I woke up around 5 a.m. this morning and turned on the news about the horrific shootings in Colorado, in a movie theater showing the new Batman movie. A number killed and a greater number injured by a young man, dressed up in riot gear with a bullet-proof vest, spraying tear gas into the crowd of movie goers and shooting randomly.

Frequently I listen to television court cases, such as Judge Alex, Judge Joe, Judge Judy and others. They run the gamut of human behavior, a glaring protrayal of how we frequently treat each other. If I could encapsulate the cases, I suggest they are about “taking”. Individuals taking from others in violation of consent of the victim, which usually involves money, and control.

An interesting observation is the fact so many of the cases involve persons on the government dole. Grown healthy men and women drawing disability checks, from tax-payers via government hand-outs. So many females having one baby after another and drawing regular checks from tax-payers to support their lifestyle. Many cases about young students receiving student loans and using the money to buy cars, go on vacations and support a boyfriend or a girlfriend. An amazing number of government funded complaints appearing in court. Which support irresponsible lifestyles in amazing numbers.

Watching these court cases gives a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening in this country. Then at 5 o’clock I frequently watch the Dr. Phil show. Definitely one of my favorite shows, and yesterday was one of the most fascinating reality shows I have ever seen, bar none. His guest was a 17 year old female bully. Never have I seen such a glaring insight into the mind and thinking of a bully as displayed by this young student. Her mother and father appeared with her and she had her parents totally baffled and her father was a policemen. Seemingly with out any fear of anyone, she had no qualms about backing others against the wall, and taking control of every situation. And gloated over her sense of superiority and control she had over others.

Because we are living in an era of pervasive bullying, it would be advantageous to understand more about how and why it is so prevalent among school students, in particular and overall society in general, because we are living under a political government that bullies almost everyone, with a gun or threat of a gun.

Is there a connection between individuals bullying and groupy political bullying? The common denominator of both is control. Both are out of control with a compulsion to control “others.” Both are concerned with power over others. However, political bullying is more concerned with money than the average bully in schools and the work-place, which is more concerned with getting attention, and exercising power, frequently stemming from a feeling of powerlessness in some situations.

As I have mentioned before in other articles, according to most psychiatrists and psychologists, we as human beings have a ” Need” for attention, above and beyond the need for food, clothing and shelter. And some seek their “fifteen minutes of fame” by extreme measures, like killing and injuring others. Frequently plan, plot and snap. Like the Columbine school slaughter several years ago.

Reports are just coming in about another Colorado slaughter in a movie theater, by a young man dressed to the hilt and armed in preparation for his heinous actions, then calmly surrendered to authorities, following his killing spree.

The story dominates the news and no doubt a lot of Monday morning quarter-backing to figure out Why in the coming days. In my opinion, it’s an aggregate of a set of concurrent symptoms, rooted in the syndrome of bullying. A condition currently so pervasive in the public school system, with tax-paid counselors and psychologists, who address the symptoms and not the cause.

This summer I spent some time attending sports games, recitals and programs of young children, and impressed with seemingly loving and caring parents so interested in their children’s happiness and wellbeing. Conversely, there’s a pattern in childrearing now-a-days where the child is lacking in attention, frequently because both parents work, and have little time to attend to the hunger for attention most children crave. Spending much of their time growing up in a world, left to their own devices to obtain attention they all need and desire. I have spent a lot of time raising children in my lifetime, and it is not necessary to be a psychologist nor psychiatrist to know they require a lot of attention, and to know they will get it one way or another, and even negative attention, for many children is preferable to non-attention. Which carries over into adulthood.

In my growing up years and 12 years in grade school, I never recall any incidence of bullying, except one on the school bus. Back then families were held together, and one had grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to rely on for attention. The dismantling of family life in so many instances now-a-days, leaves so many children alone to watch TV, play with electronic gadgets, and their own devices to obtain the attention they require.

“Humpty-Dumpty fell off the wall and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t put Humpty-Dumpty back together again,” describes the situation today, whereby the average child does not receive the attention required to grow up with a healthy attitude, because of the absence of that required attention.

President Obama is speaking to the nation about the federal government standing ready to bring to justice the perpetrator of the slaughter in Aurora, Colorado. Addressing the symptoms and results of the pervasive bullying will not solve the problem, only an understanding of the cause, and addressing that will curtail such behavior. A problem not solvable via a political government, but only through individuals, assuming the responsibility of rearing and educating their own children, and providing the attention they require. By teaching children boundaries and consequences for their actions.

The sad and senseless rampage by a young man in Colorado is another wake-up call to all Americans of the conditions we are faced with today. Whether or not it is clear to us, the accountability for such an act extends much further than the town in Colorado.

The young perpetrator identified as James Holmes, a 24-year old young man, represents the extreme results of bullying in this country. Here in Georgia a current trial is going on after several students killed a young band member by beating him to death in a so-called hazing incident tolerated in some schools.

In this connection, the propensity for such acts lies in the bullying tactics for attention and control, a desire to have it in the absence of it. Never so glaringly revealed as on the program on Dr. Phil yesterday, by a young 17 year-old bully, as she so proudly described her acts of assault upon others, to have her way. Describing her acts of hitting, punching and threats to cut her parents’ throats, as though she was entitled do whatever she pleased to whomever she chose, without remorse or compunction.

In The Political Doctrine of Fascism, Alfredo Rocco writes, “For Liberalism, the individual is the end, individuals the means, and its whole life consists in using individuals as instruments for its social ends.”



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