In the first comment from Talking Stick posted on my article 727, titled “Government Services – City of Gainesville, plus County, State and Federal,” the reader wondered what I thought Socialism is and secondly asked the question, “Where in particular do I find so much of it in this Country?”

He goes on speaking of the difference in the City paying for services and the City sub-letting out to corporations, and listing his reasons this would cost more and reduce wages. Then goes on to suggest my intentions are to have individuals contract with city clean-up providers. Then bemoans his contention this would be unfair to the poor.

If I understand anything I understand Socialism, and would debate anyone over the desirability of Freedom over Socialism. However the premise the commenter made is two peas in the same pod. To imply, via the collection of taxes, the City in turn sub-let services out to a corporation, would make the system any less Socialistic, is ludicrous. The actions are based in the coercive taking of property by political governments. The property (money) collected via a gun or threat of gun, via a political government under the guise to redistribute, is socialism.

Once property is taken, it matters not whether the government entity is the distributor, or they hire someone else to re-distribute. There are different brands of Socialism, and different degrees but the basic premise is the same. It’s all described in the Karl Marx Communist Manifesto. However, Communist Socialism operates a bit differently from Fascist Socialism, like Germany. And the major difference is that in Fascism, the means of production are allowed to remain in private hands in name only, whereas in Russian style Communism, the government outright controls it all and disallows business to remain in private hands, via holding title to production.

The type of Socialism we’re experiencing in this country currently is more akin to the Fascist brand of Socialism. Some refer to it as corporatism. For the reader to imply out-sourcing city services to a corporation, would be less socialistic, is a peculiar rationale.

There’s nothing the City, nor any other branch of government does, that couldn’t be handled more efficiently and with less cost, via free-enterprise. If such things as golf courses, lawn maintenance, spas, groceries, auto repair, resident electrical, pet grooming, and on and on are owned and operated via capitalism, with no coercion nor thievery involved, why are street cleaning and garbage pick-up any different?

Taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property, hence thievery and immoral. What is wrong with Socialism? A number of things, not the least is it’s based upon a system of thievery, and secondly it defies the choice-making inherent in Freedom. And the system is controlled by a gun or threat of a gun or incarceration. In my opinion, the commenter does not understand what Socialism is nor the meaning of freedom, and actually does not present any valid argument in favor of Socialism, he just appears to like having the government in charge.

In his second comment, he asks, “What in the world is socialist about a bunch of folks taking up a collection and assigning someone to to take the combined funds to get something done?” No one has suggested voluntary acts of contributions for anything is socialistic. That’s a figment of the commentor’s imagination.

Then he goes on to rant about “right-wingers” and Mitt Romney. Twice mentioning Pastor Neimoller. Have no idea who he is, never heard of him.

The commenter appears to me to be quite angry, upset and confused. However I appreciate his response to my article, because his take on things may be speaking for others who feel as he does.

It’s quite ok for anyone to disagree with me, because I don’t think and write as I do for agreement, but as I sincerely believe. Happy when one does express agreement, but does not change my core belief system when one finds fault or disagrees.

Truth is that which is and the absence of a lie. And the system of Socialism is based upon the immorality of stealing, and control of others, with dire consequences in place for those who object, once it has established itself in any country. It is an inferior system to Freedom, and the free-enterprise, capitalistic system, and has proven to be the downfall of civilizations throughout the history of mankind.

For those who think it can’t happen here, it is happening here and this nation as we once knew it is on the verge of collapse. Unless this year’s election does something to change the direction this nation is headed, I think any hopes of returning this country back to the Principles upon which it was founded, is next to zero.

Elmer Davis, an American writer, 1800-1858, stated: “This Republic was not established by cowards, and cowards will not preserve it…This will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”

Let Freedom Ring

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