The more I listen to others the more I conclude there’s a lot of confusion out there, when it comes to understanding very basic issues we all face, on a daily basis.

We are living in a labeling society. Some claim to be Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents. Many place a sub-title to their claim of a particular position. For example, Liberal Democrat, Reagan Republican, Conservative Libertarian, and etc.

As for myself, I’m just an independent thinker, and subscribe to no particular labels, socially, politically, nor religiously. However there are certain nouns and adjectives which can slot me. I’m a mother, grandmother, neighbor, friend, Freedom lover, writer and opinionated, to name a few.

I recently read several things and heard remarks and conversations which prompted me to write this article, I’ll share with you. One is a quote from a Facebook friend, Peter Zidek: “Chances are the US is too far gone to be resurrected by any political process. Chances are, in fact, the US will have to fall apart before any significant change.” Plus quoting Ayn Rand: “The man who lets a leader prescribe his course is a wreck being towed to the scrap heap.” In my opinion two profound statements, which have a ring of truth.

Then I heard a very attractive, smart lady remark, “My husband and I are known as the leading Social Democrats in the county,” spoken with apparent great pride.

I began wondering how many really understand who they are, where they are, and why they accept a variety of labels for themselves. And if they ever stop to ask themselves, “Am I arguing on the wrong side?” And just how many sides are there to the conditions we find ourselves in today?

For me personally, I must boil issues down to very simple terms to understand, and I do that with questions. What is Right and what is wrong? Is a Principle involved? Or is it just a value judgment? A Principle is derived from Universal Law and has no exceptions and never changes. One’s value judgments are derived from what we think, feel, like, dislike, accept, reject, know and do, and always changing. It’s the way we are and nothing wrong with that.

I use the over-simplification of a can of soup to make the point. When I buy it I value the can, because it’s the necessary container. When I open it, and pour in a pan, my values change, and I throw the can in the garbage, because I no longer value the can. Values are disposable, but Principles are not.

For me, the Ten Commandments are the great moral guide of Principles, mostly “shall nots” relative to thievery. “Thou shalt not kill” informs us it is wrong to steal another’s life in violation of the will of the owner. A universal Principle, with no exceptions.

If one decides to kill, or take another’s property in violation of the will of the owner, i.e., without consent, that’s a value judgment which violates the Principle.

Therefore when I’m reading something or listening to what another thinks and believes, I intuitively and almost automatically think, does it involve thievery, to determine if it’s right or wrong, to decide if I agree or disagree. It’s not rocket science, but quite simple.

In this connection, when someone says, “I’m a conservative Republican or a Social Democrat,” this immediately informs me they accept a political process, determined by someone other than themselves. And all political process is based upon a system of thievery. No government has anything until it first “takes” from someone, and taxes by definition are an “Involuntary relinquishment of one’s property (money). It truly is a system of taking from the “haves” to re-distribute to “have nots,” in violation of Property Rights and Will of the owner.

And this system operates and sustains itself by a system of force, such as a gun or threat of a gun, with possible incarceration, for one who violates the rules, regulations, and polices set forth by politicians.

Voting is the vehicle the political system uses as approval for the actions they take. In essence it is “disguised coercion.” When one pulls the lever in a voting booth, they not only sanction the thievery for themselves, but for their neighbor, whom most would find abhorrant to steal from. But by a secret act most consider it their moral duty to go vote.

Take a look at Greece and the condition there today. At one time in history, they voted by beans, dropped into a receptical. At one time in their history, there was a group called the Stoics, named “The Front Porch Philosophers,”whose motto was “Abstain from beans,” and they refused to participate in the process. Once a great country that provided us so much in art, sculpture, architecture, inventions and etc., now facing bankruptcy. And everyday we hear more and more talk about this country facing bankruptcy, and collapse. It’s the direction we are going.

In this heated Presidential election year, we hear like a mantra, “get out the vote,” then all the news about the fraud involved in the voting process. In the tally, dead voters appear in the total.

I’m reminded of Hitler as towards the end of his regime he used armed guards in armoured trucks to round up voters to take to the polls. Those who seek power to rule depend upon the voting process to accomplish their goals.They must have it.

Accordingly, in this 2012 year, we must stop and ask ourselves how did we reach this brink of collapse of a wonderful way of life in Freedom and the Free-enterprise capitalistic system we thrived on for the earlier years of this country. If we are honest with ourselves then we must admit we have done it to ourselves.

Today, so many wear like a badge of honor with bragging Rights, their position they hold in belonging to one or the other political system, which brought these undesirable conditions into being. And promote the continuation of the direction we are headed.

Re-read what Peter Zidek stated, and decide for yourself, whether or not there’s validity to what he stated. Are we “shovel ready” for the predicted results of the direction we are headed.

I discovered a long time ago, there’s nothing we can do to change the direction of another person, only ourselves. What we can do is speed up or slow down the direction of another, but the power and ability to change direction lies within each individual. And that’s a wonderful thing, which places us in control of our lives and direction.

I define Freedom as self-responsibility and self control, no more and no less than just that. Accordingly, we are all in this same boat, and it’s up to each individual to examine where we are and the role each has played to bring us to this brink of disaster. None of us are exempt from the consequences of our actions. The self-responsibility of freedom is non-transferrable. If we think we can vote ourselves out of the corner we have voted ourselves into, then the words of Peter Zidek are like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The English Philosopher, John Stuart Mill, stated: “And it is not difficult to show, by abundant instances, that to extend the bounds of what may be called moral police, until it encroaches on the most un-questionably legitimate liberty of the individuals, is one of the most universal of all human propensities.”



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