A story on the news tells about an Arizona pastor arrested and jailed for holding Bible services in his home. His wife says it defies logic.

According to the news story, Michael Salman is sitting in jail after his home was raided by more than a dozen policemen, charged with a crime for holding a Bible study in his home, and sentenced to 60 days in jail, three years probation and received a fine of $12,180.00. According to his wife Suzanne, the City informed her that her husband was arrested because the Bible study was in a private home, and that constitutes a church. Inasmuch as their home is not zoned for a church, he violates the law.

The story appearing on the internet, listed a long list of comments from the irate citizenry. Saying it’s religious discrimination, violates Constitutional Rights of assembly, prohibits religious worship in one’s home, violates Freedom of Religion, Speech and Assembly and etc.

The local city officials maintain the pastor violated zoning laws, which seems to suggest locals can implement local laws which violate one’s Constitutional Rights, on several levels.

The thing about the story which leaped out at me is the wife saying it defies logic. My question is, defies who’s logic? It does not defy the logic of the leftist Liberal Socialists who support both brands of Fascism and Communism. It does not defy the game plan and intention of the powers that be, who have worked unceasingly since the Roosevelt regime of the thirties to destroy the Principles upon which this nation was founded. It does not defy the Promise of the present regime to “transform America.” It does not defy the basic tenets of the Karl Marx Communist Manifesto.

I suggest that the locals who voted into law, zoning rules to control the property Rights of others, defied logic by supporting the notion they have a Right to dictate to others relative to their ownership of property. Ownership of Property Rights is a total concept. When individuals across this country vote into law rules, regulations , policies and edicts, restrictions on the property of others, therein lies an absence of logic. And therein lies an absence of the meaning of Freedom, Personal property Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. And places in motion the notion one has a right and a claim on property which does not belong to them. No, they do not have that Right, but exercise power through political acts of political government to “do unto others.”

Then the citizenry reacts with pious do-goodism, and starts yelping about Constitutional Rights, when it is the people themselves who have voted into law these rules of bondage for “Others.” When it is individuals themselves who have set up this system of socialism, in defiance of the laws of this once Republic form of government, crying Where’s the logic. After tethering themselves to an organized political power designed to take, rule, and control others. With a predictable end result as reported in the news story about the jailed pastor.

There is logic to all that’s taking place across this nation and the 300 million-plus citizens, and that is the results of our actions for the past 80 years are predictable, as out-pictured in the current situation, i.e., the verge of collapse of this once great nation, the loss of personal freedom and individual property Rights. We are on a fast track direction to a totalitarian state of bondage and nothing meaningful is happening to change that direction.

However, it could be changed, if the American people awakened today to the cause of it and assume self-responsibility and self control, and get off the backs of others. But the window of opportunity is short indeed. And we can’t wait til the next election to switch gears and change our direction and manner of thinking. It must be done in the hearts and minds of individuals, not groups and politicians today.

There’s a story which made the rounds sometime back about a man caught in his flooded home. He ignored the news about the impending storm. The rains came and flooded his home and the fire department and police came to rescue him and he refused to go. As the waters rose, rescuers came in a boat to take him out of the rising waters and he refused to go. When the waters rose to the top of his home, a helicoptor was sent to rescue him and he refuse to go, and he drowned. The story goes he asked God why he was allowed to drown? God’s response was, I sent someone after you three times and you refused to be rescued.

In connection to this analogy, we, the people, have access to plenty of information relative to the sinking ship of this Republic, drowning in the bondage of Socialism, and the majority still believing we can vote ourselves out of the dilemma we voted ourselves into, and it ain’t working. We are drowning in socialism.

Our only hope is in the hearts and minds of the American people to wake up and take responsibility and control of their lives, by refusing the nanny state of food stamps, getting off government doles and controls, educating your own children, getting off the backs of your neighbor, and stop blaming others for all the illogical thinking and decisions you make. Take back control of your own life by assuming the responsibility for it. And disallowing others to make decisions for your life. Recognize we are all in the ditch and should stop diggin’.

The sad absurdity of the story of the jailed pastor in Arizona, has a very loud message to the American people in it and epitomizes the extent of just how extensive the bondage is already. And the many responses to the actions of the city zoning officials, and the results of incarceration, deal with the effects and not the cause, relative to how the people think and view it.

Again I quote Lincoln who said in a speech Feb 12, 1865: “The people are the rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Cobnstutition.”


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  1. “Laws” are usually wrong anymore.

    In the facebook comments to my most recent newspaper column, a commenter said:

    “I don’t know what you did to lose your freedom and hate authority so much but my family and friends are free to do as they choose. If someone breaks the law, they should have their freedom taken away.”

    To which I respond:

    “So if it became illegal to go to a doctor, and someone did to save their child’s life, you would support sending that parent to jail for breaking the “law”. That is monstrous!
    I don’t ‘hate authority’; I hate false ‘authority’, and more than that I love liberty. The two can not abide together. But, go ahead, ‘crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!’”

    I could just have easily used the example of this pastor. He violated a “law”. Nevermind that it was a counterfeit “law” based on nothing more than some stupid bureaucrat’s power-trip and enforced by evil LEOs. Would the moron who commented on my column have supported the “arrest” of the pastor? I doubt it. He would have sniveled and lied his way out of supporting the kidnapping of this man, this time. It’s just how statists operate.