A very brief comment from a reader on my article titled “The Politician, Amateur, and the Professional, Page Two,” stated, “Surprising to think of something like that.”

I simply stated what I meant and meant what I said, however the comment left me dangling as to what he meant. I can only hope I stirred his intellectual nettle, to stop and think about what is taking place in this country.

When I write, I describe events, relate experiences, tell stories, quote others and express my opinion. For two reasons; first, it is quite carthartic to do that. Secondly, I’m always hoping I might stir the intellectual nettle of another to stop, think and act relative to what is happening in the area of diminished capacity of personal Freedom, and ownership of private property, our children, our futures, and a way of life in these United States in general. And I’m surprised anyone else is surprised at that notion. But must admit, I was pleased if what I said caused the reader to react with surprise, then take the time to comment.

Whether he agreed or disagreed, at least he thought about it enough to make that comment.

After that I read some of today’s headline news, “Social Security near collapse,” “Bullying in Schools on the Rise,” “Medical Tourism on the Rise,” “Food Crops Being Modified,” “Grocery Prices Going Up,” “The US Dollar on Verge of Collapse.” And on and on the bad news reports keep coming.
We are living in an era in this country where the majority is overweight and under-nourished. Children are not receiving a proper education. Too many can’t find work to make a living. Thousands of acres of fertile land lying idle. Factories of production shut down. Staggering debt rising, home foreclosures, and food stamp program increasing.

And none of these facts are any secret, they are all reported repeatedly daily on the news. My question is, what is it about any of this that surprises anyone? However, I can tell you what it is that surprises me, and it’s the fact we are living in the greatest nation in a country so large there’s enough available to provide for the welfare of everyone and a nation of decent, well-meaning people generally, who for some strange reason, seem so apathetic about all that is taking place. Nothing meaningful is being done to reverse the direction we are going.

A lot of attention and hoopla over sports, entertainment, travel, celebrities, fashion, politics and politicians, but only a few with concerns about the direction of this country, about to tip over the cliff into a system of totalitarian socialism.
What happened that so drastically changed the mentality of our founding fathers, whose mantra was, “Root, hog, or die,” in their pursuit for Freedom, and the legacy of the capitalistic, free-enterprising system they handed down to us? They pledged their lives and fortunes to fight and die for Freedom. Then gave us the beautiful document, the Declaration of Independence we are about to celebrate on the 4th of July just around the corner.

Is our epitaph going to be: “I was so surprised?” We are living in the information age, and no excuse for ignorance by anyone. There’s plenty available via TV, radio, newspapers, social media and computers for everyone to be better informed as to the reality of the direction we are going.

The one particular facet to all of this is the notion of being informed about the reality of Truth relative to the reality of where we are and where we are headed, prompts many and stirs most to take action in their everyday lives to change things. And I am certain, individually, all of us have the capacity to do something today to change the course of events. All it requires is information and a determined decision to do something. And we already have the information available to everyone.

Why do we kid ourselves and believe there’s some politician on the horizon who is going to fix the problem, when they are the main ones who have led us down this path to bondage?

It is obvious the politicians are so caught up in the euphoria of their status and power, their concern is feathering their nests. It is obvious those in Washington will do nothing to change the direction of this nation. They spend their time all dressed up, sitting in their plush offices and bickering over trivia. They lie, they cheat and steal. They propose and feign investigations, and do nothing to change the direction this country is headed. Fact of the matter is they cause problems, in order to keep the populace fooled with on-going investigations. Which provides a platform in the media, to keep the scam going. And feeds their ego with an air of importance, as they babble daily to us over the airwaves.

In essence, their main job is advertising. Promoting themselves and their importance they parade before us nightly, about their positions and investigations and proposals, which amount to doodly squat. The seduction of politics is a powerful euphoric game they play, over and over. And we the people have bought into it for so long, it has dulled the senses. They have convinced the majority that they, the politicians, know better how to conduct one’s life than the individual. Therefore they take our property (money) and squander us into unsustainable debt.

The modus operandi of politicians is no secret. They actually tell us who they are and what they do and plan on doing. The strangest thing is how the American people keep buying into their rhetoric.

There was a period of time in the history of this nation, when the majority of citizens took pride in their responsibility for their actions, their children, their work ethic, their responsibility for themselves, their families and communities and is still there in some, but no longer in the majority, or we would not be facing the dilemma we are now bogged down in. This change came about because we the people changed into a nanny state mentality.

Once we were the envy of the world, because of the work ethic, pride in one’s self, and a desire to get ahead to fulfill the American Dream. There was tremendous motivation to innovate and create for a better life and world. Much of that dream was fulfilled, and all we have to do is look around and observe all the American people have accomplished, to know that.

All we have to do is admit much has changed as we witness the anger, resentment, confusion among so many, as they struggle to survive, seemingly like a ship without a rudder. We lost our compass for direction and have allowed ourselves to be bogged down in a different system of socialism.

The one thing I know for sure, and that is Nature is always going to have its way. And because we have defied the laws of nature to be free and self-responsible and in control of our actions, there’s a breakdown in this society, like we have not seen before. Humpty-Dumpty fell off the wall, and all the king’s horses cannot put him back together again. Change can only come from the hearts and minds of the people, via a decision to start being responsible for ourselves and actions, and stop depending upon “others” to do that for us. Because those others only act in their best interests, not yours. Get over it. Get up and decide to make the changes necessary to re-claim your Freedom. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you are happy with the direction you, your neighbor and this country is going today. And make a decision about what you are willing to do.


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