional program of metabolic ecology, and believe cancer is a constitutional disease rooted in every drop of blood in the body and cannot be cut out. And because nature is always working to heal, it selects areas of tumors or other mass, to attempt to encapsulate to heal. If there’s not enough life force energy to dissolve the mass it continues to expand. The seat of the mass in my body is in the ascending colon.

It is further my belief, patients do not die of cancer, but starvation, because cancer cells eat up nutrition. Suddenly back end of January I began losing weight and muscle mass and in six weeks lost forty pounds, and lost my appetite.

The regimen I have been on for past five years, consists of taking massive doses of supplemental vitamins and minerals, enzymes, Laetrile to digest cancer cells, along with doing a number of other things, like fasting, purging, and using a zapper for parasites. Dr. Hulda Clark who wrote the book “The Cure For All Disease” maintains every cancer patient she treated had parasites.

On the Dr. Donald Kelly metabolic ecology, one had access to a technician to monitor and council along with providing tests periodically to check one’s progress or absence of it. He passed away and I had no one to monitor me, but had his book, “One Answer to Cancer.”

It’s a debilitating disease and my energy began decreasing and I became lax following the regimen, and stopped doing some of the things I knew to do. My appetite returned and I just wanted to eat and sleep. I continued taking the vitamins and minerals, but ran out of Laetrile.

For those who might not be familiar with Laetrile, it’s a cyanide derived from apricot seeds, supposed to destroy cancer cells.

I was getting weaker and decided I must try something else. Ordered a new batch of different supplements, and decided to go on the wheat grass regimen. I have a lot of books on cancer therapies and one is by a lady named Edie who cured herself on the wheat grass therapy.

Several years back, living in an apartment, I obtained some wheat seeds, planted in trays, and clipped the wheat grass and juiced it to drink. It has an acidic element that attacks and kills cancer cells which are very toxic. So I began searching for a source of wheat germ juice and found a source for dried packets of fermented wheat germ extract. Within a matter of days of taking it I began feeling better.

Aside from the wheat germ I began taking Immpower supplements, which according to the bottle, maintains peak natural killer cell function plus supports enhanced cytokine production and promotes optional T-cell and Macrophage activity.

I changed vitamins and included taking CoQ10 with selenium and hawthorn, which supports heart health and supports energy production and already in a matter of days I’m feeling better, and feel as though my new and different regimen is already increasing my healing.

I have an appointment with a new oncologist to evaluate the colon mass. Despite the fact I have vehemently opposed surgery, I may reconsider after talking with this new woman doctor.

My recent Petscan and lab work revealed some positive news, no high blood pressure, no high cholestrol, no diabetes, and several normal markers. But low iron. Something about cancer that siphons out one’s iron supply.
Aside from one pill for thyroid, I have taken no other medicines, not even an aspirin, in years. I have changed my eating habits. I was practically addicted to milk and now drink very little. I have never been a junk eater and prepare good meals everyday. I still have low energy, but feel quite positive about the direction and my do-it-yourself regimen, I’m on currently.

The doctors I go to frown upon the route I have taken and the latest one informed me what I was doing was not working. La de da and tut tut, I’ve stayed alive and vertical for past five years and really feel the fermented wheat germ is destroying the cancer cells.

I decided to write this article, in the event there’s anyone among my readers dealing with cancer. There are alternative methods, if one chooses to take responsibility for their health problems instead of depending upon someone else. I suggest doing a lot of reading and research, to be informed about what cancer is.

I personally assumed the position of defeating cancer before it defeated me. It is time consuming, and rather expensive, the route I chose. For example the wheat germ packets cost over $200.00 for 30 packets. But I consider a bargain, because I’m already feeling better.

I’m one who believes all healing comes from a Higher power, but is our responsibility to clean up our bodies as a result of bad habits, which caused the problem.

Prior to the onset of this disease, I had lived a quite healthy life, never had operations aside from dental, never had a broken bone, and did not take any kind of medicine, or drugs. Having led a very active life, getting sick has been a new experience for me. A few months ago I slipped and fell in the bathroom and had a painful slipped disc, but recovered with chiropractic adjustments and massages. Now no pain, just very low energy level. But even that condition is probably the body healing. Because the body actually heals when it’s relaxed.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about the regimen I’m on, you can email me. My email address is at the bottom of each article I write.



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