A news item covered extensively this week, is the story about a lady who rides the school bus everyday as a school bus monitor. Pictures reveal an overweight lady, reported to be in her sixties, who rides the school bus as a monitor and draws a salary of around fifteen-thousand dollars.

Reports are, she was taunted and harrassed by several school children bullies. The incident was recorded on video and went viral. One can hear the derogatory remarks, accusations, and taunting by several students on the bus, while the lady sat idly by, cried and said,”Why don’t you say nice things?” This non-defensive attitude fed fuel into the bullying children, and they had a bullying picnic, a feeding frenzy, of continued expressions of all sorts of ugly, mean-spirited verbal abuse, and verbal assault on the tax-paid school bus monitor.

Because the incident was video-taped, it got into the news and social media, a lot of attention given to the incident. One individual in Canada sent money to the lady, and others followed suit. It’s reported thousands of dollars sent to the so-called “victim” whose response was a whimpering remark, stating she did not want to take any action against the disorderly conduct. Reports are she was afraid she would lose her job. Also reports are the school bus driver did nothing to intervene in the verbal assaults by several children, reported to be 12 and 14 years old.

I personally had never heard of a school bus “monitor,” who rides the route every day, drawing a tax-paid salary. I wondered what her job description is.

In all the news coverage I’ve listened to, without exception there is empathy and sympathy for the monitor as being victimized. And many seeking ways to reward her, for sitting there crying and doing nothing, and rewarding her for failure to take any action, in defense of a group of bullying children.

If her job is not to promote law and order among the school students for safety of everyone on the bus, then what is it? And if such is the case, why is she not being charged with dereliction of her duty, to promote the safety of all the bus riders? Her response to her absence of any action to squelch the threatening bullying, was that she was afraid of losing her job.

This is an incident that speaks volumes about all that is taking place in the school system in general and about the sense of what’s Right and Wrong in the population in general.

In my opinion, this lady should have been brought before the school board, reprimanded for her absence of proper action, in a rather volatile situation, on a bus load of children, fined and fired. Then these children, acting in a threatening manner, should have been taken into court and charged with disorderly conduct, and dis-allowed to ride the school bus again.

What is happening in this Country, when we just turn the other cheek, refuse to hold perpetrators of bad behavior accountable, with no boundaries and no consequences? An appalling situation, when we support the action and non-action of an adult tax-paid employee, hired to monitor behavior of children riding on a tax-paid school bus. Not only that, reward her for dereliction of duty!!!

The tax-paid school bus driver should have stopped the bus and taken action to stop the heated threatening bullying of students, but he did nothing. Why is it he was not held accountable for his in-action, in a threatening volatile up-rising on a crowded bus of school children?

This incidence is the most glaring example of what’s taking place across this nation. When did we cross the line that supports behavior which crosses the boundaries of safety and common decency of others, by children, with no consequences. Not only no consequenes, but acts of rewarding bad behavior. Not only was the lady school bus monitor not held accountable for her dereliction of duty to keep the peace on the school bus, but rewarded for the absence of it.

A child knows the difference in Right and Wrong. Where in the course of events, in the history of this nation, did we turn the corner of sanctioning threatening bad behavior, on a tax-supported school bus of children? This incident was well covered by national news, and the result is support for the behavior for the lady monitor, accompanied by rewards and no consequences for the children perpetrators for their bullying tactics. Something is very wrong with this well-covered news story.

The mis-behavior and bullying tactics, so pervasive currently, is well covered in the news, and some television programs are devoted to the exposing of the results of bullying, which often result in injury and death of young children. And it is just such incidents as this one, which not only sanction the bad behavior but reward it.

I recall an incident, when I was in school, riding home on the school bus as a junior, when a senior student was bullying and attacking, and I came home crying. The next day my mother met the bus, pulled the perpetrator off the bus, and confronted her. The next day reported to the school authorities and she was expelled permanently. And no one ever bullied me again.

When there are no boundaries and no consequences for bad behavior, it simply continues, and frequently escalates into worse life-threatening behavior. We frequently hear stories of children committing suicide as a result of bullying. Why is it parents and school authorities continue to sanction, and tolerate such behavior, as out-pictured in this story? Where does the blame lie if not with parents, who are supposed to protect their children?

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