As I reflect more on the recent Supreme Court ruling Obamacare a tax, I’m beginning to view it as a blessing. And the more I realize the interpretation and ruling was a correct one. Obamacare is a tax and a very large one.

I, like many others hoped prior to the ruling it would be declared unconstitutional. But the Congress does have the power to tax, and they will keep on taxing Freedom and private ownership out of existence, until we are living in a totalitarian State of the bondage of Socialism. In this connection, the worse it gets the better it might be – if there are enough shocking laws coming out of Congress to wake the people up out of their slumber of apathy and unwillingness to assume the responsibility for themselves and the decisions they make.

I’m reminded of the story of Corrie ten Boon, a captive in the Nazi concentration camps, living in filth with little available to survive. The women in the camp constantly complained about the flies they endured from the filthy living conditions, when Corrie ten Boon reminded them to bless the flies, because it was the filth and flies that prevented the SS troops from coming to rape them. She saw the horrors of their living conditions as a blessing in disguise. Ultimately she survived the life in a Nazi concentration camp.

The Declaration of Independence is the greatest document ever devised by man, and the US Constitution is the document of laws which limits political government, re-numerates the power being in the people, and assigns a certain sovereignty to individual States, where individuals can make decisions in their counties and cities. A situation where individuals have the say-so about what they want on local levels to a large degree.

I grew up in the Great Depression years, a time when locals took interest in what was going on in their communities, a time when there was a lot of talk about States’ Rights. Now-a-days, the focus is on what the federal centralized government dictates, and I rarely hear any talk about States’ Rights.

It’s because the Federal government has so exorbitantly over-taxed and controls the money, that the states have become subservient to the centralized government and follows their dictates to be eligible for monetary hand-outs from the Federal powers that be. The states and locals are like a captive audience to follow the dictates of the centralized powers, in order to have the money confiscated by federals, in order to have the money belonging to the people doled out to them, attached with all the policies, edicts, laws and specifications declared by the centralized power.

In this connection, the people are subservient to the dictates of the centralized power and in the process, have lost farming, manufacturing, their jobs and homes and control over their lives to be free and make decisions, unless it’s according to the dictates of the centralized power.

In essence what the Supreme Court said when it declared Obamacare a tax,is that it’s not our job to save the people from the results of their own actions and bad decisions, electing representatives, to render them powerless to act on their own, because they have elected persons to the Congress and Executive branches to take what they want, when they want, in any amount they want, via taxation.

In other words, the Supreme Court only interprets the law, with no power to save us from the bad decisions we have made, which places us in the predicament we are experiencing, on the verge of a collapsing system of our own making. And the powers that be can continue to tax more and more, as they choose. They are telling us we must eat crow, as a result of the actions we the people have taken, to turn individual sovereignty over to the centralized power we elected and allowed to run herd over us. The ruling is actually a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to heed the wake up call, because we the people have lost our stinger, and like puppets on a string, moaning and groaning about what the government has done to us. The centralized government has taken control with doles, because we abandoned self-responsibility and look to them to do everything for us while they do everything to us.

If Obamacare goes through, the bureau of Federal income tax department will be in charge. And once I heard an income tax investigator say we can do anything God does but raise the dead. They assume that awesome power once they control the money via taxes.

Unless we get our backbone and courage out of the ditch and stand up with courage and resolve to re-claim all that rightfully belongs to us, for the sake of liberty and prosperity, we can expect to live in bondage.

Let the immortal words of Daniel Webster ring in your ears: “Hold on to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands….for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the World.”

There is some very meaningful, instructive advice in the ruling by Justice Roberts, to Right the wrong we the people have perpetrated on this once great nation. The window of opportunity to reverse this country back to the Principles upon which it was founded is a very short one. It is now, not waiting to the November election to right the ship.

To put it bluntly, we have prostituted the Principles of a limited Government as outlined in the laws of the Constitution. It’s not news we have elected politicians, who ignore the Constitution, and have taken an a la carte liberty of acting as they darn well please, and thumbing their nose at the people.

The preposterous idea, we have allowed a small group of 535 people in Congress and one president, to order us to buy health insurance or pay a penalty, is beyond the pale of rationale. And yet there’s a large number praising the decision to uphold the constitutionality of that order in the Obamacare bill.

The founding fathers did not make the federal government sovereign over the people. It is the people of today who have allowed the politicians in office to misinterpret and ignore the Constitution, and claim sovereignty over the people. A twisted logic which enhances their power to take and rule.

The Federal Government has no business having power over our schools, health care, business, nor any other aspect of our daily lives. But there’s one thing for sure, those who have taken on this role of power will never voluntarily relinquish it. It is the people of this country who must wake up and face the reality of all which has already taken place, take control of their minds, world and affairs, and return to sanity, by declaring they have had enough, and say to themselves, like Truman said, “The buck stops here.”

And I for one must hand it to Justice Roberts for handing to us the wake-up call he delivered in his ruling. But must admit, when I first heard the ruling, my reaction was oh no, surely he did not make the mistake of not declaring the law unconstitutional. My impulsive reaction was wrong. And now convinced he made the right call. A wake-up call to everyone, if we are to divert the disaster inevitable, unless we change direction now.




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