My first article about the 68-year old school bus monitor, Karen Klein, was posted Saturday, titled “The School Bus Lady and the School Bus Bullies.”

The news continues in favor of the position of Ms. Klein. I woke up early and heard a re-play of Bill O’Reilly’s show, The Factor, listing her as a patriot, and mentioned contributions to her were already around a half-million dollars.

My disagreement with the consensus of opinion must make me sound like the little boy in the Emperor’s Clothing story, when everyone was oohing and aahing over the Emperor’s wardrobe, the little boy yelled out, “He’s naked.”

This story about the tax-paid school monitor who sat idly crying while 12 year old boys taunted and bullied her, is an important story, because it out-pictures the tempo of the majority of Americans. It speaks to who the majority are, what the values are, the acceptance of violations of Principles, and a mixed bag of emotional reactions to wrong-doing, and tells the story of where we are in this Nation. It speaks loud and clear, as to the reasons of where we are, specifically on the verge of collapse of a once great Nation, founded upon the Principles outlined by our founding fathers.

On the hundreds of articles I have posted on my website, many have been about the tax-supported public school system, and my position that the direction down the road of Socialism will not change until we dismantle the current school system, and re-vamp into a private enterprise system of education, to replace the socialistic system of indoctrination.

In a nutshell, tax-payers are charged fifteen-thousand dollars a month for a grandma to ride the school route as a monitor, but does nothing, apparently, but sit there occupying a seat on the school bus, afraid to do anything out of fear of losing her job. And what is her job, if it’s not to keep law and order on a bus load of kids to protect them from harm? When school boy bullies were ranting and raving at her calling her names, and taunting, she just sat and cried and said, Why don’t you speak nice things?

She should have notified the driver to stop the bus and deal with the ranting and raving bullies, but did nothing, which was dereliction of her duty to maintain law and order for the safety of the other children. A video camera was rolling and recorded the behavior of the bullies and her absence of any action, because she was afraid of losing her job.

While on a regular basis we read news reports of children beaten, maimed and some killed as a result of bullying. Some victims of bullying abuse commit suicide, and yet here we are, sending thousands of dollars to a paid government employee, as a reward for her absence of any action to stop the onslaught of the bullying boys.

The lady monitor refused to take any action to stop the onslaught of bullying, made no attempt to hold them accountable, and later said she did not wish them to be punished. Subsequently, a ground swell of monetary rewards for her, and her absence to confront and stop the bullying behavior. All the children on that bus were threatened by the verbal assaults of the bullying boys. But the driver and the monitor did nothing.

Millions of children in this country are forced to attend the tax-supported public school system, under the compulsory school laws. The children themselves are helpless to do anything about the deplorable conditions they are subjected to, which frequently become life-threatening to them.

There’s something very wrong with this story. And what is wrong is a glaring out-picturing of what is wrong across this country. And that is acceptance, tolerance, and monetary rewards for abusive behavior. And the root cause is the immorality of the system itself.

The amount of money extracted annually from hard-working Americans to support this system of abuse and indoctrination exceeds one-hundred billion annually for the fifty states.

This well-publicized bullying incident was an opportunity for parents everywhere to stand up and say enough of abuse, stemming from the school system, and a demand to hold those in charge accountable, going before their school board, demanding accountability from the monitor and the bus driver, instead of a ground-swell of empathy and reward for bad behavior.

This incident is the most glaring account of the absence of boundaries, accountability, and punishment for the tax-paid wrong-doers in the system. Which spills over into all areas of our lives, and easily discernable in the politics of all that is happening on all levels in this nation. Specifically, support, acceptance, and rewards for wrong-doings, which violate the boundaries of individuals by other individuals, and places them in harm’s way. Particularly children, whose position is a captive audience, riding a bus or on the school grounds.

Here in Georgia currently there is a court case relating to a band member, mawled, beaten and killed by bullying fellow students.

What is the lesson the other students on that bus ride took away, when the two grown-up tax-paid employees, supposed to protect the children in transport, failed to properly address ranting, raving, out of control students on that bus?

And what do they think about, being in a threatening situation, with a tax-paid monitor, cowering down and doing nothing, who is supposed to keep law and order while they are enroute to and from the school? Then hearing on the news no accountability, but rewards for the behavior? What does this teach schoolchildren? And who among the parents, have lifted a finger and demand accountability?

Then to top it all, hearing the popular anchor of the news program, The Factor, Bill O’Reilly, label the boo-hooing, cowardly school monitor a “patriot.”

The Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, said: “A country, after all, is not something you build as the pharaohs built the pyramids, then leave standing there to defy eternity. A country is something that is built every day out of certain shared values.”

Plus a quote from American humorist Will Rogers: “Never blame a legislative body for not doing something. When they do nothing, that don’t hurt anybody. When they do something is when they become dangerous.”

Let Freedom Ring

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