It’s been awhile since I updated news on the world of seven year old Prince William.

He completed his season playing baseball and out of school for the summer. That is his private classes and homeschooling. Then went right into a week of Scouts. Completing that, began taking lessons in tennis which he absolutely loves playing, and attends matches with his mom.

I don’t keep him as much as I did, because he is so booked up with activities. He does stop by regularly and checks on his little garden, his flower bed of zinnias that he planted from seeds recycled from his garden last year in full bloom. His tomato and cucumber plants are already blooming.

A few days ago he visited, bringing his bicycle to ride around the neighborhood, and I was impressed at his ability to handle that little bike.

As my readers know, I began teaching him golf in my backyard area when he was three years old, and now he can swing his driver to hit the ball across the back fence and over the roof of a neighbor. The young son of my neighbor came with an arm load of golf balls from his back yard.

Yesterday he came for a brief period and picked blueberries in the neighbor’s backyard. Then we went to the grocery store, where he talked me into buying him a cannister that sprays string. He has the most intense fascination with string, figuring out things to tie up and connect with string.

I went to one of his baseball games and believe me this kid can hit a ball and run. His latest interest is tennis, moving on from baseball, karate and golf, to taking tennis lessons. His ability to run and hit a ball qualifies him as a natural candidate to be a pro tennis player.

Never have I known a child so interested in so many different things. He can sit down at the baby grand piano and rap out a tune, then hop up, change to a bathing suit and go diving in his pool.

From the time he was very small, he loved sitting on the steps in the evening, fascinated by the moon and the stars. And always so interested in making traps and playing with string. Plus a fascination with volcanoes.

He is going to Alaska for ten days in July, and hopes he can see a volcano while there. Excited about flying there then traveling around in an RV, hoping to see a bear. I’m sure he will have some wild tales to tell when he returns. I will miss his visits, the games we play, gardening and watching Spongebob with him.

I have always heard curiosity is a sign of intelligence. It this is true, this child is extremely intelligent, because he is so interested in so many things, particularly sports, art, science, music, and creativity. What a joy to observe how his young mind thinks, and the expression of ideas. Fortunately he has parents who support his interests, and enroll him in so many activities, plus homeschooling along with private lessons in so many of his interests.

Aside from his varied interests, he has a very sweet nature, thoughtful and considerate of others. All my neighbors just adore him, and when he visits wants to visit with them. One neighbor rooted a sweet potato he planted in his garden, and stops by to check out his little garden, and watch the one potato vine grow.

It’s amazing the amount of interest others have in Prince William, and what his next project is. This interest is prompted by the fact he is so interested in such a variety of things. Never a dull moment around him. After all, how many seven year olds recycle flower seeds, plant, then pick a bouquet to take to a neighbor?

He will come for a visit tomorrow, and I look forward with great anticipation and wide-eyed wonder as to what’s on his mind for the day. Whether its teeing up a golf ball, digging in the garden, or some project with string, I know it will be interesting.

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  1. He sounds like a joy to be around.